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Duwyce Wilson tries to catch a ball as he heads out-of-bounds and is hit by the goal post. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


  • Andy reviews Saturday’s game: the good, the bad and the other. There was considerable bad and other.
  • Chuck Bennett, an IU Athletics Hall of Fame inductee, started working in the mines around Linton at age 13 and became a hell of a football player, I wrote.





Kanye West’s “Runaway.”


  1. Folks, as far as our maligned football team goes, this might be the best possible time to refer to the expression “no pain, no gain.” As hard as it is to see the team regress, disproving all the Lynch apologists who thought that we would be better this year, perhaps it is the only thing that will shake Glass out of his jolly stupor.

    Don’t get me wrong: I don’t think this is all Glass’ fault, and I love the fact that the guy is prioritizing football. However, the “of course he’ll be back!” attitude looks more like Don Quixote crashing into a windmill than an intelligent plan for leadership and transformation.

    A 6-6 season culminating in being blown out by a bad MAC team in the Motor City Bowl would give the Bill-ogna apologists a second wind. I think a 4-8 season will unfortunately be the best thing that could happen to the program if it results in a regime change.

  2. Sigh, those stripes on the pants are terribly tacky. Take them away, along with the coaching staff!

  3. 2 wins against ranked teams, BP.One of them on the road. Do your homework. If Lynch could beat a conference power on the road, we’d be a lot quieter around here.

  4. Reluctantly, I have to agree w/ Husky. Lynch gets maybe a B+ or maybe an A- on making a marked improvement in recruiting talent to IU, however we have yet to see the development of that talent. The fan support is there & building, but the bleeding must stop soon.

    It’s not my area of expertise, so who would be on the short-list of candidates if a search started tomorrow? Who has “connections” to IU or the state?

  5. It was a 16-point game about halfway through the third quarter — easily a winnable game — and we appeared to simply quit. Kiel’s turnovers and the disappearance of our punt blocking are inexcusable, but you could see that the players had stopped caring by that point because the coaches were not changing the game plan in an effort to (Herm Edwards voice) WIN THE GAME. If the coaches stop caring, the team stops caring, and then the 53,000 people who showed up for the Michigan game stop caring as well.

  6. Yeagley,

    I would think any of the following names would make any IU fan’s day (some stolen from thesixthmanning):

    Jim Harbaugh (former Colts QB, brother in-law of Tom Crean)

    Other Current Coaches

    Ken Niumatalolo, Navy
    Kirby Smart, DC-Bama
    Kevin Sumlin, Houston
    Kyle Whittingham, Utah
    Bronco Mendenhall, BYU
    Troy Calhoun, Air Force
    Gus Malzahn, OC-Auburn

    Former Coaches

    Mike Leach
    Jim Leavitt
    Tommy Bowden
    Mark Mangino

  7. It should also be worth noting that Jim Harbaugh’s salary from Stanford is only $1m annually. He also is co-owner of an IRL team (Panther Racing) and is well connected to the BigTen as well from his playing days in Michigan, former IU coach Cam Cameron is the OC for his brother’s Baltimore Ravens team, and spent time as an assistant coach at Western Kentucky prior to serving as QB Coach for the Oakland Raiders in the early 2000’s. Jim Harbaugh should be priority #1.

  8. We need a guy who can say the following:

    “Now listen up. I don’t know what the Hell is going on but this is not “Indiana” football. Now you can keep playing like a bunch of F-ing wimps (many versions of this line) and lose this football game or you can start acting like men and start playing with courage and grit. If you want to keep playing like a bunch of F-ing wimps then fine, but the assistant coaches and I are not going to stand on this sideline and work our asses off to coach this game then. We might as well just give the headsets to the water boys and cheerleaders and go the Hell home, because none of you seem to give a Damn about winning this football game. Now what is it? Are you going to play like a bunch of scared wimps or are you going to start acting like men and playing the game of football for all of the people that have come out to see you here tonight? So what the Hell is it? Wimps or Men?”

  9. HT do your Homework! As of today NONE of the mighty Huskies victories came against a now ranked team by USA Today, Harris Poll or the BCS! Oregon St is not ranked and is not mentioned by USA, Harris or the BCS; the same for USC (but USC is ranked 24 in the AP but the AP has such a poor reputation that not even the BCS will use it). Syracuse is not ranked but is mentioned as getting some vote(s)in the USA Today Poll. But the operative word is “ranked”. No victories over a now ranked team in the BCS system. It is good to know that Washington no longer strives for PAC 10 Championships, but is content with a below 500 record and a win over an “on-probation and discredited” USC. Welcome to the “bottom-half”. The question remains when will Washington get serious and fire its coach?

