Indiana 36, Arkansas State 34

Belcher TD

Indiana senior quarterback Ben Chappell threw for 382 yards and four touchdowns and the Hoosiers narrowly escaped a homecoming upset, defeating Arkansas State 36-34 in front of 40,480 at Memorial Stadium on Saturday.

After struggling in the first half, the Hoosiers vaunted passing game returned to form in the second half. Junior receiver Tandon Doss had eight receptions for 103 yard and a touchdown while classmate Damarlo Belcher caught six passes for 121 yards and a score. Senior receiver Terrance Turner and junior tight end Max Dedmond also caught touchdown passes from Chappell.

Senior tailback Trea Burgess recorded his first career 100-yard rushing game, compiling 102 yards on 19 carries three days after sophomore starter Darius Willis was declared out for the season with a patella tendon injury. Redshirt freshman kicker Mitch Ewald had three field goals, including a career-long 46-yarder.

The IU defense actually had a better day than the scoreboard indicated. The Hoosiers held the Red Wolves to just 61 rushing yards on 22 carries, holding a team under 130 yards for the first time this season. However, sophomore quarterback Ryan Aplin had a school record 33 completions on 44 attempts for 275 yards and two touchdowns and also rushed for two more scores. The Hoosiers had major problems on kickoff coverage, allowing returns of 71, 62 and 50 yards.

Arkansas State scored first with a 2-yard run by Aplin with 7:05 to go in the first quarter and the Red Wolves took a 14-6 lead on a 4-yard run by Ryan Aplin with 2:43 to go in the half. Chappell hit Doss with a 7-yard score with 40 seconds left in the half, to cut the deficit to 14-12. He then found Turner for a 27-yard score with 4:08 to go in the third to put IU up for good.

Indiana took a nine-point lead with 7:46 to go on a 65-yard touchdown pass from Chappell to Belcher. The Hoosiers seemed to have clinched it when Arkansas State’s Bobby Zalud missed a 41-yard field goal with the opportunity to cut the deficit to six points.

Burgess fumbled on the next possession, however, and Arkansas State cut the deficit back to two on a touchdown by Sirgregory Thornton with 47 seconds left. However, Arkansas State kicked the onside kick out of bounds and Indiana preserved the win.

Terrance Turner talks about his key touchdown reception

Mitch Ewald talks about his long field goal and his kickoff coverage

Terrance Thomas talks about his forced fumble and recovery

Trea Burgess talks about filling in for Darius Willis

Max Dedmond talks about his touchdown reception

Jeff Thomas talks about the defensive improvement

Tyler Replogle discusses the victory

Tandon Doss discusses how the Hoosiers beat ASU’s man coverage

Ben Chappell talks about his 382-yard day


  1. IU’s Defense is soooo bad, especially the secondary. I’ll keep beating the same drum until something changes: what would it hurt to give players like Andre Kates a chance to start or platoon more if IU gives up a TD nearly every possession anyway? I don’t get this coaching staff…are they insane? They keep doing the same things over and over again while expecting different results!

  2. Yep. Whew is right KevinK. And Higgi, you would hope that as the season progresses the coaching staff makes adjustments. Defensively this team is just lost. Talent or no talent on the defensive side, they struggle with the basics. A previous post by Casey and Mike P, emphasized getting back to tackling in practice.

    Other teams do have no tackle practices and sometimes it works. For IU, it’s obviously not. I would think they should try something different.


  3. This ia a team that will back door it’s way into a bowl game and get hammered because whoever they play will have actually earned their way there. IU is a poorly coached team with mostly sub par players.

  4. This team will not win another game this year – please tell me who they are going to beat? Every team they play is ranked above them. Why would you believe they are going to win two more games to be bowl eligible? We have one of the lowest paid coaching staffs – one of the lowest ranked recruiting class every year and we finish at or near the bottom of the Big Ten every year – gee I don’t know maybe this all just a coincidence?

