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Indiana is expecting a sellout for this Saturday’s game against Michigan. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


  • Indiana has seen a huge demand for tickets for this Saturday’s game, Dustin writes.
  • The Hoosiers are getting Tyler Replogle back just in time, Andy writes.
  • Necole Sterling, IU’s newest women’s basketball commit, said it just felt right to come to IU, Jeremy writes.





An explanation: A sellout led me to the idea of a full house, which led me to the 90s TV show “Full House.” And then Jesse and the Rippers’ hilarious music video “Forever” just seemed like a natural.


  1. Albers was on point in his article. This program is in dire need of a “signature win” against a good conference opponent.

    I would almost trade a signature win for a bowl game – that’s how bad this program needs to prove they can compete in the conference.

    Glad to see that Glass is finally applying the pressure with his comments, and not keeping the bar eternally low, so as to give the coaching staff endless room for failure.

  2. If both teams are undefeated so far this season and IU almost won last year up there, and this year’s game is in Bloomington where a sellout is expected, how in the world can IU be an eleven and a half point underdog?

  3. Dave: the answer to this is simple, very simple. It is because IU has not won a single game of this magnitude in at least a decade. An IU Big 10 home blowout loss to a quality opponent has become as automatic as Bob Sanders getting injured every year.

    There is another factor, too: the only reason we almost beat UM last year in Ann Arbor was because a freshmen center on UM couldn’t get the snap count right, resulting in at least five “Hut…hut…hikes!” sailing over Tate Forcier’s head. We probably should have lost that game by 3 touchdowns.

  4. Emile Husky Tom’s response is dead on, Dave. I am concerned with the hype this game is getting. I’m glad it is a sellout and a lot of enthusiasm, but the unfortunate reality is that IU just doesn’t have the horses on defense at this point to compete with Michigan.

  5. I think the spirit of Cortez, summoned by the spirited explorer that has brought football to Bloomington from the Great Northwest, will turn Lynch’s My Little Ponies defensive line into a wall of husky Clydesdales. I’m picking the Hoosiers………..to lose…lose big, really big, really, really, really big. Bigger than U. of Washington at USC.

    Except for the few cheating years, Michigan’s ship remains football.

  6. What, you don’t think the tune-up games against Towson, Western and Akron have sufficiently prepared IU for an opponent of Michigan’s caliber? I can’t imagine why not. I mean I’m sure all those teams could win the Indiana Class 5A state championship.

    I do like the idea of the other athletes getting to run out. That’s classy, and I can’t really figure a way that it won’t look good for the plethora of hoops recruits who will be there. I sure do hope this game is closer than I think it will be.

  7. On the opening weekend of the season, Towson running back Chris Hart rushed for 123 yards on 16 carries against the Hoosiers. The next three weeks combined, he was held to a total of 146 by Coastal Carolina, Villanova, and Columbia.”

    This, my friends, falls into the “are you kidding me?” category that should finally snuff any delusion we have of competing tomorrow.

  8. Instead of attending (or even watching) tomorrow’s game, I’ll be at an outdoor historical festival (The Feast of the Hunter’s Moon) with my family. Every few minutes, I’ll think “I wonder how IU’s doing?” Then, comforted with the probability that I haven’t wasted a fine fall afternoon watching another demoralizing IU debacle, I’ll feel all warm inside. I pray to the Football Gods that I’m making a mistake.

  9. Anyone who understands how to play/coach defense recognizes that you take something away and something is given back in return. It’s possible that IU decided to allow Hart some space to take away other options. Is it possible that CC/V/C took away Hart and gave up something else?

    Reminds me of the IU/UM game tomorrow. What will IU try to take away? What will IU give up? UM has 2 rb’s out tomorrow, plus about 5 other players. Maybe practicing in “shells” is working to IU’s advantage. If someone knows the proper technique, they don’t have to hit someone every day. Players can get in the proper position and proper stance in “shells” they don’t have to risk injury to their teammate or personal injury.
    What will happen tomorrow, we’ll see.
    No one is kidding, the game tomorrow will feature plenty of hits. Very few players, on the receiving end of the hits will be laughing.

  10. kurk81- you summed up my attitude beautifully. There is nothing worse than that feeling of a wasted afternoon that you get when you invest too much of your emotion in a team that perpetually lets you down.

    I will try my best to stay away from the TV and internet as well. That being said, if they pull it off (I’m giving them a 10% chance), I will be on here singing hymns. I just don’t want the wasted 4 hours if they lose.

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