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Junior Hemmingway runs past Richard Council and Mitchell Evans during the first quarter Saturday. Rich Janzaruk | Herald Times
  • Bill Lynch did his best to dodge questions about the defense, Dustin writes.
  • Richard Council should be sidelined for a while after suffering a knee injury on the last play, Dustin writes.
  • Former Olympian Aarik Wilson is back at IU, training and serving as a coach for the track team, Dustin writes.
MY WORD, THAT IS A FINE SWEATER VEST (or news on Ohio State)
Fistful of Mercy’s “In Vain or True.”


  1. From IDS Hoosier Hype:

    Posted by 4guards at 6:12 pm on September 8, 2010

    Dawson can’t hold Zeller’s jock strap and he showed it at the State Finals.

    From Hoosier Scoop:

    • 4guards | September 28th, 2010 at 12:32 pm |

    If Crean fails to land Zeller, and Etherington is our highlight of the class, then it has to be considered another failure. Striking out on Zeller, Teague, and Dawson in the same class would be disasterous.

  2. • By Dustin Dopirak | Friday, February 12, 2010 at 2:12 am(In-State Recruit Watch: Cody Zeller)

    Cody Zeller might be the most important target Indiana has right now.

    4guards | April 14th, 2010 at 2:58 pm |

    Zeller is the single most important recruit of the Tom Crean Era.

    Dustin & 4guards Interpretive Dance: It’s Cody Zeller and Nothing Else Matters.

  3. Those of us old enough to remember will recall that RMK often said that Glen Grunwald was the best player he ever recruited. You know…Glen…Grunwald. You never know with high school kids.

  4. RMK also said something along the same lines when Dan Dakich signed with Indiana. Was an exerpt from Season On The Brink.

  5. Life is so weird. You get older and realize from family, friends, to celebrities that more often than not your childhood heroes are losers or should I say a kinder way…they have issues. We all have issues I guess but what kills me is the character flaws people have…no morals and no ethical code they live by. Todd Leary was my hero for a few days while I was in 9th grade or 10th, I can’t remember. He hit those big 3’s to give me hope vs the Dukie prima donnas led by Latener and Hurley. I listened to him propose to his girlfriend on senior night , I think that was him. Now he had 17 felony counts screwing people out of money, even his mom. He also stole appliances from houses that cost people money to replace so he screwed many more people. He also shamed his parents and his wife and kids if he has kids. I actually think he deserves a second chance even after IU got screwed giving Sampson a second chance, I still feel Leary deserves a second. What bugs me is out of 17 felonies he only had to plead to 1 and is not going to serve prison time and will do less than 2 years on probation and do work release/home detention. Will this reform him??? Maybe the shame is enough, I don’t know. It was so much and for so long, so many people screwed and he serves no prison time. It bothers me!!! thoughts anyone???

  6. I would think that would be torture, cruelty and inhumane treatment, not rehabilitation.

  7. If we are one play away from beating the Buckeyes it should be considered moral victory? No. All or nothing, that’s how I like it.

    So I say we are going to beat the Buckeyes. Hey, it’s time for a big upset and for Lynch to get a break. Hoosiers win on Saturday! You heard it here first!

  8. The above quoted posts don’t strike me as unreasonable opinions. I tend to disagree with each of them except that Zeller may be, thus far, the most important recruit of the Crean era. But having his opinion doesn’t strike me as “infantile.”

    That’s all. I’m done. I don’t intend to be 4guards’ defender, just hoped that we could up the percentage of substantive comments and reduce the number I/we have to glaze over for want of substance (I mean the ones that just call someone a name, not those who challenge the substance of something 4G wrote).

  9. Thinking, I agree but no matter how you try on this site to talk about IU basketball the ugly 4 guard snake keeps coming up. So you can stay and try and fight it, ignore it, or go post on other sites who are willing to stop him from posting his negative views on our Coach,our Players,our Recruits and our School. Sad but that is what it has come to.

  10. If you hadn’t placed the meaningless ‘4’ in front of the ‘G‘, it could have got extremely ugly on here. Be careful thou ardent defender of 4guards…Be very careful.

    Today was a good day. I had a chance to interview the last undisguised clap. Unfortunately, she did not know Tom Crean.

  11. JPat, it’s a shame there was so much claptrap after your post, but I know what you mean. I think it’s Colin Cowherd on ESPN who says he knows lots of NFL players and we wouldn’t like most of them. I’m sure he’s right. Charles Barkley was right. Don’t choose athletes as role models.

  12. Chet, thanks..I had time on my hands today to write and the Leary thing has been on my mind I guess.

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