Hollowell enjoyed another visit

Jeremy Hollowell cautioned against reading too much into his frequent unofficial visits to Indiana, that he would enjoy visiting any campus — even if they were not recruiting him.

But he did say that he enjoyed his latest visit, for Hoosier Hysteria. Hollowell, a 6-foot-7 wing from Lawrence Central, was on campus Friday and Saturday night.

“Me and Yogi just hung out with the players,” Hollowell said. “Just hung in the dorms and went out at night.”

At one point this summer Hollowell was telling people that Ohio State and Indiana led for his services. Ohio State seems to have backed off, and Hollowell said he is taking advice from people he trusts.

“I am going to take my time and be patient about it,” Hollowell said.


  1. Sounds pretty promising! Hollowell, Yogi and Cody
    could bring a new banner to Assembly Hall. The cast for a run at the top is being set. This is getting exciting!!

  2. Steve,

    My guess is that we won’t hear much. The family and Cody continued to be tight-lipped after the Butler visit, and I’m assuming the same will be true of the UNC visit.

    It’ll be a very interesting couple of weeks leading up to Cody’s visit. I’m sure the speculation will be running more wildly than ever.

  3. I think in all the Cody and Yogi talk that we forget we already have an IU commit in Austin Etherington who is a very good basketball player and a cheer leader for IU with these guys he has played with in AAU for several years. I think we will get 2 or all of these 3 players. Go Hoosier Nation!!

  4. I know everyone is going ga ga over Cody but if we get Yogi and Perea and toss in another blue chipper (Harris or Holloway) to the ones we have (Jurkin and Patterson), I think we’ll be ok. A #17 and a #10 would pretty much make up for any disappointment. But hey, Cody would be great too.

  5. Still have some questions about JH. Although he has done well during AAU, he has not had the same success at LC. I follow all the recruits on twitter and just not impressed with how he carries himself. Not sure if he has the work ethic to play for Crean. Much bigger fan of Gary Harris.

  6. I suppose that one may view it as a statement on where the respective programs are right now, but CZ isn’t seen as a huge pick up down in NC. He is being portrayed as just another recruit that might contribute.

  7. agree with Mr. T on this one. Would rather have Yogi, Perea, Harris, DSR, and Hammons over Hollowell any day of the week.

  8. Details on Duncan?

    Doesn’t ring a bell.

    And, I agree on Holloway. I don’t follow him as much as everyone else but I just get a vibe he’s not a hard worker. Of course, I could be completely wrong.

  9. Hollowell could simply have Christian Watford Syndrome: laid-back personality, loose body motion, seemingly apathetic disposition, but still puts in a great effort.

    He may just come off as lazy because of the way he carries himself. It may not be an actual reflection of how hard he works.

    Perhaps there are other players I’d like to have ahead of him, in a perfect world, but I wouldn’t be upset at all if he signed on.

  10. I would just like to see JH take his LC team to another level. They didn’t win much last season and he was very inconsistent. He has all the tools, just not sure if the desire is there unlike Harris and DSR. Yogi could be the next Isiah Thomas. A leader and very electric. He can and will make everyone better. He willed that Park Tudor team to the championship game. He adjusted his game as needed. He is a “must have”

  11. Frankencody seems to be taking on a life of its own. Some people really thought that banner was hanging from assembly hall, some people are putting it on shirts for the haunted hall of hoops. It is pretty funny.

  12. Hollowell is still growing so he could be Durant like…long, tall, and skilled. He’s also very smooth like Ray Allen, Jay Edwards, and George Gervin. These guys make it look easy because they are such gifted atheletes. To say he’s lazy…not sure that’s fair. Crean and his staff seem to be excellent at spotting talent before others. Hollowell is a talent, no question. In my opinion he has an extremely high side potential.

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