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Ben Chappell looks to throw downfield against Michigan. Chris Howell | Herald-Times






Bruce Springsteen’s “Racing In The Street.”


  1. Michel is just who I thought he was. He can barely catch the ball, misses easy shots, and is the slowest, most uncoordinated guy on the team.

  2. I missed out on the Liger joke. Does this have something to do with Jobe or Mad Antz’? Can someone explain?

  3. I would hope that none of our other players are slower or more uncoordinated than a 7-foot, 220 pound human.

    Also glad that 4guards’ opinion has been solidified by watching a few minutes of a pre-season pickup game.

  4. So much to say after Hoosier Hysteria Friday. If you did not think Oladipo was a complete player, you are wrong! He shoots well, not a Roth or Hulls but shoots decent enough to concern a defender and his hops…wow. He is a leader as well! Sheehey is very athletic, I was surprised. He will do well and can really shoot and throw a dunk down with some style. Oh, he can handle the ball too. The sound system is pathetic and was too loud…I had a headache for 24 hours. Tom Crean is going to turn this baby around…his enthusiasm and work ethic will get us there and I truly believe that! Was not impressed with Guy, sorry to say that. I did not see the scrimmage so I did not see him play D but watching him shoot, dribble and lay ups I did not see anything to think he will be a change from Jobe and maybe Bawa. Creek is babying his leg a little. Rivers, he did not stand out at all. Capo looks more built and Pritch looks slim. Oh, Elston looks more built and just tough! Wat can really shoot the ball. He made 4 from almost 40 feet in the corner, 4 in a row. Roth could be the best shooter to ever come through IU and I know that is a bold statement. I pray Crean runs a good portion of the offense through him setting screens for him to shoot. Roth shoots a half court shot with the same form he shoots a 3…it is freakin amazing! I am excited for the season. There are less than 1000 season tickets left which is much different than last year and there is a buzz in the air that was not there the last two years. Will Zeller or Perea commit first…I think they are both coming!

  5. 4tards, were you even at hysteria? Because if you were, you would have saw Elston take the ball into Guy and get blocked, recover it and have his shot then altered by Guy for an airball. A couple plays later he got fed the ball in the paint and backed his man down and hit a hook shot, and got fouled. Im not saying hes the second coming, no one is, but he actually looked teachable and at the very least a force on the block for boards and altered shots! Something we have generally lacked in the past few years!

  6. And what is the deal with going to Hysteria and not staying for the scrimmage? Really, leave before the best part??? I talked to and read at least 10-15 people who said they were there, but left b4 the scrimmage started! Why even show up??

  7. I also saw Elston beat him down the court for easy dunks. He couldn’t keep up with the pace. There is a reason Gonzaga pulled his scholarship offer and no longer wanted him even though Michel wanted to go to Gonzaga. This kid regressed from his freshman to sophomore year at the JUCO in Idaho and his freshman stats were not impressive.
    I will say he is SLIGHTLY better than Jobe or Bawa due to having a hook shot, but this kid does not belong at IU or any big time program, which is why no other big time schools had active offers.

  8. Davis25, I guess I might have asked the same thing before having kids. My son is 4 and was very sick. We took him to the doc at 8:00 Saturday morning and he had strep throat. You do the best you can and try hard to stay loyal but kids change your life…

  9. Actually Casey GMM is a 7’1″, 270lb. human, which only strengthens your argument and weakens the tirade of 4braincells. There is no way I want our guards and wings to run the court or have the movements of a man of such size. I think 4 braincells and his buddy need to stand under their cold shower for longer periods of time.

  10. I understand about kids ive got two myself, but I had 5 people right in front of me get up to leave and then the announcer said its time for the 14 minute scrimmage. They looked at each other bewildered and sat back down. As for 4 guards, Im not sure your point makes any sense…I would hope to God Elston can beat him down the court everytime, or we have alot bigger problems than GMM on our hands!

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