Kiles joins list of infirm

As if Indiana didn’t have enough injury issues to deal with this week, the Hoosiers will now be without junior safety Lenyatta Kiles, who is listed as out on Friday’s injury report with a groin injury.

Kiles joins sophomore running back Darius Willis, who was reported out for the season with a patella tendon injury Thursday, as well as safety Chris Adkins (ankle) right tackle James Brewer (ankle), cornerback Richard Council (knee) and kicker Nick Freeland as players who were listed as out on the injury report.

Wide receiver Jamonne Chester (shoulder) is listed as questionable.

Kiles had been earning playing time as the third safety behind junior Donnell Jones and senior Mitchell Evans and was playing as the third safety in five-defensive back formations. Redshirt freshman Lawrence Barnett is likely to take his spot.


  1. I think that IU just says it is a groin injury until test results come back and then they really admit the extent of the injury, haha. Kiles out will have almost as big an impact as Willis being out I think.

  2. Another player injured in practice as the midway point creeps up on us, say it ain’t so Bill!!!!

    3-0, SKIP, 3-2, SKIP…..

    It’s time to get rid of the old record player IU football uses and jump them into the digital age!

    Of course then it would end up more like

    3-0, BUFFERING, 3-2, BUFFERING…….

    J Pat,

    I have to disagree, our secondary is horrible, even with Kiles. Willis wasn’t getting a lot of yardage in our horrible running game, but he was a damn good pass blocker and kept the blitz off Ben. Not sure we have another back with his blocking ability or not.

    I don’t ever remember Willis being injured like this in high school until the hamstring injury his senior year in track.

  3. Mike P, Kiles is the fasted we have in the secondary, especially when trailing/playing catch up, from what I watch but notice I said “almost”. always nice to agree to disagree with you for sure!

  4. With the defensive issues, now losing Kiles as well, I really think they are in trouble this weekend.

    Ark. St. likes to score points, lucky for IU, they like to surrender points as well.

  5. Lets all hope that Donnell Jones stays healthy. I honestly think he is IU’s best defender!

  6. It would be nice for some player who has had limited playing time to make an impact on defense. I don’t know who that could be but it looks like Barnett will get his chance. He was tough on HS competition. I do like Beckum installed at the weakside LB.

  7. Clarion, I was wondering the same thing. Will a new player kind of unknown make a splash? This could be the opportunity of a lifetime for someone!

  8. “Are we just snake-bitten or what?” I’d say it’s the “or what.”

    No one should be surprised by these injuries. This happens to IU every year! And the reason is thatIU’s players are not big enough or athletic enough to compete in the Big Ten, especially against the best of the Big Ten. When we play Michigan and Ohio State back-to-back,IU is going to have significant casualties. Yea, yea, Kiles hurt his groin in practice, but they all got beat up over the last two weeks and their bodies start to break down.

    And in addition to their lack of size, I question if their conditioning is good enough for the rigors of a 12 game season? Don’t know, but this happens every year. After the first couple of Big Ten games, IU’s players start dropping like flies. Same story, different season.

    Well, these injuries should determine if IU’s debth is better than it has been in previous years and if Lynch sticks with his plan to continue redhsirting most of the freshman. My guess is that by the end of the year, a lot of the freshmen redhsirts are going to see playing time.

  9. I disagree. Every team has injuries from Ohio state to IU. We don’t have any depth on our team. Period! Our offensive line is huge and
    they did a good job along with Willis keeping Ben protected.On defense we got only a couple of good kids and we are slow and not strong at the line of scrimmage. We need new defensive coaches
    in the fashion of Billy Lynch who has done a great job with wide receivers. This defense problem is not something new nor are injuries. I think Lynch is gone if he can’t find a way to stop the other team from scoring every time they get the ball.

  10. I also disagree. In the recruiting classes of 08-09-10 there were a total of forty+ 3* recruits, contrasted to 05-06-07 the number of 3*’s totaled less than a dozen and a half. There are two 4* recruits who have given their verbal commitment for 2011. Nationally in the past it was the norm for IU recruiting to be ranked in the 80’s and 90’s. IIRC the 2010 class was ranked in the 50’s. At this point in time the 2011 class is rated from the high 20’s to high 30’s. Coach Lynch and his staff have left themselves open to criticism for their coaching skills, but when it comes to recruiting there bringing in better talent every year is hard to dispute.

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