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Darius Willis runs the ball earlier this season. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


  • Indiana will be without James Brewer, its best pass blocker, on Saturday and may not have Marc Damisch, Dustin writes.


THE CHECKS JUST KEEP ROLLING IN (or news on Arkansas State)



Keane’s “Everybody’s Changing.”


  1. Maybe there just isn’t the same passion for pigskin in Indiana as the other programs mentioned from faraway lands that have gone from obscurity to notoriety. Maybe I’m wrong..Maybe Glass could throw most our athletic budget at football for the next 10 years and find he’s failed to change a thing. Ohio has twice the population of Indiana. Big towns with lots of high school football fields. Lots of kids that all want to play Buckeye football. Cleveland had Jim Brown. Peyton Manning is no Jim Brown. OSU’s best years in basketball is when they drift into Indiana and steal our best talent..It’s usually when we’re mismanaging our hoops again.

    Other than Knute Rockne transforming a golden dome into a shiny ND football helmet, I think this is basketball country. Do they even play basketball up there? What happened to that last football coach ND just got rid of? Did he get another job somewhere? Why do they keep changing coaches so much? With all that football history you’d think the top talent in the nation would never stop breaking down the doors to be part of the Fighting Irish.
    Doesn’t seem like they sign their football coaches to long contracts up in that Hogwarts land of magical football to the north. If they do, it sure seems like they break them…ND football fans have very little patience for losing on the gridiron. They don’t mess around with their true mark of national identity…No tiddlywinks…No messing around with the pigskin prowess. I bet you could go into the interior of China(places they don’t get high-speed internet or do blogging all day)and the dumbest old man in any village would know Notre Dame always wins football games…I wonder why on earth we handed our new basketball coach such a long sweet contract? Oops…I’m drifting into my favorite sport again…Bobby Plump on the old Hoosier identity brain.

    Anyway, that’s the guy I would try to get to coach IU football. Bring a piece of China to Bloomington. He looked like a football coach. He already has an ND tattoo(maybe Crean will soon wear an IU basketball tattoo?). And just like our new basketball coach, that previous ND football coach looked like a genuine nice man. Wish I could remember his name…..? Charlie something? I think that’s the guy could put IU football on the map. He certainly fills up the camera and I think he knows his stuff.

  2. Sorry Charlie, but you aren’t the brother in law of our basketball coach. Captain Comeback is the right guy if/when the next pink slip heads over to Memorial Stadium.

  3. ^^^ Hopefully when that thing happens Captain Tom Crean will be there, in the stadium, to intercept it.

  4. Oh well, has there been discussion about the new inform look? Fred can see if that will fill any more seats and add to the fan’s game day experience.

  5. Lynch should only be kept around if there is a massive overhaul in the defensive staff and if he is able to coax 2 wins out of the conference schedule.

    Once again Illinois is getting the job done, despite having about the same (or worse) football resources that us. Illinois trailed Ohio State by 3 points in the fourth quarter two weeks ago; this alone should nullify certain bogus arguments made by a certain blogger that “Oregon only scored 17 points against OSU in the Rose Bowl last year.” What garbage. That game, like the Illinois-OSU game, was a close game.

    I just can’t believe some of the excuses being made right now for the lack of fight in this program.

  6. …Garbage… Lets see.

    Oregon scored 17

    Miami scored 24

    Illinois scored 13

    Hoosiers scored 10

    Is there anything else to be added about Ohio States D and close games.

  7. IU scored 3 points with their first string vs OSU’s first string D! They were lucky to get that 3!

  8. Beat the drums loudly now to chase the leader of the pigskin tribe off the island, because as soon as our national attention goes up a thousand-fold when Cody signs on the dotted line to be a Hoosier, all the restless football incivility shall end and Chief Lynch can pop open a cold coconut and relax. That’s how it works at Indiana.

  9. Correct and the Illini, Hurricanes and the Ducks had their first string offense in until the gun. Anymore doubts about the Bucks defense this year.

  10. Clarion-

    Oregon lost by 9. Illinois lost by 11. Miami lost by 12. And please don’t forget, Purdue pu up 26 points in beating last year’s Ohio State team.

    We, in contrast, lost by 28, and were down 31 at the half.

    What is your point? To defend IU by citing the fact that it scored 10 points? How about the final score? Does that mean anything to you?

    You seriously pull out every excuse in the book to defend this team. I can tell you get a high from it, much in the same way that 4tards gets a high out of mindlessly bashing Crean.