  5. A good ‘get back on track’ win. I was worried that last week thumpin’ would wreck the team’s confidence, they bounced back o.k. Also, was pleased with Burgess’ running sans the fumbles.
    I think the “D” is in better position compared to last year, but they are not tackling well. The “D” needs to improve on their tackling. Head up, wrap, and drive ’em. Stop the arm-tackling & diving at the feet. I think PB & others are right. Tackling needs to be a point of emphasis in practice.

  6. Actually JG he has recruit much better classes the past 2 years and next. With that being said he is and his defense coaches are the worst ever because they have higher rated players than in the last 10 years and he still can’t get them to tackle! A new Coach is needed asap or at the very least every defensive coach needs to be fired! I can’t say they will not win another game because their offense can play but someone will have to beat themselves with turnovers to allow another win for IU this year

  7. Silky,

    The diving at the feet crap has cost them to miss so many tackles. What gets me is all of the secondary seem to try and tackle in the same manner. What that tells me is they are COACHED to tackle like that. I really hate believing that, cause I have a hard time accepting that an D1 coach in the Big Ten would teach such poor fundamentals.

  8. I hope Minnesota doesn’t beat us to Mike Leach, the Bob Knight of college football. Mike is not as successful as the General, but a similar style that we need. Do you think Mike Leach would argue “we were only 5 plays away from winning”? Do you think Mike Leach would allow mis-tackle after mis-tackle?

  9. Mike Leach would have to build one hell of an equipment shed for all the players he’d stick in there.

  10. This program needs a Crean-like hire that raises eyebrows around the country and makes people say “Wow, they got him?” A coach whose name rings a bell, not a coach’s name that rings like a bucket of mud dumped on concrete. Splat!

  11. I did say “Wow, they got him?” when Crean was hired. I think most astute fans knew that hiring a new coach by way of a committee(including one that was a member of the IU golf team) was not going to result in a coach with any “wow factor” to his name. IU Basketball played it safe by using a committee and the committee played it safe with Tom Crean. A classy coach like Bill Carmody or someone not an ultraconservative like Rick Majerus would have raised some eyebrows that IU still was not willing to return to a day when stuffy old yacht club alumni running the program from the backrooms their old-fashioned ways were still exerting their influences. If you think you got something different with Tom Crean, you’re sadly mistaken. He wants to be Bobby Knight. He is not his own man. He will miserably fail because his image is far more important than any substance you’ll ever get. All you have to do is go to Cook Hall and see his stupid quotes plastered along 20ft long walls to see what Tom Crean is all about. What coach anywhere else in the country would think that was appropriate after only heading up a program for two years? We hired a righteous blowhard that did nothing other than play to the hate crowd that chose to blame IU’s entire downward slide the past 15 years on one name and a few kids that made some bad decisions. Sampson, the first atypical coach ever hired at IU, was crucified so IU could return to the safe ideals that were burying the program during Knight’s time. Tom Crean epitomizes the judgmental attitude the blogger on this site so many pretend to have such distaste.

    Wake up, Husky Tom. All Indiana fans do not fit your shallow assumptions.

    Play it safe, IU. Hire you’re next football coach by committee. Put 4guards on the panel to add some great insight on a “wow” guy that can jump-start football at IU.

  12. Wow, such intense disdain for Tom Crean. Your rant is completely irrational. You forget that Crean had significant success before coming to IU. And he achieved that success at a Univeristy inferior to IU in regards to tradition, campus, BB facilities and fan base. He may or may not lead IU basketball back to national prominance, but I just don’t see any evidence supporting your comments. Based on your post, you’re primary cause for hating Crean and predicting his failure is that he has made statements that are now presented on the wall at Cook Hall? Time to take your meds, buddy. If Crean was the narcasistic egomaniac that you say he is, he would never have accepted the IU job to begin with. He’s not stupid and he was not desperate to escape his former employer, so he had to know he was going to be taking over a train wreck, a once proud basketball program that was in total disarray and devastated by scandal and NCAA sanctions. I doubt too many of the established “classy” coaches that you favor would have accepted the challenge of rebuilding the devastation that was IU’s BB program. I mean why would they need to when other less arduous opportunities arise every year?

