McClain visited Chandler

Indiana assistant coach Steve McClain was in Indianapolis today to watch Lawrence North center Michael Chandler, according to the Star’s Kyle Neddenriep.

Chandler, a true center in the class of 2011, has taken official visits to West Virginia and Providence, and told Neddenriep he’ll visit Xavier this weekend.

I am working on getting something more on this and Chandler’s status with Indiana. While Chandler has been listing Indiana, there are said to be academic concerns, and he has a relationship with Ryan Boatright (who just committed to West Virginia) and the two had talked about playing together.


  1. I am intrigued by Chandler if we are talking about a spring commit and more about his grades are known. Boatright is committed to WVA but I believe they are only taking one more and mike shaw is their guy. They already have 5 commits with one being a recent 6′ 10″ center.

  2. I like Chandler’s size. I like that he is from Indiana. On paper he is a great fit for what we need. I wouldn’t want Chandler if it compromises Zeller or Hanner. I also don’t want to a kid that isn’t going to conduct himself with class. I’d rather see us only win 9 games a year than recruit players similars to the ones “you know who” had here.

  3. Ben_M,

    I hear you, and I agree. But I also think Crean deserves the benefit of the doubt here.

    Much like most recruits survey all of their options before making a decision, this may simply be a case of exploring the remaining “gettable” players in the 2011 class.

    Just as we can’t judge him as being a good fit based solely on what we see on paper, I think we should hold off on deeming him a bad seed based only on what little we’ve all read. There may have been mitigating circumstances that contributed to some early academic issues. We’ll never fully know.

    I think Crean has shown an acute awareness on the types of players that belong at Indiana. He obviously has a great appreciation for both the program’s history and what has worked here in the past. I doubt he’ll go out on a limb and jeopardize the program’s integrity to land one recruit. He showed he wouldn’t make that sacrifice when he upheld the dismissal of players that could’ve helped our team’s record his first year.

    I think we should let this one play out.

  4. Love to have the guy, but after WVU and Xavier took Crawford, Holloway, and Ebanks off of our radar, its hard to believe we have any chance with them.

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