  11. Clarion, my point is that IU scored a touchdown going almost an entire quarter vs OSU 2nd string. IU and their powerful first offense almost got shut out, managed 3 lonely points. By your theory, Illinois is much better than IU…a field goal and TD. Please keep sugarcoating it all…jeeeez! Tell it like it is for once! You accept losing and that is why we are struggling to build this program! Demand the wins, demand it. We deserve it as graduates and fans that buy the tickets and contribute!

  12. IU football is a red headed stepchild to the basketball program. The program has always been a joke and will always be a joke. The University even treats it as such. The biggest mistake was firing Cam Cameron, he could have been successful with a good defensive coordinator. He actually won 4 of his last 5 before being fired.
    Another huge factor is that the state produces some of the worst recruits of any state. The coaches should focus on invading Ohio for football talent. Indiana has always been and will always be a basketball state. We produce the best basketball players in the country.

  13. …and my point is why are you surprised after evaluating the #1 teams defense…logic deems you can’t be…

  14. By the way, I love the fact that everybody is seeing Hotel Boy for what he really is. The ultimate apologist.

  15. 4G, you are right on about keeping Cameron. He was one game away from a bowl that year and was recruiting decently. They should have given him Dinardo’s 3 years…who the heck hired him anyway? But, we do take Ohio’s leftover football talent…we recruit hard there.

  16. Cameron is a moron.

    When he made Antwaan a receiver instead of QB and KILLED the team and his Heisman chances.

    Cam also proved he’s not a head coach on the pro level.

  17. and my point is why can’t IU score one little TD vs OSU, just one? I will tell you why, because they were not mentally or physically prepared to play at OSU last Saturday!!! Ask the SC Gamecocks who recently got smoked in a bowl vs Iowa, how they got up for Bama. SC made a statement last weekend…I am still waiting on IU to make that statement, still waiting…

    really though, that SC team was amped from start to finish, I could feel it from my big screen! I have never seen an IU team get fired up like that except for a couple games when Hep was there!

  18. I knew if I put out some Cheez Whiz and saltines he’d come. Somebody light the Tom “Tiki Crean” torches! Now we gotta party!

  19. OKAY, J Pat, we will have it your way. IU does score one more “little” TD. Final Score 38-17. Feel better? Because OSU’s defense is still the reason for the loss.

    You know this all started by me saying I was not the least bit surprised by anything that transpired Saturday in Columbus because their defense is damn tough. I said absolutely zero about IU’s toughness, coaching, preparedness(mental or physical), play calling, fundamentals, scheme or intangibles and the reason why is because of their defense. Their offense can sputter like all can at times. Ask Bama about that. To win against them you have to overcome that Buckeye defense and there was no way on this earth that IU had the caliber ammo to do that. I saw that after their game against the Hurricanes.

  20. Clarion, maybe OSU’s defense is the reason for the loss. I just know in my heart that the offense should have scored at the very least 2 times and it is so frustrating! I want to win some games, can I say it again, I WANT TO WIN!!! I am at the breaking point with this season because I know how many seasons in the last 15 turned out. I am scared, I said it!

  21. Face it, IU WAS NOT PREPARED TO PLAY OSU, not mentally, not physically.

    Don’t talk to me about their defense, Illinois, the 90th (out of 120) ranked team in total offense lead 7-0 in the 1st qtr and then again 10-7 before OSU took a 14-10 lead. In the 4th, with 4:36 to go it was a 17-13 game. This was 1st team vs. 1st team.

    Bama got owned on Saturday, Saban gave SC credit on Saturday, but in the Monday press conference after being asked about Ingram’s statement that some of his teammates that winning only required showing up in a crimson helmet, Saban responded with:

    “”That’s exactly everything that I’m talking about, the focus is not on what you need to do to be successful.”

    “It’s drinking the Kool-Aid, thinking that just because they say it on ESPN, it’s so. Reading the newspapers all week. Just because you beat Florida 31-6, people start talking about you being the best team in the country.

    “We’re not the best team in the country. We had the best team in the country last year, and we proved it. We proved it over 14 games.

    “This team hasn’t proved (expletive).”

    “Excuse my language,” he said. “That’s how I feel about it. I’m really upset that I used bad language.” – Nick Saban

    Say what you want, but I will take Nick Saban’s coaching record any day! Now go mix a fresh batch of the Kool-Aid!

  22. Clarion,

    Per our conversation yesterday, here’s a quote from Paterno during today’s Big Ten presser:

    Paterno: “I don’t think I did a very good job coaching and getting them ready for the game.”

    This is the winningest coach in college football history, and he’s still able to admit when he’s failed. Why can’t Lynch do the same?

    Losses are frustrating enough — but when a coach’s insights after defeat essentially imply that IU was helpless in affecting the outcome, it’s a lot harder to swallow.