    No, Crean may never achieve the success at IU that the Hoosier Nation hopes for, but I see nothing, at least at this stage, to support your claim that Crean is a “rightous blowhard” who is only concerned with his image. He’s out there busting his ass, working 80 hour weeks trying to rebuild a program devastated by the careless bad judgement of previous administrations and one “atypical” coach (a.k.a., dishonest, unethical, cheater).

    As for your disdain for the “play it safe committee” that hired Crean, you’ve got it backward. It was the previous administration, particularly the previous President, that ignored the huge red flag, over ruled his committee and hired Sampson, a known rule violator with a dubious track record. There’s playing it safe and then there is just plain stupidity. IU had no choice but to “play it safe” after the Sampson debacle, especially if that means getting a coach that agreed to play by the rules. Another episode of Sampson style cheating and IU’s baskeball program would have gotten the death penalty. And as for “a few kids that made some bad decisions,” that’s the understaement of the decade. Almost all those kids were major discipline problems with no love or loyalty for IU or its basketball tradition. Just compare their behavior after Sampson got fired to the behavior of the kids on the team after Knight got fired. One group ran away like cowards and the other stayed around and took IU to the final four, honoring their families, their coaches and their University. Under any reasonable criteria, Sampson’s kids were not the student athletes IU wants in any of its athletic programs.

  13. Sing it the Yacht Club at your next “IU was decimated” revival. Stamp “devastated” on Tom Crean’s forehead for the next ten years.

    Crean builds himself up by taking down others. Three years into the “rebuilding” he still throws imperfect bricks at kids he invested zero effort in setting on a right course. And four or five kids out of an entire team does not justify painting the whole squad with one wide brush of prejudice before you gloriously allow the stenciling your empty quotes on the walls our flawless history. And you conveniently avoided the names of Pritchard, Roth, and Elston that are not Tom Crean recruits. Are they despicable characters that ran from IU like “cowards” after the terrorist from Oklahoma put us back a hundred years? Crean is the perfect man for empty-headed defeatists that would rather blame and hide their bigotry on the names a few players used as scapegoats for the mediocrity they know is to come. Class acts move on. Class acts don’t use the podium to scream to the masses the examples of wrongful deeds of boys and their “19 Fs!” to make themselves bigger men. There are more ways to fill a hole of devastation than to use your wow-plow of unmistakable perfection to make dirt of anything not your gleaming image a whitewashed Cook Hall wall.

  14. Even after all your diatribe, I strongly favor the IU BB program in Coach Crean’s hands. You and 4brainpiercings are suited for taking warm showers together. It will at least save h2o even though you two will waste additional o2.

  15. Yea, you’re way overdue for your meds.

    What bricks are you talking about? Thrown at what kids? Hide what bigotry? Who has Crean taken down? Oh, I get it, you have the inside scoop and know things the rest of Hoosier Nation has no clue about, right! Dude you have some serious anger problems. All that rage is not healthy.

    Sampson was the problem. He cheated and he lied and he recruited a lot of kids that were not serious about the “student” portion of student athlete. No one’s blaming the kids, the coach was the adult in the room and he did not run a disciplined program. But the players that bolted showed their lack of loyalty and character. Or do you suggest they left IU to attend better schools, play on a program with better tradition, bigger stadium, better facilities, better fan support and more exposure? No, I think they ran for the comfort of other less disciplined programs.

    Aside from perhaps some comments that Crean supposedly made that displeased you, there is simply no evidence supporting your statement that “Crean is the perfect man for empty-headed defeatists.” Way over the top. You sound unhinged.

  16. Clarion,
    You and I seldom agree, but I’m with you on this one.

    (There were 13,000 more at AH last friday.)

