Kates claims he was kicked off team

Andre Kates Tweeted earlier this evening that he is no longer a member of the Indiana football team.


Kates’ Twiter handle is DreDaCornerback, though he has to approve your request to follow him.

Kates was suspended for Saturday’s game after complaining on Twitter and Facebook about a lack of playing time. He then proceeded to Tweet through much of the game, though it was largely positive.

UPDATE, 7:54 p.m.

An IU athletic department spokesman said Kates is not kicked off the team, but is suspended indefinitely.


  1. Its a shame he’s acting like this. JUCOS Jeff Thomas and Lenyatta Kiles have done a good job here.

  2. Kates would rather tweet than practice hard and play well. No loss with his defection. He will never reach his junior year in classes passed. Heban is a much better player! Maybe we need to field the entire pitching staff in the defensive backfield.

  3. Seems like Lynch could have challenged him to back up his talk with his play and given him the start. If Kates performed poorly, then Lynch would have good reason to bench him. But…noooo, Lynch always has to be stubborn and do things the same old stale way – that’s why IU sucks, again!

  4. Yeah blame the coach, not the idiot who is tweeting during a game! He sums up what is wrong with society today, kids these days think they are entitled to everything. Hard work doesnt mean anything anymore!

  5. davis25,

    I think there are a few hundred athletes at IU who would take exception to that comment.

    Hard work still means something to a lot of kids, and those are the ones who usually end up being extremely successful. For the one player sitting on the bench tweeting away, there are 60 others on the sideline who have worked hard to get where they are.

    Don’t let one person’s Twitter habits taint your view of society. Without getting too preachy, I think the technology-spawned divide between “kids these days” and their elders is a two-way street.

    Let’s let Kates and IU move on, wish the guy well and talk about how this program can turn the corner (although, there seems to be a general consensus forming as to the best solution there).

  6. Lynch said last year, “…we don’t bring in JUCO players if we think they’re going to sit.” Ok, then why bring in the JUCO Player of the Year and not even give him a sniff at a starting job. Seems like when Richard Council, Matt Ernest, and Adrian Burks were getting torched earlier in the season that Lynch should have given Andre Kates a chance to play and win the starting job. Lynch knew that Andre had a “big personality” when he signed him, so why not give the guy the chance to prove himself instead of wasting his potential as an impact player? Oh well, Hoosiers are losers.

  7. This is the second time under Lynch’s leadership that they have got a highly rated defensive player for the secondary that hasn’t seem to find his way on the field.

    None of his tweets I’ve seen have mentioned Lynch specifically, so who’s to say he is talking about Lynch and not talking about Brian George, Joe Palcic, George Ricumstrict or Mike Yeager?

    Considering those are the coaches he would deal with day in day out, and more specifically Joe Palcic, one of the coaches most on here agree that Glass should force Lynch to remove if he wants to keep his job.

  8. Kates is slow after 15 yards, he gets beat deep badly. Watching Kates after the towson game made me wanna go out for the team, too slow, doesn’t deserve that 7, especiall when tracy porter started out with 36 when he started in the big ten his freshamn year and led in picks. Boom!

  9. Agree with CallMeIshmael – sounds like he’s quitting himself if you ask me. Who knows if he really got a chance?

    On a brighter note, Jeff Thomas is improving.

  10. Strange that in the same year when defense is in short supply and the other two JC D players were getting playing opportunities, the coaching staff would deny the third if he was practicing like he was worthy. His twitter name “Dredacornerback” tells me everything I need to know. During his phone call to Coach Lynch on the day he announced he was coming to IU he stated he was bringing his swagger. In his own special brand he has.

  11. I am not defending this kid at all as he did something stupid, obviously. However, as I have said before… I watched several practices from the hill before the season and it was obvious that Kiles and Kates skills were head and shoulders above the others. I will always wonder if loyalty to others hurt this kid. Loyalty is a wonderful thing but in football you quite simply play the athlete that will give you the best chance of winning.

  12. Remember finch…lynch doesn’t now talent if it was sitting in his face so what the kid went on Twitter broken promises will make me do the same…outside of Tracy Porter the IU secondary has sucked big time

  13. Need more information. Would like to hear from Lynch that the coaching staff and team leaders are trying to turn this kid around. I understand the frustration the kid must have, sitting behind inferior talent. But he obviously expressed his discontent in the wrong way. Can’t tolerate that, but it would be nice to know that Lynch is trying to salvage this kid’s future. If he leaves IU now, his career is pretty much ruined.

    Hey, you don’t get JC Player-of-the-Year honors for nothing. He has talent. It looks like either he or the coaches wasted that. Lynch needs to say something and demonstrate he’s trying to salvage this young man’s future. To reamin hush-hush is inappropriate.

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