  10. Other successful younger coaches looking for a step up might include the following:

    Bobby Hauck-UNLV
    Gary Patterson-TCU (doing well but not a BCS conference)
    Todd Graham-Tulsa

    Steve Addazio at Florida (Current OC/OL coach) also spent 2 years with Dinardo in Bloomington in a similar capacity.

    Also don’t forget former Ball St. head coach Brady Hoke is at San Diego State with former Dinardo OC Al Borges. Just a few connections to remember.

  11. Thing is Huskies stayed close enough to USC and Oregon State to get the benefit of that one last play. But both USC and OSU were ranked when UW beat them. However they lost their national ranking after losing to UW (and who wouldn’t?)

    Sark is two plays away from 1-6 but he’s 3-4. Good for him, even if USC is weak this year and OSU preferred a risky play and lost.

    However it’s safe to say Sark won’t ever achieve anything with the Huskies. There is no football tradition in Washington, they are perennial bottom feeders and they’ll turn Sark into one of them soon. That’s it.

  12. I have already gone on record that if IU does not beat Northwestern and Purdue (or one other out of PN St, Iowa, and WI) then the Bill Lynch era at IU football is over. But the points by 16g about Jim Harbaugh are silly. He TURNED DOWN the Stanford offer to keep his options open this season. He can write his own ticket there. The only Big 10 job he would consider is MICHIGAN, and he might get that offer by the end of this season! Leach and Mangino are ethically unacceptable, Bowden has been out of football for over 8 years now, who is Leavitt? Why would the head coach at BYU, Houston or Utah want a lesser job at Indiana (we are a 60-70 ranked program while those are top 50)? The other 4 prospects are interesting!

  13. We have a winning record. The season hangs on the NW game. Save your letters for Glass until after this week’s game. A lot of you will be eating crow after this week’s game.

  14. Luckily knowing how BL coaches we’ll lose a close one to Northwestern and be well on our way to closing out 2010 4-8. The injuries on this team and the tinker toy offense have started to shift momentum in a bad direction. No running game, an undependable defense, and now horrible special teams are all being exploited. IU can’t pass their way out of this mess, and as nice a guy as Bill Lynch is… I have yet to see from his previous results anything to make me think he’s changing things to expect anything different. Luckily, I trust Glass will make the right decision when the time comes. The possibility of 2 4-star recruits next year isn’t worth keeping around a perennial 4-8 coach.

  15. There is too much risk in hiring an assistant coach, yes there is the possibility you can hire a guy for $500,000 and he could turn IU Football around, more than likely we will be in the same spot five years from now.

    Indiana is not a step up for most head coaches, no matter what conference they are coaching in now. They know we are at the bottom of the Big Ten and many would rather wait for a better job to open up then to try and turn around this program.

    The only way to turn this program around is to do something that IU Football has never tried before, pay a head coach 1.6 million (the Big Ten average) to coach the Hoosiers. We are the only school in the conference that believes that you can have a competitive football program without paying out the big bucks.

    You can get one of these coaches by doubling their salary.

    Ken Niumatalolo, Navy, $750,000
    Kevin Sumlin, Houston, $700,000
    Kyle Whittingham, Utah, $700,000
    Bronco Mendenhall, BYU, $650,000
    Troy Calhoun, Air Force, $600,000

  16. Jim Leavitt is the former Univ. of South Florida coach who was fired last year for hitting a player in the locker room during halfime. No thanks!

  17. They still count as wins against a top 25 ranked team.

    Usually by week 4 or 5, they have a good idea of where the top 25 teams are. All it takes is one loss to lose your top 25 ranking.

    Oregon State for example, they were 3-2 coming into the game against Washington, their 2 losses? TCU and BSU, two teams who are making major noise as to why the BCS sucks donkey balls! Still, they were ranked when the Huskies won, and lost their ranking because of the loss to the Huskies! Remember, Oregon St. beat then #9 (now #18) Arizona just the week before Washington beat them.