    And how is it that Pritchard, Roth, and Elston display(ed) the right Attitude for IU, and that Crean recognized that then and now, a black mark against Coach Crean? Obviously none of the 19 Fs could be attributed to them.

  17. Korman got a little off his chest upon his departure from the Herald Times. Maybe he finally gave voice to what many could never come around to say for fear they would be judged less an IU fan for having the same feelings. Crean has demonstrated zero ability to see things in the same light Korman so eloquently expressed in the quote provided below. I listened to many games on the IU radio network last year. I listened to many post-game interviews Don Fischer conducted with Tom Crean. I got so sick of of his refusal to place any of the teams play on his own shoulders. Instead, he always found room to insert his favorite utterance that qualified every poor performance or loss around the continual desire to fall back on the “what was inherited” and the “decimated” program BS. I could stomach that garbage up to a point. Last year I thought it was time to let it go. And then a couple months later you could find him sitting with Calipari at a recruiting event or praising the Kentucky coach as a great example his profession. Earlier this year in a speech before a crowd of students he expressed more of the same rants intended to excite the crowd with more talk of those horrible former players and dark days he was chosen to take us out from. I see nothing positive in his messages. I see nothing a magnetic attraction that others are drawn to. In my opinion, the man is full of total crap. If it’s such a damn privilege to be the head coach of Indiana basketball, then act like it. Quit your damn whining and grow a pair of Mike Davis testicles. Crean’s level of competence to be a basketball coach, as far as knowledge the game and his ability to sell Indiana to young recruits, has no influence upon my feelings. I don’t like him. He is no more “IU” than a traveling salesman with briefcase full of promises. A sturdy house is built on tolerance and forgiveness and the strength your own humble fortitude and determined desires.

    And finally, the Korman excerpt:

    So maybe for me the worst moments were reading the comments on some of the stories about young athletes, especially those who left in the wake of Kelvin Sampson’s departure. Some of the things said were so flippant and cruel that I just could not believe one human would say them about another human — especially since they really have no clue what they are talking about. Yes, those kids screwed up. And maybe they didn’t belong in the program. It is absolutely a privilege to play basketball at Indiana. But they’d been begged — not asked, begged — to do it by a man promising he’d be a father figure. Then all that went away, and some kids who’d never had anything stable in life faltered. And all some people could do was condemn them or call them names or wish them the worst. Those were terrifying, sad days for me. I realized that maybe no matter how hard I tried to tell the full story of what went on at IU, some people just wouldn’t want to know. They liked their version better.

  18. Crean praised Calipari and RMK praised Jerry Tarkanian. Incessantly. Your point? Mike Davis testicles? Those are called raisins. That guy never took responsibility for anything. Ever. We all knew where Korman stood already. Watch that door on your way out. You’ve got some serious hate issues for no apparent reason, dude. I hear great things about Lexipro. Give it a shot.

  19. Korman is a journalist, his job is to create controversy and make headlines.

    Take another shower, this time use cold water.

  20. Clarion-

    Korman didn’t have a job when he said those words. I believe it was the first time he spoke honestly about the subject.

    Mr. Drag his giant rocks on the ground-

    You fill up on as much your own air as Tom Crean. I could care less what you think. Put it to good use and go blow up your loveliness. If your life is so damn beautiful then why are you wasting time on a blog while your honeybuns slowly deflates in the master suite your perfect life. It’s really not that great a gift to spot the Chets of the world. Fighter planes, mountain bikes, blogging from your cabin while sailing the Seven Seas…blah…blah…blah. Do you ever choke on all that wonderfulness you can’t seem to ever fully cough up on the rest of us that could give a rat’s ass? Oh, and let’s not forget the time you almost made that “retard” kid do his own shorts because he made a mistake behind the wheel of his car….Remember, Chet? You look down at everything so much I would bet you’re a walking mountain. My god, man. If anyone is carrying around a sack of bull nuts in his shorts it’s gotta be Chet. You probably shave them every day and paint happy faces on them with the wife’s lipstick…What the hell else you gonna do with them? Big useless sack of pristine jewels that King Kong’s foot could never kick. How tall are you, Chet? 5′-6″ in your favorite pair of high heels?

