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Tom Crean and the Hoosiers will host Cody Zeller this weekend. James Brosher | Herald-Times


  • With Cody Zeller in town, IU is doing everything it can to reel him, I wrote. Verdell Jones, Maurice Creek and Christian Watford all talked about their official visit experiences, and what they try to do when hosting players.
  • I Tweeted last night info on who will play host to Zeller and Austin Etherington.
  • Steve Green told two people he was going to be inducted into the IU Athletics Hall of Fame: his wife and Bob Knight, Dustin wrote.
  • Michigan State is the favorite in the Big Ten, Dustin wrote, along with notes on the status of Jones and Derek Elston.


HEY, REMEMBER DARNELL AUTRY (or news on Northwestern)

  • Dan Persa did all the little things to establish himself as the quarterback, Dustin wrote.




Public Enemy’s “He Got Game.”


  1. This weekend will be a new beginning for Hoosier basketball. Look for Cody to announce on Sunday that he coming to IU. I never has seen a more fluid player at his size at this level of developement. With having both the shooting range and inside savay it becomes clear that out of his family’s crop of players Cody at this point is way ahead. This is the first in the parade of top talent committing to IU. The 2014 kids wanted to make sure they would’nt miss IU’s rise to the top! This year won’t be nearly as hard to handle knowing that truely “Help is on the way”

  2. I don’t Tweet, so can someone fill me in on what Austin Etherington said? I can’t pull it up at work, it’s blocked.

  3. AE:Takin my official this weekend along with my man Cody Zeller. We gonna get him on lock down after this weekend I can feel it!!

    Creek: Maurice_Creek3

    Today is the DAY…and the start of a new beginning

  4. He wrote “Takin my official this weekend along with my man Cody Zeller. We gonna get him on lock down after this weekend I cant feel it!!”

  5. Well I hope Austin’s confidence is not misplaced. Not that I’m skeptical, just cautious. Shoot, I’ll come into town and hold a ‘Welcome Zeller Family’ sign on the shoulder of Highway 37 if necessary. Just let me know how I can help, Coach Crean!

    Was that also a tweet from Maurice Creek?

  6. What happened to the report with the tidbits of Cody’s visit? Disappear because it wasn’t true, or because IUBB didn’t want people all rushing to church Sunday morning to see Cody?

  7. I haven’t gotten to see him play, but I hope to God that Cody is better than the other two Zellers.. If not, what a waste of time and resources.

  8. I just wish I didn’t have to wait another year for Cody. 4guards has got me so keyed up on this kid that I nearly get lite headed every time I think of him in candy-stripes. Just kidding. I wish. Illinois, Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, and the rest of you Big 10 numskulls are going to wish their was no such place as Indiana basketball. We’re going to kick you down where you belong when Cody brings all his friends to be Hoosiers. I’m going to attend everyone of CZ’s high school games this year and start a scrapbook this winter so I have it ready for his autograph when he arrives his Freshman year. I might even give it to him if he wants it.
    I’ve already put in my request for Final Four tickets for the Louisiana Superdome. I know Cody we’ll get us there and you can’t mess it up coach CRean. $guards knows your a bad coach and I agree. But you won’t stop Zeller like you’re trying to ruin Indiana. And start playing Jordy more! Sampson already ruined us once and Cody won’t let it happen again. So sit back and relax coach because Cody is going to make your job so easy Dan Dakich couldn’t even screw things up. We’re not decimated anymore Bruce Weber, you big crybaby. You think you cried when you lost Gordon. That was nothing! Cody is in a whole nother league than EJ and he won’t go a big fat zero for 10 in an opening round NCAA game. I’ve got to get started on my Halloween costume for Night OF THe Living Red. What a cool idea. I want to get there about two hours early so I get a clear view of Cody. I’m going to go as the blind man from Frankenstein that thinks the monster is a nice guy because he’s never seen him play hoops. Does anyone know where I can get that fantastic Frankencody poster? A friend of mine in Bedford told me he saw a real cool poster on here that I want to buy for my girl friend. I got a feeling Cody is announcing tonight and I’m going take a ton of pictures for my scrap book. See you all there! We’re on our way to banners, banners, bannesr! Go Cody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Steve O
    Cody is the best of the Zellers, but Tyler will be a first round pick before it is over so not sure why you say it like that.

  10. I am going to take my kids to Assembly Hall tonight and I have thought for weeks what I will say to Cody. I WILL run in to him. I had 3 things picked out to choose from to say but I am just going to tell him that there is a guy who posts on The Scoop that will never shut up on here if Cody does not verbal soon and I am tired of all the BS on this blog I love so much..so Cody please get it done and come to IU!

  11. Be careful what you wish for in the Perea recruitment– Dakich warned about it , now others are saying the same. IU needs to stay clean.

  12. I confess, even I will be excited if Cody jumps on board. Even if his value is more symbolic than on the court, it will be huge.

    Downing, I’d like to contribute to your scrapbook. I am going to bake Cody a fresh croissant if he commits, too.

    Somehow I ended up in Clayton outside of St. Louis for the weekend. So I won’t be able to stand on 37 to greet him with eric.

  13. Oh, and Crean’s chin looks awful there. It reminds me of a guy that uses the elliptical trainer at the HPER every Tuesday and Thursday. Sticks his neck out and shakes his chin back and forth. Really annoying.

  14. Are you guys gonna have the live chat up for this event? This is 1000x more important than any soccer match the last 5 years and I saw you had one up for the Butler vs IU match Wed. night.

  15. I worry when I hear about a big man with an outside shot. The most useless skill a 7 footer can have is the ability to shoot the three. A big man should never be that far from the basket.
    That chin is nothing. Ever see Bill Cowher?

  16. get real, recruiting is not a communicable disease. IU and Hanner are NOT CONTAMINATED by the crimes of Baylor! Dakich does not know anything about recruiting. I guess they didn’t do much of that at Bowling Green,

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