  18. Gary Patterson is running the #4 football program in the US in the state of Texas and you think that he would be interested in Indiana? Take a reality check! I don’t know anything about the guys at UNLV or Tulsa but Indiana would be a step up from either. No one ever accused Brady Hoke of being able to recruit 4 and 5 star players while he was at Ball State. No one ever accused Dinardo of being a good coach! When LSU decided to get serious they hired a guy named Saban. But even I know that Alabama and LSU are great football schools, unlike IU (heck we hired “Pepsident” Paul from LSU as AD hoping he would help our football program-with no results). As I said AD Glass will have his work cut out for him. IU needs a charismatic coach, with great recruiting skills, and innovative offensive and defensive ideas who is very brave with not much to lose!

  19. 16G,
    Thanks for the info, it’s all been filed away. Despite being an IU alum, I’m not a native son and don’t have the historical exposure (or 5+ hours to research the topic).

    I genuinely hope Lynch makes it work, but I believe he’s reached a hairline margin of error. It will be interesting to see if we go the Hoeppner route of a small-school HC or a more prominent coordinator. Regardless, I agree that Harbaugh should top the list.

  20. Mike P: Thanks, you stole my words. USC and Oregon State became unranked because the Huskies beat them. That was a really strange point for BP to make, and an obvious attempt to dodge an argument. If IU beat Ohio State, and OSU fell out of the top 25 as a consequence, would that mean that IU wouldn’t get credit for beating a ranked team?

    Also, can we be done with parading around IU’s 4 lame wins as if they count for something? Anyone IU fan outside of BP, Jimmy and Aruss knows that we go 3-0 or 4-0 every season before our conference schedule. I can’t believe people still try to count that. It would be like bragging about your NFL team’s preseason record.

  21. By the way, I love the mood in this chat room. Lots of frustration, but lots of constructive advice. You can tell more and more people are on the same page.

    I think that while Indiana is not a step up for most coaches like the sixthmanning has said, it is still a Big 10 job, period. For many, the exposure of the Big 10 and the chance to play regularly against some of the best teams in the nation is a nice carrot to dangle. Oregon State used such logic to get Dennis Erickson to bite the carrot, and there are other examples.

  22. thesixthmanning has a good point, but I am not sure that doubling the salary will work at Utah and BYU. What happens if we fire our coach and then strike out with the first 1-2-3-4-5…coaches that we want to replace him? I personally would hire Chris Spielman, the current ESPN announcer and former OSU and NFL linebacker as head coach/defensive coordinator at $1-1.6 million and let him build a program. IU would not lose a single 2011 recruit and would get some serious looks by 4 and 5 star guys immediately! Indiana would learn to tackle!!

  23. The bottom line here is fundamentals. IU is not a team playing with a physical nature on either side of the ball. We have the nation’s largest weight room but probably the Big10’s weakest team. Some of that is recruits, and some of it is mentality. Just because we can’t outrecruit Ohio State doesn’t mean we can’t outwork them in other areas. Getting pushed around on both sides of the ball does not stabilize or create a long-term advantage for a football program. We need a long-term fix here, not a quick fix.

    IU needs to bite the bullet and get used to paying no less than 1 to 2 million per year for a top 30 level football coach. Make the commitment to the coaching staff like you did for the facilities, and you’d be shocked what can happen in Bloomington.

  24. One more thing,

    it is almost overwhelming for me to read. Two years ago I was one of 3 or 4 that felt like this about the coaching staff and now it is almost everyone. I don’t have to post anymore, I can sit back and read and smile about it really!

  25. I think the truly revolutionary thing is the fan base is moving to where they’re comfortable paying what the “big boys” pay their head coaches. IU isn’t going to get by doing this cheaper than anyone because we’re IU. In fact, we may have to pay someone MORE to get them here because we’re IU. That is not a bad thing, but shows a commitment to want to win. IU fans want a winner, a perennial bowl team with a chance at competing for a BigTen title. Settle for anything less, and you shouldn’t even call yourself a Hoosier.

  26. I truly believe that there are many smart people, and people with alot of cash in Indiana that could help build Indiana into a respectable program. If we the people and I.U. want a winning football team, there is no reason why it can’t happen….I don’t care about the programs history. Change it!!!!

  27. I think we’re finally getting to a point where money is less of an issue – a huge hole created by poor administrative decisions on hiring (and subsequently firing) coaches in the last 10 years.

    The collective buyout sum & associated legal fees for firing Cam Cameron, Gerry DiNardo, Mike Davis, Kelvin Sampson, Rick Greenspan (and possibly Mike McNeely) must be STAGGERING!

