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Keith Smart got his chance to be an NBA head coach last month with the Golden State Warriors. Associated Press photo


  • Keith Smart put in the time and the hard work to get the job he wanted, Lynn Houser writes.
  • Things feel normal within the men’s basketball program right now, with everyone ready for the season to begin, I wrote.
  • Sources confirmed to Dustin the details of FoxSports.com’s report on Baylor being investigated by the NCAA.
  • The Indiana defense is giving up entirely too many big plays, Dustin writes.


THE CHECKS JUST KEEP ROLLING IN (or news on Arkansas State)



Five for Fighting’s “Chances.”


  1. Elston was robbed of playing time last year. Lets hope he gets the time he deserves this season.

  2. where are all the guys on here that said Wat or Elston or Pritch or Roth were transferring? Please come on here and take you beating!!!

  3. How do you know Elston didn’t get the playing time he “deserved” last season?

    How many practice sessions did you attend?

  4. I saw everything I needed to see during the games. We would have had a better season with Watford in his natural position and Elston at the 4.

  5. JPat-

    The one guy that said all that stuff about transfers was good ol, Mr. Honest “call it as he sees it” 4tards. If he is calling it as he sees it, he apparently needs some glasses.

    On another note: I am really enjoying the Scoop these days. Hugh and Dustin have done a nice job cleaning things up. The articles have been good and so have most of the music videos, except for Vertical Horizon.

  6. I said Crean has transfers just about every year (very high transfer rate) and hoped for Bawa and Capo. Not any of the people he mentioned.

  7. I remember certain folks on here saying Wat was unhappy just because of a picture on here, Roth had no place as a guard and would take the med rs and leave, Elston was so unhappy at IU and blah blah, and Pritch was unhappy as well because he never smiled.

  8. You don’t see “what you need to see” by just watching games.

    Bob Knight repeated that point endlessly when he was questioned about players time on the court. Please extend Crean the same consideration.

  9. Up pops the mole again. Do you think 4guards was the only person advocating more playing time for Elston last year? Do you think he was the only blogger that believed Jordan Hulls should have seen more time on the floor early in the season and in charge of the point guard position? I doubt he remembers any comments from fellow bloggers on Scoop. Guess why? We all know why. Every insight he must own to help him build his mountain out of dried-up buffalo chips. Never a positive word about an observation not his own. And the reason he collects all those chips he claims born from only his great insights? Bingo! The only reason the mole pops out the hole his comment box is to build another backhanded-style attack on Tom Crean. Every move is a wrong move when it comes to Crean. Do you think it will change just because he’s acknowledged Crean has made inroads on the Indiana recruiting stage? It won’t. I like Husky Tom’s comments, but will a pair of glasses change what 4guards has chosen to see with his short-sighted mission? Won’t he just pop out another hole? He’s a crafty booger when he pops out his hole. Think the past his buffalo turd constructions be indicative his future hill to shout from atop the same words of destruction? They will. You can’t stop him.

    All you can do is hand Clarion a rubber mallet.

  10. With Chap graduating this year, should Doss enter the NFL draft after this year? I would think having the unknown of rookie qbs next year might hurt his stats and draft positioning.

  11. So……

    Football anyone? Thoughts on how they can improve the defense this season? Fire Bill Lynch is not a constructive solution.

    I do sense a defense that doesn’t have much toughness. Clearly there is some athleticism issues out there, but I’ve seen plenty of undersized and slower players eat up their opponents because they were fearless defenders.

    I see way too many arm tackles by our corners and linebackers. In the Ohio State game, our defenders didn’t stay home, often over-pursued, and weren’t in position to hit anyone when the ball was thrown. Our corners are almost playing prevent defense and aren’t even touching the receivers when the ball is snapped.

    My solution: defenders need to stay home and then hit someone….hard. If we’re still giving up 40 pts a game, at least we’re making them earn it.

  12. Double; not too much IU can do to improve the defense this year. Keep practicing technique and studying film to learn from mistakes made during the first five games, but I assume they’re doing that already. Maybe they could play some of their redshirts, but Lynch is loath to do that. IU simply does not have the size, speed or talent on defense to make significant improvememnt in the middle of the season. And I suspect they don’t have effective defensive coaches either.

    My brother-in-law was an All-American and second round dfrat pick out of an SEC school. He played five years in the NFL, three as a starter. After he retired, he coached HS football for a few years, turning down a coaching job at Tenn to go into business. He has no bias for or against IU football. He and I were in the stands watching the IU – Wisconsin game last year. Half way through the first half, he was appalled by IU’s defense. He commented that IU’s defensive line was giving up and average of three inches and 30 lbs a man compared to Wisconsin’s offensive line. He also said he had seen much better technique and better defensive schemes deployed by High School teams. He concluded, “IU needs to replace their defensive coaching staff. They’re inept. With that offense, if you had just an average defense, IU would have a winner.”

