Kates suspended for Northwestern game

Indiana junior cornerback Andre Kates has been suspended for today’s noon game against Northwestern, the program confirmed on Saturday morning.

Kates said on his Twitter account that he was suspended because of things he said on the social networking site as well as Facebook about his lack of playing time. Kates, who was named Junior College Player of the Year by one media outlet last season at ASA College in Brooklyn, has seen little playing time this season, even after starter Richard Council suffered a knee injury against Michigan. Kates has seen time in just five games and has three tackles this season.


  1. Sounds like Kates has a bit of an attitude problem. I can understand his frustration playing behind the ineffective players ahead of him. But maybe his attitude is the reason why they’re playing and he’s not. Hope he gets it straightened out, IU can’t afford to lose any moere athletes from that defense.

  2. Two points: 1) if you call out the Head Coach publicly, you had better be very good on the field, so far Kates has been poor; 2) when you recruit a big name JUCO player, there is NO excuse for NOT playing him many minutes in the Non-conference early games! Both Kates and Lynch look BAD in this little soap opera!

  3. I had vowed to not post about IU football anymore until the AD gets his head out of his, you know what, and gets a real coach but I just can’t pass this one up. I can only think of one school that would sign the juco player of the year, from anybody’s list, and not play him anymore than Lynch has Kates. Par for the course. It might be different if he had some kind of talented players playing in front of him but that is for sure not the case here. What could Lynch possibly be saving him for ? I’m sure he will get lots more talented jucos, or talented players period to sign on with how he has handled this one. Oh wait a minute he can’t do that now for the most part. Typical decision making by Lynch & Co., oh, so typical. Fred please pony up the money so that we can have a real football team and so that we won’t be the laughing stock of the B10 when it comes to football. I now renew my vow of silence

  4. Crean needs Lynch and Lynch needs Crean. Why? Crean looks good during football season and lynch looks good during basketball season. At least Lynch isn’t overpaid like Crean

    Fire Lynch. Take $500,000 of Crean’s overblown salary to hire a decent football coach, make Crean strictly a recruiter and PR man and hire McClain and Buckley as co game coaches.Maybe then fundamentals and game adjustments will return to Assembly Hall.

  5. I can understand Andre’s frustration even though I disagree with his method of expression. I don’t think there is any reason that Mr. Kates should not have been given an opportunity to start after Richard Council went down with a knee injury. Adrian Burks was absolutely horrible. Andre Kates may transfer to a Division II school so that he can show his wares to NFL scouts as a full-time starter.

  6. Neither Kates (so far) nor Finch (in college after his injury) showed any real high quality ability to play, so the NFL nonsense is out. However, even at mediocre, Kates was above average on this year’s Hoosier defense and deserved to play more early on. But now Heban has shown on the field that he can play in the Big 10 (unlike Kates)!

  7. Couldn’t agree more BP, Kates needed, and still needs, to play more. Just his pure athletisism is an upgrade over who we have now, plus he has to be a fruntrunner to play next year, why not see what you have now? Also agree on Heban, that kid is a player. The only secondary player I’ve seen all year that wasn’t afraid to fun up and hit someone in the mouth, instead of diving for his feet. He’s only a redshirt freshman as well, so he should just get better. The class that came in in 09 is shaping up quite nicely, with Heban, Price, Bolser, Wilson, Replogle, and Kiel already forcing thier way onto the field. Hopefully it’s a good foundation that we can build around.

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