Notes from the Big Ten call

Bill Lynch said that the relative lack of pressure Indiana put on Terrelle Pryor against Ohio State on Saturday was, to a degree, by design.

The Indiana coach said on Tuesday’s Big Ten teleconference that the Hoosiers deliberately held back the pressure a bit in an attempt to keep the speedy Pryor in the pocket and keep him from breaking out and beating them with his legs.

“We tried to have more of a controlled lane rush to keep him in the pocket,” Lynch said.

Pryor never did beat the Hoosiers with his legs. He was sacked three times for a loss of 19 yards and never scrambled for positive yardage. However, he was comfortable enough in the pocket to complete 24 of 30 passes for 334 yards and three touchdowns.

“We gave him too much time and he picked us apart,” Lynch said. “He threw the ball very well.”

Other notes from the Big Ten call:

  • Ohio State’s Jim Tressel, to the surprise of no one, said he won’t address the idea of being No. 1 with his team. “We don’t talk about it,” he said. “Wherever we’re ranked, we have to get better or we’re going to be ranked lower.”
  • Michigan State is 6-0 after defeating Michigan in Ann Arbor, but Spartans fans are used to fast starts followed by collapses. The 1999 season was a case in point, as the Spartans beat Michigan to improve to 6-0 , but followed that with embarrassing blowout losses to Purdue and Wisconsin. Coach Mark Dantonio was a part of that 1999 staff, but says he thinks this team has the mentality to keep pushing. “”The message we have to send to our players is again, it’s about maturity,” he said. “We’re at the halfway point, we’re not 10 games in.”
  • Dantonio was again asked about his health. A reporter told him about a columnists’ opinion that Dantonio was one of his favorite coaches, but that he should take the rest of the year off after his heart attack and the blood clot that sidelined him last week. Dantonio countered by saying he is making sure not to overdo it. “”I’m in very good health,” he said. “My heart is bouncing back. I feel very good. I’ve toned down things, I’ve eased back into things.”
  • Penn State coach Joe Paterno sounded particularly concerned with his team following the Nittany Lions’ 33-13 loss to Illinois on Saturday. He confirmed that the Lions’ have several injuries that will keep players out for next week’s game against Minnesota and perhaps longer. Safety Nick Sukay, Paterno said, is out for the season with a torn pectoral muscle. Defensive lineman Jack Crawford (ankle), defensive tackle Eric Latimore (hand/wrist) are both out. The Lions had 10 defensive players miss time at some point during Saturday’s game, and Paterno said many of them won’t return. However, he still took responsibility for the loss. “I don’t think I did a very good job coaching and getting them ready for the game,” he said.

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  1. Maybe our lack of a pass-rush is because our defense gets routinely pushed around on the ground and through the air. Great way to spin it though, keep Pryor in the pocket so he can pick our horrible DB’s apart. You’ve got to mix things up, after all Shoelace ran around everyone last week, why subject them to Pryor running over them?

    I still say IU needs to on-side kick at every opportunity. The opposing team is guaranteed of scoring every time they touch the ball, unless they give it away.

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