    As for next year, two key things IU must do if Lynch is to have a chance at producing a winning season and keeping his job (if he makes it to next season). First, he has to get the best JC defensive talent available. Secondly, he needs to drop this co-defensive coordinator arrangement and settle on one defensive coordinator. Probably too late to get a new defensive coordinator from outside. Who’d want to take the risk of joining Lynch given the high probability that Lynch’s contract is not likely to be extended after next year? But assuming one of IU’s two defensive coordinators is capable, settle on one of them and empower him to make changes. Then turn him loose to recruit the JC’s. If IU looses a few HS recruits in doing so, too bad. They need an immediate infusion of defensive talent; and if they don’t get it, Lynch and staff are gone anyway.

  13. Here’s a question. I’m going to Hoosier Hysteria for the first time tomorrow. In order to get a good seat, how early should I arrive? The doors open at 6. Should I get there at 6? Wait until 7? Or go really early at 4 or 5? I just don’t know.

  14. podunk…solid. Cool brother-in-law to have!

    Remember when we were talking about those Arizona teams a few days ago? The Desert Swarm thing was part scheme and part attitude. Waldrop was the Nose Tackle on that team and he was seriously undersized (never played in the NFL), but he was an absolute terror on the field in college. Dick Tomey was the opposite of Lynch, in that he couldn’t run an offense to save his life, but he produced defense players that could eat steel.

    Anyway, good suggestions. I don’t have much hope for this year’s D to turn into a wall of limestone, however I agree with your assessment on the current coaching situation. I never got the whole “co-coordinator” thing and seems ripe for confusion. When they made such a big deal about going 3-4 and just made the linebacker stand-up on the on the end, I knew these guys were either putting a marketing ploy past us, or they were seriously deluding themselves into believing that our issues were scheme related. Either way, we still have one of the worst defenses in D-1.

    Hopefully they aren’t running arm-tackle drills in practice this week. 😉

  15. Pretty reasonable assessment. Defense is so much about attitude. We are not where we need to be. He’d never leave Virginia Tech, but if you gave Bud Foster 3 weeks with the same players you’d see an entirely different team. This is where an AD proves his worth. It’s time for him to find an assistant defensive coordinator with the tools and give him the job (and a big paycheck).

  16. I couldn’t agree more with you Podunker. I don’t think dropping the co-coordinator & pursuing JC talent will even work. I really don’t think these guys can effectively judge talent, nor do they know how to use them when they have them.

  17. pod, great post…just another perspective that shows me I am not crazy! Mike P, I think a lot of it is just that…they don’t judge the talent they recruit for defense as well and obviously play favorites and loyalty and don’t use the talent in the right way!

  18. J Pat and Mike P,

    The jury is out, but I’m not sure if the reason our guys suck on defense is because our recuiters can’t judge talent versus these guys being the only caliber of people that were willing to come to IU.

    I know we don’t have much back there, but it is hard for me to believe that any D-1 team can routinely give up 30-50 yard plays without even making the other guy break a sweat. Even with our deficient talent, we should be at least a little better than that.

  19. DD,

    I agree the jury is out, but I’m looking at what Billy Lynch has done with receivers. Except for Wilson, none of the receivers were rated above 3 stars, most of them didn’t get offers except from MAC level teams, yet they have developed into one of the best recieving corps in the Big Ten. That is evaluating and getting in early, then building them once they are here.

    Either they are not evaluating the talent of these guys as well as Billy does his receivers, or they are just not helping them develop when they get here. Either way, they have to do more with less, and it feels as if they are doing even less with less.

  20. I wonder if Elson the quality control of defense gets a bigger role nest season?

    I agree Billy Lynch is displaying the best coaching results on the staff, the best WR coach in the B10(possibly)and on recruiting trail he arrives early and sells hard to the end.

  21. DD, I think several things are wrong with defense, but it all starts and ends with coaching. Reputation amongst football people, ability to assess talent, confidence to recruit the best players, coaching attitude, coaching technique, and demanding toughness. IU’s defensive coaches have not demonstrated they can do any of that.

    I read these lists of HS players committing to IU and I wonder, “Are the IU coaches just trying to fill the roster? Do they even try to recruit four and five star talent, or even a lot of three-star players? Do they understand the need for size and speed? It may be over-simplification, but I think Lynch, coming from the MAC, has never adjusted his expectations regarding the talent necessary to compete in Big Ten. I just don’t see him trying to stretch the envelope. It’s like’s he had already conceeded the recruting battle and decided that 4 and 5 star HS players were beyond his reach. IU’s recruiting, with the exception of a couple of JC players each year, is limited to about five Midwestern states. A school like IU needs to throw a wider net and recruit nationally, but Lynch has no game outside the Midwest.

    When Stoops took over at AZ, he got kids from upstate New York (Gradkowski brothers), Texas, OK, all over California, Oregon, Nevada, all over. And he got a fair share of solid JC talent.
    He had the chops (reputation/pedigree) to interest kids from all over the country and no doubt, used the relationships established as an assistant at OK to pull top talent to AZ. That’s why I thought it was a mistake for IU to extend Lynch’s contract four years ago. Not that he was a bad guy, but he was simply not capable of transforming IU into successful program. I think IU settled and convinced themselves that given the loss of Hep, they had no other choice. Lynch was a band-aid and the expectations were minimal.

    by the way, a friend of mine who is a big Alum at Minn told me yesterday that Minn will fire their FB coach, either before the end of the year or immediately after the season is compelted. He has two years left on his contract. Another example of a University that will not tolerate mediocrity. Why does IU?

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