Ohio State 38, Indiana 10

Daniel Herron breaks thru the IU defensive line and scoots for a TD. Rich Janzaruk | Herald-Times
COLUMBUS, Ohio — The No. 2 Ohio State Buckeyes rebounded from a middling performance against Illinois with a decisive 38-10 win against Indiana on Saturday.

The Buckeyes scored the first 38 points of the game and took out most of their starters early in the third quarter.

Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor had his finest passing day in a OSU uniform, completing 24-of-30 passes for 336 yards and three touchdowns.

Daniel Herron ran 39 yards for the game’s first touchdown, and Pryor made it 14-0 when he found Dane Sanzenbacher for a 22-yard touchdown in the first quarter.

Pryor threw two more touchdowns in the first half.

Ohio State had 472 yards of total offense, while holding Indiana to 214.

Quarterback Ben Chappell completed 16-of-26 passes, but for only 108 yards. He also threw two interceptions — he had one in four games coming into Saturday.

The Hoosiers, playing without running back Darius Willis, right guard Marc Damisch and right tackle James Brewer, also lost left tackle Andrew McDonald and center Will Matte during the game. Left guard Aaron Price was the only offensive line starter from last week’s game against Michigan on the field at one point.

Antonio Banks scored his first touchdown as a Hoosier late in the fourth quarter.

Lynch: They’re awfully good

Chappell: We need to execute better

Tyler Replogle discusses the OSU offense

Antonio Banks discusses his first touchdown


  1. Wow…what an ugly game for IU! The only positive factors for IU was the run defense and the play of backups Dusty Kiel and Andre Kates. Kiel looks like he’ll be ready to step in next year, and Andre Kates looked like the most athletic DB when he was given a chance to play – did anybody see the play where OSU ran the ball to Kates’ side with two blockers yet he still managed to make the tackle? Coach Lynch…it’s time to give Mr. Kates a chance to start, and the ASU game next week seems like the perfect opportunity.

  2. At least there was some entertainment.

    Comment Millport1024:

    You folks have a good time being glib. You have fun at Lynch’s expense, the players.. Without IU where would you be working? You guys, Mike P. and others, know all. I will never post again.

  3. Like the Michigan game I’m sure we will all be hearing from Bill Lynch just how many plays we were from beating O$U !! Give me a break!! I’ve been watching IU football for 45+years and this might be the worst defensive team I’ve ever seen!! Are the players not good enough, or are they not being coached good enough, or both??

  4. I agree, Gary. We can also be sure that the usual optimist spin machine will be in full gear momentarily, talking about IU’s historical talent gap, etc etc.

  5. Ouch, the only consolation from this game is that this loss is from the next #1 team in the country, so it can’t get any tougher. Throw the tape out on this one, and just get ready for next week.

  6. It is really not about today’s game. I have been following IU football since the 1950’s. Except for a few bright moments in time it is what it is.

    Actually, IU is 0 and 2…looking for its first legitimate win in a major power conference. Those preseason games were like exhibition games. Maybe, give them credit for 1/3 of a win for all 3 games. If they beat Arkansas State give them credit for 1 win. The problem lies how they compete with the middle and lower part of the conference. History shows over the last 50 years except for a few times under Pont and Mallory they try to sneak out a couple of wins. Often they get beat soundly by the likes of Purdue and others. They are competitive against MAC and mid major schools. That is what IU is in football. Even Mallory toward the end of his era had great difficulty winning (went something like 0 and 10)toward the very end and had a career losing record.

    IU players look like stars against division 2 schools, but are not able to elevate because lack of ability at 11 x 2 on defense and 11 X 2 on offense at almost every position. The reason many players go to IU is so they can play in the Big Ten. Often IU out recruits the likes of mac conference schools to get them….Go IU!

  7. silky, I agree, throw away the tape.

    I didn’t expect a win, I did however expect our number one offense to put up at least 3 scores.

  8. Great assessment “t”. Would like to hear a solution.

    To be in a place year after year, decades on end, where we face teams in our own conference and enter those games with the mindset, to quote Mike P., “I didn’t expect to win”…well, as an alum it’s hard to acknowledge it, but that is the epitome of being irrelevant.

    Most games I’m so angry at Lynch I have to walk away, but today I felt myself taking pity on him. He’s in a job much too big for what he’s qualified for. We know he didn’t bring in a winning pattern and no Big Ten coach should be hired into this league without a winning track record.

    I respect both Glass’ comments about “contracts were meant to be honored” and his ability to fill a new stadium, but looking at IU’s placement with OSU and PSU in the new Big Ten divisions, Mr. Glass needs to do something drastic. This is now more about him than the quality of our coaching staff.