  21. I hope it’s obvious by now to the Scoop editors that this place is out of control. I understand the desire to let “free speech” reign, but this site has just become a cesspool of stupidity. Moderation will be required, along with limiting posters to one screen name. There’s really no point to wading through all the crap to find one or two lucid comments.

  22. About 5′ 10″ but age is taking its course. You are one unhappy fella. I hope things turn around for you.

  23. muubell,

    I just read through the entire discussion. One guy voiced his (obviously unpopular) opinion. Others disagree. Everyone has kept their name. We want discussion here — not everyone falling into line like sheep.

  24. More sincerity from Chet.

    If you could only sell all that happiness you own in a tiny pill maybe life wouldn’t be such a struggle. Do you have one that will erase my selfishness and ingratitude? One spec of kindness can sure bring a lot of light to a very dark room. Maybe the guys that played for Sampson just didn’t deserve any those tiny pills you and podunker are pushing on me. Maybe forgiveness and well-wishes for their horrible deeds of betrayal our perfect world deserve no pills or peace on this earth. Don’t call me unhappy and angry. Nothing I’ve read on this blog from the high and mighty ever gleams of hope and release a persecution for any wrong committed. Flawlessness and brilliance combined with literary gifts that are most often put to the good use of endless mockery none so equal to share their space. Jamarcus Ellis was living in the back seat of a car not long before he was given his great break in life to become a Hoosier under Kelvin Sampson. He made some mistakes but yet who on this blog has ever found room in their fat happy hearts for one ounce forgiveness or empathy? I watched Ellis play on that Hoosier team coached by Sampson. I watched him play hard and I never felt shortchanged of my cheers. I watched him protect teammates that he knew would always have the future stardom shining brighter on their names. That’s more character than you’ll ever find from this blogger. And call me a piss-poor fan of IU basketball for failing to notice anything different from a millionaire coach that can’t seem to find any room to acknowledge a bit of good in someone he finds so much easier to paint with one collective brush of complete “disdain” an entire group.
    We give bailouts and parachute packages to investment bankers that steal the retirements of hard-working families and treat a kid that did nothing except throw away his basketball future as if he was the greatest evil deserving no encouragement other than jumping off a cliff. And yes, we sent them on their right course to “inferior programs” that used them for a quick influx of talent where schools could save inferior coaches from being fired their inferior universities before sending them on their way back to their inferior lives..And now they pull their inferior cars into inferior alleys their inferior driveways…and seek the eyes of an inferior love…and maybe an inferior bosom to rest any anguish on the hearts their inferior mothers…and in the end give final rest under inferior stone on inferior ground beneath the pit of our rotting souls that provided no room for restoration something so pathetic and undeserving any effort or compassion.

    And I do hope things turn around for you.

  25. Please 4tickturds fully engage the cold water facet as your shower mate is hyper ventilating profusely.

  26. I work with special needs children. While these kids have little chance of a ‘normal’ life, they do manage to make it through each day without pissing and moaning. I don’t feel sorry for you. Neither of my Appalachian Kentucky born parents had luxury of an education. Life. You need to cowboy up.

  27. What a surprise you would dumb it down to a shower fantasy your favorite partner you enjoy like no other a lathering up on here. Unlike you, I don’t bother gawking and getting all steamed up over his completely contrived act.