  28. Why the hell would anyone suggest hiring Bronco Mendenhall, BYU?

    BYU is horrible and almost lost to Wyoming at home last weekend. Even IU could be Wyoming in Bloomington. Sorry, Mormons…we don’t want your retreads!

  29. No mention of the IU Men’s Soccer total destruction of a top ten conference rival on the road? IU’s 3-0 win was a total domination, as #10 MSU only got one shot on goal for the whole game.
    Does IU Soccer only get mentioned when they’re struggling?

  30. Moroni66,

    Have you looked at BYU’s final ranking in the BCS over the last four years.

    2006 – 20th
    2007 – 17th
    2008 – 16th
    2009 – 14th

  31. Beat Purdue,

    I think you have a real good idea there with hiring Spielman.

    J Pat,

  32. SixthMan,

    I live out west, and it is a know fact that BYU gets 80% of the star athletes of the Morman faith year after year, no matter who the coach is. This is very significant given the Morman church’s presence in Hawaii and the Polynesian islands. Also, the MWC is significantly weaker than the Big 10.

    So…do you really want to depend on Bronco Mendenhall’s ability to attract top Morman athletes to Bloomington? Hardly, this hire would be absurd and the odds of this happening are 0%.

  33. Moroni,

    I live in Indiana and we can see what Notre Dame’s supposed advantage is in recruiting the nation’s best Catholic faith star athletes.

    Bottom line, someone has to coach those kids to achieve something. Finishing in the top 20 of the BCS each of the last 4 seasons isn’t just by being the coach at BYU alone.

    IU needs a coach. A teacher of the fundamentals of the game that is also a passionate advocate for success and sparks an interest with the fan base. One would also point to Utah’s recent success that the MWC is not just a 1 horse conference at all.

  34. Uh, Ken Niumatalolo @ Navy and Kyle Whittingham @ Utah are mormon too…but they would both be MUCH better than Bronco. Kyle stayed at Utah after Tennessee offered him RIDICULOUS money because he had a pretty good idea the Pac-10 invite was happening. Niumatalolo would be an EXCELLENT hire.

  35. While we may differ on who would be a good coach for IU, I think we all can agree that you get what you pay for. If you pay a rising assistant a minimum salary, you get another five years of building the program back up. If you spend 1.5 to 2 million on a proven head coach, you get results in a shorter amount of time.

  36. Fun to speculate about potential replacements for Lynch. I think most of us agree that it is a forgone conclusion that his time is limited. But I have serious doubts about him getting canned this year. As much as I want him to be terminated at end of this season, I just don’t think Glass will do it. There is no money to pay his $658K salary in severence plus the money required to hire a good coach. No, it’s safer for Glass to justify giving Lynch his last year. What’s the downside to Glass if he keeps Lynch through his contract? Is IU going to have even lower attendance at Memorial Stadium? Doubt it. Are we going to miss hiring the coach of a lifetime because we keep Lynch one more year? Are the fans going to be throw a fit? There’s not enough of us passionate IU football fans to cause Glass any serious discomfort. There is no serious downside to Glass for keeping Lynch another year.

    But the downside to Glass if he fires Lynch early and goes out and spends money IU does not have to hire a replacement is HUGE! Money talks and BS walks, especially to a lawyer/politician running the athletic department! The logic is something like this: “To have a weak FB team is normal for IU, we’ve tolerated it for decades, so this is not a crisis. But to spend limited financial reserves to dump Lynch early would be suicide.” No, the safe play for Glass is to suffer through another year with Lynch and let the frustration amongst the fan base/alumni build to a crecendo. That way Glass will be exempt from any criticism, he “saves” $658K and is coated in teflon for few more years, at least until the football coach he hires is deemed a failure. That’s the political climate we’re dealing with at IU right now.

    I’ve been writing letters and emails calling for Lynch’s termination since the 2008 Purdue game, but in reading Glass’s comments in the many interviews since then, I’ve come to the conclusion that he has other priorities. Why would you sell one of your Big Ten home games for $3M if you had the money to dump Lynch early?

  37. The only way Fred Glass separates himself from the long line of athletic directors that came before him is to turn the football program around. He gets no credit for success on the basketball court and improvements to football game day atmosphere do little to improve his standing among alumni. People forget that Indiana University represents the State of Indiana, and that concept should be a much bigger part of this discussion. While the rest of America watches actual football on Saturdays, we sit and wait for basketball season. Glass needs to understand that a university the size of IU should field a competitive football team year in and year out, because of pride and profit.

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