Indiana adds Dayton wide receiver

Dayton (Ohio) Jefferson High School football coach Daniel Parks confirmed Tuesday a report that Jefferson senior wide receiver Cody Latimer has verbally committed to Indiana. The 6-foot-3, 210-pounder chose the Hoosiers over offers from Ball State, Bowling Green, Buffalo, Ohio, Toledo, Southern Methodist, Western Kentucky and Eastern Illinois.

“We went down to the combine for the camp they had, and he really liked the campus,” Parks said. “The receiver coach (Billy Lynch) took a big interest in him and he really like that. It was a nice atmosphere for him, and they stuck with him.”

Parks said Latimer was not only used as a wide receiver at Latimer but also a quarterback in wildcat situations and as an outside linebacker. Last season, Parks said, Latimer had 45 receptions for 960 yards and eight touchdowns while rushing for about 270 yards and six more scores. He also led the team with 95 tackles.

“He’s a big strong wide receiver,” Park said. “He’s very strong. He’s got good hands. He can give Indiana a deep threat.”

Park said Latimer runs the 40-yard dash in 4.45 seconds, has a 38-inch vertical and bench presses about 325 pounds.

“He’s a total athlete,” Park said.

Latimer is a three-star recruit according to and the No. 16 player in the state of Ohio. He is Indiana’s 22nd commitment for the Class of 2011.


  1. “Offensive linebacker”? Anyway, he’s big enough and relatively fast. I always hold out the hope that these guys are great finds overlooked by the big boys.

  2. Cody Lattimore chose the Hoosiers over offers from Ball State(MAC), Bowling Green (MAC),Buffalo(MAC),Ohio (MAC),Toledo (MAC) SMU, Western Kentucky (Terrible) and Eastern Illinois (Are they Division One?).”

    Wow, that’s strange, no offers from any other Big Ten teams.

    Hey Lynch, you need to go after players that other Big Ten teams are recruiting. You’re no longer coaching in the MAC, you’re coaching in the Big Ten!

    More of the same.

  3. Hey Podunker,

    He’s only the 16th best player in Ohio, too bad that state isn’t know for producing football talent. He’s also viewed as a potential Tandon Doss clone, too bad he’s no good.

    More of the same from folks who don’t know squat. Plenty of mid & upper range high school kids don’t get early offers from the top schools. This is the kind of guy the Big Ten upper echelon will try to poach from IU after one of their first choices goes to USC or an SEC school.

    “Latimer is a three-star recruit according to and the No. 16 player in the state of Ohio.”

  4. Lester, if this guy turns out to be anything like Tandon Doss then it’s a hell of a good pick up.

  5. For what it’s worth, Doss was a two-star recruit.

    One area of Indiana recruiting with which I’ll take no issue is at the wide receiver position. Hardy, Doss, Belcher, Wilson, Hughes, Turner, Means and surely a few others that I’m forgetting are making Billy Lynch look good.

    Or maybe it’s the other way around…

  6. No Casey, you are right on point about Billy Lynch. Our recruiting WR is not just coincidence, it is Billy Lynch. I do not know him at all, but he evaluates talent with defined accuracy for our offense and has the personality to attract and tenacity to get that talent to IU. I think he is a position coach on the rise. If it was not for playing for his Dad I do think other programs would already have come calling. As I alluded to the other day, he teaches the WR to block down field. To make that happen it takes a special coach who can recruit special WR’s to do it.

  7. I knew that people would start chirping about the other schools that recruited this kid. The one that sticks out a bit to me is SMU. The wide receiver position is very important in the spread offense June Jones runs, which tells me this kid must be pretty talented for Jones to go after him with all the talent available in the state of Texas.

  8. Maybe we can get Billy Lynch to start recruiting the defensive secondary as well as receivers?

    I must admit, he has been great at seeing young talent and getting IU in the door first to get them here.

    I also see the development with them.

    Actually, minus Dennis Springer, I think the offensive staff is very strong. Yes that includes Canada, as the QB coach, not as the coordinator.

  9. TT,

    I didn’t read your post prior to mine, but you are spot on. If June Jones wants him, the kid must be a good player. Jones is high on my list of coaches I want if Lynch doesn’t work out.

  10. As I stated above Billy Lynch is one of the positive parts of the process happening to IU FB.

  11. muubell,

    I’m not taking shots at Latimer, time will tell if he’s any good. I hope he is all world. But he’s the exception, not the rule and it’s another example of IU competing with MAC schools for talent. That has not worked out too well over the last few years.

    Lynch’s record speaks for itself, he’s not getting the talent necessary to be competitive in the Big Ten (that means defeat more than one conference opponant each year).

    I admit that the best part of IU’s talent has been the receivers, so whoever has been doing that deserves credit. But maybe that’s the flip side of going to a school that does not run the ball effectively.

    As for not knowing squatt, I was a HS scout for years, back when IU football recruited players beyond a four state area and when they went to Bowl games on a fairly regular basis. My first recruit was drafted high in the second round and played five years in the NFL.

    The question is not whether other Big Ten Schools will poach Latimer, the question is where he’ll decide to go after Lynch gets fired? Lynch is not getting it done and he’s running out of excuses.

  12. Coach may have to back off his red shirting program for all in coming freshman in order to use some of the defense backs he has recruited for next year. We all have to remember the defensive back field is there to play pass defense and move up quickly to stop long running plays. Part of the problem IMO is the down linemen being beat at the line of scrimmage and not stopping the run and not putting pressure on the QB on pass plays. Linebackers have to fill the holes that the offensive lineman on the opposing team make. IU has more than just a defensive back field problem on defense. RB’s and big quick QB’s have a big advantage against smaller DB’s if they are not slowed at the line of scrimmage. You give any decent running back a full head of steam after he gets threw one of these huge holes at the line of scrimmage and they will run right over our DB”S.

  13. For those who never got to see him play football Quinn Buckner was a helluva db for the Hoosiers.

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