    There’s nothing about Crean that sickens his stomach. You really bought into all that “tan” and “clapping” and “I’ll break Tom’s bones with my sticks and stones” he throws in this elementary school blogging playground? Have you not witnessed the few instances he slips off the his junglegym routine and writes like a seasoned journalist? You don’t think that was his game from the beginning? Do you really think he wants to have a 3-way shower with Zeller and Alford? It’s suckers like you that made his raw tactics and hate-spiel work. The “tickturd” has done nothing but solidify the troops on the Crean Love Boat. If the total fraud would just be ignored or flippantly ridiculed back in his face with the same infantile mockery he directs at Crean, maybe our coach needn’t sit on such an untouchable pedestal of a 4guards gilded thrown. You have taken the bait of extremism and left Crean safe the smallest debate or ounce of evaluation what he’s here to accomplish. There is no better job security than what 4guards has tirelessly worked to provide Tom Crean. Keep engaging him, flirting with him, and shower-spraying him with your fire hose of reactionary revolt. There’s nothing he enjoys more than playing patient for the “hospital boy” chasing him around the Helpless Hoosier Emergency Room. You’re always in such hot pursuit, I dare say it seems you need the cold shower. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  28. Interesting that all other IU sites would remove some or all of these guys and others who have replied comments as being total hate mail but here it is considered akin to sheep. Sheep are not hateful mean beings who lash out with hate. Surely folks who are positive about IU’S and Tom Crean’s efforts to return to “IT”S INDIANA” should not be labeled as sheep!! You can get your points across without all this name calling and then having the editors resort to name calling in the interest of good commentary or your a Sheep. I believe that each blogger could get their sides of an issue on the table without this type of sensationalism by both sides. I do not like the way our current football coaches have handled IU football and I have great concern about our defensive but I can voice that by pointing out the issues and facts without all the hate. Discussion can be healthy but hate for, posters, coaches,players, recruits, and my school are not and if that makes me a “sheep” IYO you have lost touch with your readers and it puts you on the side of anything commented is OK in the name discussion. There are and could be better ways to talk with one another than anything goes. I know in the heat of a hot discussion tempers can fare, mine has in the past, but it does not make it OK and the editor calling folks “Sheep” is not right either. Put the shoe on the other foot if 95% of your readers wanted Coach Crean fired instead of retained would they all be Sheep because they agree? While it is true that all but a few of us want Coach C. but we are Sheep with no opinion? Poor use of words Mr. Kellenberger . I know we can have good points of view and agree to disagree because it happens on other sites. This was always my favorite site but I hardly commented I was just a reader. But when you come here now all you get is the same old crap with the same old people. The Scoop use to be “THE IU SITE” but since you have elected to allow 4 or 5 posters to dictate the comments it has gotten very old. You will see a headline like Men’s baseball or other sports and when you log in its the same guys ragging on each other about Zeller and Crean and don’t tell me you could not fix it if you wanted to lay down some ground rules. Even 4 guards wants his comments to be his and not a copy cat. In the interest of all things IU I IMPLORE everyone to keep it civil. I will do my best to do the same.

  29. Hugh,

    If you can’t see what’s wrong here then I can’t help you. It’s patently obvious that this commentary is beyond help. No one’s asking anyone to line up like sheep. It’s called civil discourse, and I guess expect more out of the journalists involved than I should.

    “Please 4tickturds fully engage the cold water facet as your shower mate is hyper ventilating profusely.”

    “My god, man. If anyone is carrying around a sack of bull nuts in his shorts it’s gotta be Chet. You probably shave them every day and paint happy faces on them with the wife’s lipstick”

  30. You got to love the rants. This guy’s putting his pathologies right out there. Let’s see, there’s a huge dose of class envy (what’s with the references to saling?), the obvious anger problem, and the belief that he’s the most sensitive and compassionate man alive. And if you don’t agree with his disdain for Crean or the reasons why he hates him, you lack compassion, you lack kindness and you’re worthy of persoanl attacks. Yea, the anger is eating up this guy’s ability to think rationally. He’s easily influenced by one guy’s opinion. A journalist writes comments representing his opinion, he implies criticism, and that becomes the only truth, and we’re all idiots if we have a different opinon. I’m not seeing a lot of facts to support the arguments represented in his posts, just attacks on Crean and on anyone that does not agree with his opinion of Crean. Can’t win the argument on facts, so attack those who disagree. Classic.