    Fans just want to see progress in action, and it’s hard to get a sense that things are moving forward when adjustments aren’t made from game to game, mistakes aren’t admitted and things like proper tackling, fundamentals and pursuit angles are still issues halfway through the season.

  23. Casey and Mike P, great posts. I hope Clarion doesn’t adopt the 4tards method of giving a 1-sentence response that doesn’t face up to the points you made.

  24. He’s fine as OC…..he sucks as head coach.

    Kinda like how Wade Phillips is good at OD but sucks at head coach.

    I’ll never forgive Cam for screwing Antwaan and the team.

    Yeah, real genius.


  25. Laffy, I sing Cam’s praises. I sat in his football coaching 101 class as a junior at IU with all the players. If Cam did not do what he wanted to and run that option in the power Big 10, he would have not won a game. He felt the pressure so much to get Antwaan to the NFL and for that big trophy that he moved him to WR. I remember that NC State game! It was Cam that had the campaign for Antwaan for the Heisman and suggested speech classes for interviews. Lastly,I say again if there was any other coach at IU that ran anything but the option with Randle El and L Williams, IU would have never won a game that 4 year stretch. Cam is indeed a genius!!!

  26. Laffy, What football head coach who doesn’t suck would coach at IU? Cam Cameron was the best bet. Huge mistake.

  27. A one sentence response or a dissertation is simply a choice. I will repeat as I stated above, nothing with the performance or the outcome of said game surprised me Saturday. Nothing. I dealt with what I knew was going to happen last week. You guys will have to decide when you will deal with it. But you better hurry with only two more days before homecoming. But I don’t deal with it by blasting Lynch, blasting the coaches, the AD,(the coaches and AD until after they are gone) the players, the school, the practice methods, the state, the program, the tradition, the schedule, a coach’s press conference decorum, my shattered expectations or when done puffing out my chest thinking I made a big difference with my fans rhetoric. The Buckeyes have a tough D and to me that said it all. I am already prepared to enjoy the Homecoming, hope you all find the state of mind to do also.

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    -J Pat is J Pat. He’s the only blogger I trust not playing games on here. His voice sounds genuine.

    -Some have made the accusation that 4guards is Korman. There’s an outside chance he is Husky Tom. Maybe he’s Alford’s mom. Why should I care? He’ll never get out of the car the superstore blogging parking lot to shake my hand and give a sincere hello.

    -If a post irrelevantly rambles off-topic, is poorly written, talks of the old days, and sounds like Debbie Downer on her bitchy downers again because hoops hasn’t started, then “Down” should be ample clue the true identity.

    It’s a bit said all of this hiding a few people in a giant parking lot. It’s a bit said I’m hiding most of the time. It’s a bit said we honk our horns on here with people we don’t even know and will never care to know. Even with a regular use the same name, does that really make a difference? Faceless games of defacing each other with never the desire to get out of the cars and introduce ourselves. Gorillas with 300 pounds of words but not enough guts to show the name on the backs our jerseys. We’re the people those HT writers are working daily to serve. We’re the best fans of Indiana sports. We’re the window a Scoop journalist is looking through to gauge the overall perspective of what IU fans think about the state of health our sports programs and the accountability our coaches. Who will remember a word I’ve said on here when I finally have the sense to quit this lonely time fill?

    My mom used to talk to herself while doing dishes. I used to see her standing at the sink just rambling on with herself. It was a long ago time when I was just a kid. I could see her through the kitchen window while I was just messing around outdoors or doing chores. Guess what, mom? I should have never been scared you were so lonely. You were just blogging.

  29. I understand your point of view Clarion.

    Sadly, I think the players have the same mentality heading into games, and that’s part of the reason we habitually get blown out in these types of matches.

    If the players don’t at least feel that victory is feasible, they might as well not take the field. Yes, OSU’s defense is superb, but Saturday’s performance was uninspired, and the playcalling reflected that of a team that was just trying not to screw up.

    I guess the way I see it is like this — Yes, OSU was the No. 2, and now No. 1 team in the nation. If you’re IU, what do you have to lose? No one expects you to win.

    Why not come out slinging? Screw running for two yards every first down. Forget 3 yard swings and screens every other down. Go downfield. OSU may have the best D in the Big Ten, but we’re supposed to have the best passing attack — the best wide receiving corps. Air it out, take some risks, let your receivers do work, and see what happens.

    We took the field prepared to lose, and it’s a shame.

