Indiana-Wisconsin men’s soccer updates


Well, this match between coaching brethren ends with a kiss-your-sister result. IU has to be a bit frustrated, having finished with a 21-7 margin in shots. Man of the match has to be Badger keeper Ryan Vint, who made 11 saves and a slew of good plays, generally.

The Hoosiers are now 5-3-1 overall  and 1-0-1 in Big Ten play. Wisconsin is 1-6-2 and 0-0-1.


Nikita Kotlov’s booming shot that barely cleared the bar in the waning seconds was the best chance for either side in the period. Shots are now 21-6 for IU, but the Badgers actually had a bit more of the play during the first OT.

END OF REGULATION,  Indiana 1, Wisconsin 1.

Indiana almost won it in the final minute as a great right-footer from a Harrison Petts that required Vint to make a leaping snag that carried the Badger keeper and the ball periously close to the goal line. Time for golden-goal overtime, with two 10-minute periods. IU finished regulation with a 19-4 shot advantage.


22:30: Tied, Indiana 1, Wisconsin 1. Ryan Vint continues to play very well in goal for visitors. Bruin tested him with a running right-footed cannon shot from 35 that Vint managed to tip over the bar, creating a corner kick that produced a solid Bruin header, which Vint also tipped over the bar.

38:31:  INDIANA GOAL, tie: Indiana 1, Wisconsin 1. The Hoosiers waste little time in getting the equalizer on a fine goal from scrimmage. Chris Estridge made a beautiful diagonal through-pass to Harrison Petts who, on the run from the left side of the penalty area, beat Vint inside the far post with a left-footer.


The Hoosiers have out-shot the Badgers 9-2, but Wisconsin senior keeper Ryan Vint has been superb with six saves. IU has the lone corner-kick, and Hoosier keeper Luis Soffner hasn’t been compelled to make a save as yet, but did allow one of Wisconsin’s two shots to tally, though he really had no chance on the Chris Prince’s header.


5:05: Indiana’s Harrison Petts slams a shot off the left post, then Alec Purdie’s rebound attempt was saved off the line by a Badger defender. It was IU’s best chance to equalize before intermission, though Will Bruin added a dangerous header at the 0:50 mark that was well-caught by Vint.

25:33: WISCONSIN GOAL. Wisconsin 1, Indiana 0. The Badgers, starting to show some counter-attacking capacity with long balls, and capitalized off a set piece header by Chris Prince. Kyle McCrudden, who took the free kick, and Nick Janus, who slip-headed the ball to Prince, were both credited with assists.

A pair of Chris Estridge shots had earlier nearly put the Hoosiers on the board. The first came off a fine cross by Nikita Kotlov, but Badger keeper Ryan Vint went down well on his line for the first at the 34:05 mark, then caught the second at 33:00.

38:04: Wisconsin’s Trevor Wheeler down with an injury, so a brief respite. IU has had nearly all the possession, with the Badger defense packing. The only shot so far came at 42:45, when IU’s Andy Adlard took a free kick from 30 yards out that was well-struck but went just wide left.


Todd Yeagley coaching against the Wisconsin team he led last season. Badger coach John Trask coaching against his alma mater. And former IU players such as Brian Maisonneuve, Ernie Yarborough, Chris Munroe and Phil Presser among the assistants.

I feels great to be back at Armstrong Stadium covering a soccer match for the first time in over a decade, and to see so many familiar faces — including Jerry Yeagley, the man who coaches all the players mentioned above except Munroe. “It’s a nervous one, for me,” he said upon entering the press box.

Jerry is actually going to brave the brisk temps and sit in the open air to spectate on the press box roof. It remains cloudy and unseasonably cool this afternoon, but a nice crowd is already in evidence . Even the students are a bit more bundled up than usual.

I’ll be posting brief updates here on this thread, with the most recent up top.

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