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Tandon Doss walks off the field after the loss to Michigan. Rich Janzaruk | Hoosier Times





Mumford and Sons’ “Awake My Soul.”


  1. Thanks to Mr. Albers of the IDS for putting the words in to Coach Lynch’s mouth:

    “The Hooisers were just one play away from 4-0.”

    Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get the tally sheet out, and put in our first entry. By the end of the Big 10 season, we will be able to say that we were just 8 plays away from a perfect conference season!

  2. If Tom can round out his classes something like this realistic scenario, we will be back competing for championships no matter how poor the coaching.
    2011: Zeller, AE
    2012: Patterson, Jurkin,Yogi, Perea, Harris
    2013: D. Davis, Baker
    2014: Lyles, Blackmon, Bluiett
    The foundation hinges on Zeller and I do believe we are at the top of the list for each recruit listed. Also do not count out Teague yet…

  3. Who are we trying to kid? We all know the future of IU basketball hinges on 4guards not discovering the totally engrossing joy of an electric nose hair trimmer.

  4. Royce Waltman? That’s… unexpected.

    Dude knows his basketball, that’s for sure. And there’s the Bob Knight connection, too. I’ll reserve judgement until I hear how he and Fisch work together on the radio, but I was kinda hoping for another (relatively) recent former player to jump in on the color. Leary was a great foil for Don, and I don’t want to go back to the days where we had Bob Hammell on the mic. Bless the man. Hammell is a fount of knowledge, but he was not a great radio guy.

  5. Now if they would replace Buck Suhr who does the football broadcasts along side Fischer the upgrade would be complete. Suhr, who exudes genuine down home warmth also has a great deal of knowledge pertaining to IU but in the booth does not express it often enough and makes it feel like he is just along for the ride.

  6. Agreed on the song/band choice. I recently became aware of these guys, and they are definitely one of the better new bands I’ve heard. They have a very dynamic sound.

  7. ^^^Sounds too much like the songs from that godawful movie “Once,” albeit without the prepubescent high-pitched whininess.

  8. Can’t help but observe that 4guards has been much more reasonable in his posts lately, even as the responses to his comments become ever more inane. I am curious why Smotherman is left of your list 4G? Don’t like him or don’t think we an land him?

  9. 4guards – I think the Teague stuff is just an internet rumor. I haven’t seen any public statements to indicate the commit is wavering, and the speculation seems poorly sourced now.

  10. Michigan v. IU


    Comment From 4guards:
    Looks like IU could have used Jeremy Finch tonight. Any Zeller Chants today?


    Dustin Dopirak:
    Did you really just show up to ask that 4guards?


    Comment From 4guards:
    Pretty Much, just interested in comments about recruits at the game.

    Inane? ^There’s the definition for any pathetic dunce that wishes to engage something quite that infantile.

  11. thinking,
    I really like Smotherman and hope we land him, but I don’t think we are his leader.
    I would not be shocked if more comes out on Kentucky and soon.

  12. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s been pretty unreasonable many times. But he seems to be more, rather than less, reasonable of late. I just hoped it might lead to our having to wade through less name-calling on here.

    Let me just confirm, though:

    Inquiring about basketball recruits who attended a football game = infantile (even though this is IU after all, and Crean, Hollowell, et al were all tweeting away about the experience).

    Responding to each of his comments with references to 4(insert bodily waste, etc. here) and links to silly photos (as he seems to be less antagonistic lately) = anti-duncery.

  13. If Tom can round out his classes something like this realistic scenario, we will be back competing for championships no matter how poor the coaching.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m actually thinking of agreeing with 4guards. I’m regretting silly photos and name-calling. I’m thinking the “poor coaching”, added to the needless disruptive clapping, and the lapses of concentration our players while gazing at Crean’s gorgeous tan, can send us completely over a counterproductive cliff. I’m thinking no coaching is better than poor coaching. I’m thinking we should just stream an Alford speech into the locker room before the Hoosiers take the floor. I’m thinking Crean, Buckley, and that puppet on a string from Idaho that looks like a Wizard of Oz shrunken-munchkin version of Michael Douglas could go have a couple beers over at Nick’s while Cody mops up the floor…I’m thinking the dimwits could come back just in time to lather the backs of Zeller and the rest the boys in the showers after the games. I’m thinking Cody and Jordy should have Crean rub their feet with anti-chafing cream and Buckley should be in charge the rest the Hoosier feet. And I’m thinking McClain should stay in the locker room until six o’clock the next morning and be responsible for the honor of hand-washing all jockstraps(except for Rivers because his has sequins and it must be same-day dry cleaned).

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