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Terrance Turner runs with the ball against Ohio State on Saturday. Rich Janzaruk | Herald-Times





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  1. Mike P, I agree. I loved Albers story and it was right on. Also, have you seen a worse run game at IU? I watched the game on DVR…the corners are 8-12 yards off the WR and Evans is taking really bad angles. Why is Chap not throwing the long ball out or over the middle??? Lastly, I will say that the D is in the right place some of the time but tackling is just awful. They would do well to start from scratch and get a tackling guru to come in and teach and show film.

  2. I knew Michel was a wasted scholarship, but I did not know he actually regressed from freshman to sophomore year.

  3. I thought you loved football, 1sporttard. You are like a friggin broken record with your attempt to constantly bring the conversation back to basketball and Crean-bashing.

  4. Conspicuously absent is Clarion’s positive spin machine. Maybe he is running out of material. Albers was right on when he said:

    “It’s interesting how every IU player and coach we talked to alluded to Ohio State’s ranking. That tells a lot about where this program is in comparison to other schools. Most players and coaches would tell you they don’t pay any attention to the rankings.

    The Hoosiers can’t go 30 seconds without mentioning it.”

    I know it is still a long season and a bowl is possible, especially after next week’s game (by the way, if we lose that one, Fire Lynch Now). But so far nothing has changed. No way this offense should only put up 10 garbage points on anyone.

  5. I’m not upset that we did not beat OSU, Did not expect us to. I am upset that we did not compete consistently and with any guts. The football program keeps getting closer to “the corner, ” but has yet to turn the corner. While showing progress from time to time, we continue to lack consistency on either side of the ball. These next few weeks are absolutely critical if we have any chance of getting to even a minor bowl. My guess is that we are fairly banged up coming off the OSU game so a win against Arkansas State is not a given. Then we return to playing conference opponents which, in almost every case, have more mature programs. So, the hope is there, but the prognosis is guarded at best.

  6. If football fans could abandon the short-term focus of getting to a bottom-tier bowl game, and not get overly bent out of shape if a few losses and grumblings from the seats be the price of a new focus aimed at playing stronger opponents early in the season, then maybe, someday, IU football could show a sign of a pulse in the span of 25 years.

    Coaches buy more time their yearly successions of incompetence with this type of false hope. You don’t get in a boxing ring with featherweights for three straight weeks to prepare for Mike Tyson.

  7. Conspicuously absent????

    Albers took the popular, easy route for his scratching. Besides IU, I am very interested as to who the other college FB teams staff and players he has interviewed that were playing or played a #1 or #2 team. I bet ZERO since he never rights about them. So he could be viewed as a liar. Sensationalizing is the theme for journalism of today. For them being original is mundane and does nothing to stroke their fragile, turgid egos.
    My eyes saw in Columbus exactly what I thought they would see. There was nothing surprising, so there was nothing to sensationalize. Hell the Ducks in the Rose Bowl only chalked up 17 with their first string offense playing till the end of the game against the Bucks just 9 months ago. Nope there was nothing surprising in Columbus.

  8. right, write, rite or wright??? Oh Yah.

    The IU/Buckeye game was so easy to predict the Vegas boys owe me.

  9. Clarion, what would your view be? Our first string of our improved football team could not score. Don’t you see a problem? You have to admit that is was surprising to see such a great offense at IU not score one touchdown. They were not even competitive! It is damn embarrassing!

  10. Once again, what bothers me more than anything is that Bill Lynch doesn’t seem to have much of an issue with losing.

    Based solely on his comments, he has to be one of the most complacent coaches I’ve ever heard speak. Every one of his quotes features some qualifying statement about how good the other team is or how well they played.

    Sure, it’s classy and fair to give credit to the opponent when they play well, but I feel like Lynch uses the success of other teams as a safety net for every defeat.

    Lose to Michigan? “No one’s gonna stop Denard Robinson (MSU, anyone?). You have to give him and Michigan credit.”

    Lose to Ohio State? “We were outplayed, but they’re really good. Did I mention they’re really highly ranked?”

    The real problem is, I think he has his team going into games with this mentality. Until losing to better ranked teams is no longer a forgone conclusion heading into these games, we’ll never make the progress fans are hoping for.

    To Lynch — More pieces of thrown gum; fewer excuses.

  11. Casey – I take it you’re a bob knight fan? Lynch is leading his players by showing composure and class with the press. I’m sure the players see a different side of Lynch at practice and in the locker room.

  12. Aruss,

    You’re obviously missing the point.

    I’m not literally calling for Lynch to lose his composure. I’m simply pointing out that the only times I’ve seen any hatred for losing evident in Lynch were the one or two times he threw his gum during a game.

    And people need to realize that the press is by all means a tool a coach can use to motivate his players. I can count on one hand the number of coaches who haven’t ever used a public statement to the press as a way to give their team a swift kick in the pants from time to time. Sure, Lynch is probably less civil behind closed doors — but to what degree? I don’t think what we see in press conferences is that much different from how he is in general.