  30. I used to defend BL, saying give him time to recruit his own guys. Now the injury excuse is around to assist. Bottom line, I’m not seeing the improvement on the field yet at this point to give me the warm and fuzzy feelings a bowl bid is any kind of greater chance than a 50/50 proposition. We might beat 2 teams after the Ark St game Saturday, we might not. It’s even money. The dissapointing thing is HOW we lost to Michigan and Ohio State and HOW we’ve not shown any differences to FINISH plays/quarters/games than last year. Prove me wrong, IU. Thrash Arkansas State by 40. Go beat Illinois at Champaign. Beat Northwestern at home. PROVE you’re ready to stare down these challengers and show you’ve changed. I have yet to see that killer instinct yet this season to make me think that’s likely though. If we don’t have 6 wins 3 weeks from now, I don’t like our chances of winning a 6th game at Purdue.

  31. Don’t talk to me about Cam! Coach Mallory pulled off the recruiting job of a life time by getting Indiana’s all time leading passing QB ever. An Indiana Mr. Football with over 100 offers from every Big Ten team,all the Big 12 teams,ND,AL,UCLA,USC, all the SEC schools and on and on. I saw the offers. He was the best drop back QB Indiana high school’s ever produced. He chose IU because his Mom and Dad went there and because Martinsville,IN was so close to IU. He love Coach Mallory and he would have Randle El as his #1 receiver. But IU fired Mallory and Cam pulled the rug out from under this kid’s hopes and dreams in the name of change. He was loyal but was always 2nd string and only got to play in mop up games that were far and few between. Earl Haniford, JR. was promised a starting job but it never happened. Not his decision to fire the coach he loved, not his decision to change the offense and use Randle El as QB because he was to slow to make it work. So don’t tell me about how great Cam was. This kid deserved a shot but he was after all
    one of that football team’s greatest fan and supporter from the side lines. He never complained one time. He could have left and gone any place to play but he loved IU as much as any of us and he could have been bitter and negative but he never one time said anything about his Coach Cam except to praise him for leading IU football. IU needs more kids like him who love their school and will never talk bad about it no matter how bad things become. A lesson many of us could use when we slam our players and coaches and even our University.

  32. southport, I will not argue with you as you sound legit. I will say that I was at IU at the same time and hung out with many of the players and worked with many of the players. Word through campus and Bloomington at the time was that Earl just did not ever look good or comfortable like they thought. Don’t blame Cam for not playing the kid. Earl was not even second string for most of his time. I know others will at least back me up on that.

  33. Jpat, I know after he realized he was not going to play there was a big let down but my point is not so much about him playing but about his loyal and never ending support of Cam and IU football. He could have left and been bitter but he didn’t. I think we all can learn something from how he handled himself. He could have gone anywhere but he chose IU. Rather than being a problem he became
    a cheer leader and still is IU through and through like us. I pick IU
    and you do to. That’s why it is so hard to see them lose.

  34. Last time I talked to his parents they said Earl was married and worked for a computer company in Indy But that was a few years ago. I became disabled and can not get to Church to see them. I had him speak to one of my basketball teams and he did a great job and the kids really tuned in on what he had to say. He did belong to the FCA. His Mom and Dad are great people so Earl Jr.
    had the same upbeat attitude.

  35. southport, I heard nothing but good things about him. People back then were even surprsied he stayed at IU. Thanks and take care.

  36. Sorry, I will never put my expectations as ones to get destroyed by a team, I don’t give a sh*t who they are or what they’re are ranked.


    J Pat I know for sure is real, as I have met him personally. I also promise you this, and the HT boys can back it up, I post as Mike P. and only Mike P.

  37. southport165-

    I don’t know if Earl was ever given the shot he deserved, but I know he’s lucky someone like you spoke so highly of him. Very unselfish act on your part and something that strengthens my closeness to IU. Thanks for bringing his story to life.

    Reno Hightower is the name of a small town star quarterback, played to perfection by Kurt Russell, in the movie “Best of Times“..It also stars Robin Williams and a pair of very good female actors that play their wives. I should know their names . Anyway, it’s a football movie and foremost a comedy, but hidden underneath the laughs, the film achieves something special that beautifully intertwines feelings of loss, redemption, second chances, commitment, and the strength to carry on despite getting pushed down repeatedly in life. I always oversell the flick, but for some reason it strikes me directly in the heart. It doesn’t hurt to have a Roberta Flack song during one of the best scenes. I highly recommend it. When you said Earl was the best drop back QB in the state, I immediately thought of one names: Reno Hightower. Good luck to you.

  38. I remember when Earl Haniford, JR was at Martinsville, I had already graduated from South when he took over the reigns for Martinsville. Him and Israel Thompson were a dynamic duo in the backfield winning back to back Mr. Football awards. Thompson was playing for the Semi-Pro team here in Bloomington, not sure if he still is or not.

  39. Last I knew, Israel was in the HVAC installation business around the Martinsville area. He was injured at Ball State, and things didn’t work out, IIRC.

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