    I’ve read all the posts twice. Here’s what it boils down to. He hates Crean because of some of Crean’s comments, which made reference to coaches and players that left IU three years ago. He believes those comments were wrong, unkind, and insensitive. Based on that, nothing else Crean has done, can do, or will do in the future will be redemptive. In this man’s opinion, Crean is a very bad man worthy of nothing but contempt.

    Here’s what I understand about that distant problem. IU had a coach that cheated, got caught, and got out of town with a huge severance. The assistant that came in a took over tired to apply discipline. The players came close to mutiny and many of them left the team at the end of the year. We discover, after they’d left, that the players in question had serious disicpline problems and were not going to class. We heard other very troubling rumors, but to protect the “kids,” details and verified facts on those other issues were not generally made public. Indiana University goes out and hires a young, energetic and optimisitic coach who is really excited to get the job. He expresses his disdain for the sins of his predecissors, because a very impatient fan base (myself included)needs to be reminded just what a mess he inherited. He continues to reinforce to those same fans that he is not going to repeat the mistakes of the past, that his players are not going to be allowed to behave like some former players behaved. They must go to class, they must achieve a certain level of academic performance. He aslo confirms that his coaching staff will not cheat, that he will bend over backwards to make sure that IU BB has seen it’s last NCAA violation, at least while he’s in charge. he asks that we stay with him, be patient, give him time, because he knows fans have a short memory. And those things make him a a bad guy, a blow hard and worthy of disdain and scorn.

    Interesting perspective. Twisted, but interesting.

  31. Build a god damn bronze statue in his likeness and place it in your front yard. Give it up. It’s far, far more “twisted” to use the podium and spotlight of a prominent position the head coach a major university to build your empire on the failings of a few young kids, none of which in the moment his attacks have any means or representation to rebut or defend themselves the repeated blasphemy of a man that never even shared a locker room with them(something Crean can’t get enough of because of guzzlers of the hate garbage like you), than any prejudicial rants of childish irrationality I can blast across the sea of ears from this tiny blog box.

    There is no fairness of caution on Crean’s fat tongue. Only a matter of time he bites right through it. What man is so perfect to never have drifted off course? Why must we endlessly blast cannon fire into the side a hull their already sinking ship? Hell, they’re not even sinking anymore. They are long ago sunk but yet on warfare their names are leader still drunk!

    And you may continue to insinuate me as a twisted liar and in serious need of any meds your vast knowledge of pharmaceutical cabinets obviously your own addictions until your lips get sore and tongue twice swollen. I believe you are far more in need nothing invented yet to cure.

  32. Of course you’re not a sheep for believing in Tom Crean. The same way the poster in question is not wrong for not believing in Crean. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I’ve stepped up how much I’ve moderated discussion lately. Faking another poster’s name is an easy way to get spammed. So is inserting text drawings, or photoshop pictures. And I don’t want to see the discussion turn persona. We’ve come close to the line here, but not across it yet.
    I would hate to see this site get to the point where I have to spend most of my day moderating. Quite frankly, that’s not my job. But I’d also hate to see this site become a place where the popular opinion is the only allowed opinion.

  33. Review, OK
    1. We are not all sheep
    2. I don’t like the fake names,etc.
    3. No one has crossed his line. What is that line?
    4. He has no time to fool with this because “Quite frankly it’s not my job” cop out!!
    5. I would hate to have only the popular opinion.
    Summary IMO: We are not sheep and we should use only one name. We can say what we want because he does not “Quite Frankly” have time to mess with it. So business as usual guys. Why have an IU blog that has no owner? Quite Frankly someone should review comments but no one has time. I am not talking about Normal Behavior, civil comments or even joking about folks. These comments are not right from either side and they are hurtful, hate full. and down right mean! Hugh, if it is not your job and you don’t have time to babysit this site maybe HT needs to get one of the 10% unemployed to manage things even part time.

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