    I respect that Lynch doesn’t want to throw anyone under the bus — I really do. And I have nothing but admiration for the character and composure he displays. That’s never been an issue.

    What is an issue, in my opinion, is that he seems to accept losses all too easily. If he doesn’t want to use the press as a means by which to put players or units through the grinder, then why use it as a means for giving his team an excuse? Why take them off the hook?

    It gets old. Even if we have a perfectly good excuse for losing a game, making it public for the team to embrace has never been a good way to motivate them to play better and harder.

    I’m a colts fan. I watched a decade of Tony Dungy. I have no problem with a soft-spoken, well-composed coach. But Dungy didn’t make excuses, and he won games.

  13. Intelligent kid, this Mr. Albers.

    Correction to Mr. Chappell: “I NEED TO EXECUTE BETTER.”

    Question (while acknowledge good strides in improvement of recruiting and offense). Is asking for the leaders accountability for officers who failed to prepare security for his men a cause for loss of the people’s trust?

    Do I recall correctly that Coach Lynch shares authority of his defensive leaders by assigning it to more than one? Is this the beginning of the confusion and , does it lead to the chaos in our defensive lines?

    Should the leader be accountable to the people for these failures? Can the leader face the people?

  14. This is for anyone out there, especially KevinK and Mike P and I hope you are reading this. I noticed the announcer said at least 3 times that he was surprised that IU had NO audibles and that Chap was not reading the defense OSU put on the field. Not just the blitz package but how the CB and secondary is lined up. No matter what play was called, that was what IU was running…no change ups. Chap is a senior and a smart kid. Is he not reading the D or are the coaches not having any check down/audible type plays. It was as if OSU knew every play IU was running, especially the run plays.

  15. Your observation (Andy’s)is very telling: “That was a second-down play. Chappell almost never got a chance to try a first-down pass in the first quarter. Five out of six IU offensive plays on first down during the opening period were rushes, to no positive effect.” Indiana is a very good/great passing team that is mediocre at best in most other areas of the game. We were totally outmatched talent wise against a great OH St team. So to have a chance of winning the game we had to throw the ball! First down is the BEST down to throw on! IU must throw the ball 70% to have a real shot at winning any game against a normal opponent. In this game we passed 54.7% and ran the ball 45.3%. Each pass attempt generated 4.03 yards! Each run attempt generated 2.38 yards! OH St was set up to stop the PASS and we were still much more effective when passing! The play selection/game plan offensively for Indiana was horrible, cowardly, and stupid given the facts. Now, would IU have won the game if it had embraced it’s principal asset (the passing offense), probably less than a 10% chance. But the 45.3/54.7 mix was a classic “give up”. Do what you can do well, pass the ball!

  16. 4 guards/your a stupid jerk who knows nothing about sports of anykind. Move to Kentucky for me, so i don’t have to listen to you.

  17. JPat,

    Nothing on Saturday in Columbus surprised me. 27 1/2% of the starting offense did not play. I saw what happened to the Ducks offense in January.

    The announcer was wanting to listen to himself talk. He was wrong. Many audibles were decoyed or made.


    Lynch acts no different at a press conference than Paterno or Tressel do.

  18. The reality is that we don’t know how good our passing game really is. I do think that Ben is a solid QB and we have some stud receivers, no doubt. However, our OL is suspect and banged up. We did well against non conference competition and against a Michigan defense that is not very good. But to perform against teams with an effective pass rush (OSU, Iowa, Wis, MSU, PSU and Illinois) is another story. Our running game is weak at best. I think Willis has some skill, but is clearly not durable. Our D requires no further comment. So, all in all, QB and Receivers aside; we’re going to have a heck of time beating any of our B10 opponents with the possible exception of Northwestern.

  19. Clarion,

    Paterno and Tressel can do that — because they almost always win the games about which they’re answering questions. The way they operate clearly works. The way Lynch operates has yet to prove successful.

    I have no problems with Lynch as a person, and I hate to say it, but I think the greatest thing he could accomplish at IU is getting our program to the point that it’s stable and promising enough to be an enticing location for a better, younger coach. I just don’t see us being any better than a team that hovers around or below the .500 mark as long as Lynch is here.

    I hope I’m wrong, I just don’t think I am.

  20. Casey,

    It is not something you earn. Winning or losing has nothing to do with it. It is the type of men they are. Mallory did not have a winning career record at IU either, but I could have added him also. They were all raised to be gentlemen first. So just plan on being unhappy about you want to hear at a Coach Lynch presser.

  21. Clarion, I watched the game on DVR and watched each play 2 or 3 times. Chap did not adjust at all! That is a fact. what I want to know is, is it his fault or the coaches or both?

  22. It is monday and I am still aggravated about saturday.

    Why doesn’t our team seem to play with the intensity/passion that some of the other teams played with around the country?

    Even purdue…i can’t believe i am even mentioning them…even pu went on the road with no qb, no rb, a