  9. stoy,

    I agree! I hate the feeling of going into games expecting to get man handled by a team. What is unfortunate is I don’t see it getting any better with the current staff in place.

    I said during the chat today that Springer, Canada, Palcic & George should be relieved of their positions if Lynch is to stay coaching at IU.

    Of course their are people who think that paying to get a real coach and staff in here is impossible because IU doesn’t fill the stadium.

  10. The sad fact is, Mallory was the most competitive coach during any era we’ve probably ever had.

  11. Didn’t we hire a basketball coach whose name did not command enough respect and notoriety to allow for quick resurrecting the recruiting scene in the state of Indiana? Three years after Crean’s hire, Branden Dawson commits to MSU, Teague picks Kentucky, and Zeller plays a game of take-his-own-sweet-time tiddlywinks with our growing irrelevance. And on the national stage, is IU basketball even receiving a glance from the best high school players on the popular college rankings lists?

    Some claim Indiana basketball was decimated. Some claim a trip to a 2003 Final Four/Championship is not close enough a brief flash of remembrance for anyone to care. Some claim the history of an “elite” proclamation is a dead and dusty memory too far removed the birth date a spring chicken getting used to defeat. They claim the names that brought national recognition to Bloomington are forgotten. They degrade our history and spill oily words where the boarded-up castle once poured lifeblood from five withering banners our forgotten basketball village. They claim IU basketball was far from relevant for the last decade under Bobby Knight and grew to momentous obscurity after his justified removal.

    Others adhere to different bloats for rationalizing their negative spins to explain why the top players still aren’t standing in line to wear the candy-striped warmups. A most renowned blogger on Hoosier Scoop forwards an argument that even with expensive new practice facilities like Cook Hall, and landing the top-tier talent our home state, will never be enough to fill the void any future Hoosier trophy case created by the repulsive effect the incompetent coach, an incompetent committee, chose to settle for.

    Lastly, there is the crowd that forever accepts a snails’ progress along the mile-long road our deserved state slow improvement. This crowd props up every obvious bungle with more Pollyanna “goody two-shoes” babble. They will cling to the name Kelvin Sampson until every rose grown a Bobby Knight garden of flawlessness still not enough the Hoosier headstone our horrible decision to hire a phone-calling cheat.

    With such abundance the dynamite opinions that line our bridge of hope with perfectly-placed packs of sabotaging thoughts at every critical rebuilding truss our blown-up storied basketball program, a glorious expanse that once defined the Hoosier name across a wide river the world of college hoops, I’m beginning to believe all focus and big bucks best spent in this tumbleweed college town is on pigskin.

    IU football deserves us. Just make sure to allocate a small amount of funds for Steve Alford and some………………..?

  12. Come on, lighten up everyone. IU played the #2 team in the country (possibly #1 after the AL loss). What did you expect? Forget this game and start focusing on the game next Saturday.

  13. Character aside in some cases; Indiana high school 4 star players and 5 star players in a case or two should stay in Indiana. It seems the ones that try to make it at out of state big time schools are not all that successful…Examples: James Banks @ Tennesee, Jeremy Finch @ Florida, recently kid from Warren Central Darren Evans, and others. When or if after spendin a year or two at out of state universities and try to come back to IU…that has just not worked out. Problems and issues have already festered. Whether it be injury or personal issues including lack of character..kids, high schools and college coaches need to understand that they will be loved in the state of Indiana (that primarily means Notre Dame, Purdue, and IU). Indiana high school players, and high school coaches need to develop an understanding a new paradigm shift awaits them at Indiana. It could even give them a better chance to make it to the NFL.

    Look at Ohio State: successful coach from Youngstown State implements a systematic machine to make a paradigm shift into Ohio State football. There are several examples of this around the country. Yes, Ohio State already had tradition, but not all success stories are tradition rich. IU has to become the best salesman in the country to sale a paradigm and then implement it.

  14. I’m fairly exhausted by self-loathing & flagellating commentary by fans like Good Times. I’m wondering if these fans are also Cubs fans who wallow in their collective ineptitude so they can throw pity parties for each other. I’m sure you are a decent guy with your heart in the right place, but I refuse to indulge and see the world as grimly as you.

    Personally, I see a mid-tier Big Ten team with an amazing offense and one of the worst defenses I’ve ever seen. But, we are only two seasons into our new football facilities. I was able to tour them a few weeks ago and, man, they did not spare a dime. The recruits will come and they finally have an administration that is willing to put money into football.

    The OSU game was a kick in the groin, but OSU is really, really good. They returned more than half the guys that decimated a pretty awesome Oregon team last year. I’ll start to give my thumbs down on the season if we lose to NW, Purdue and PSU.

    Basketball has had its ups and downs even in Crean’s tenure. I had been disappointed with this year’s class, but the next one looks to be pretty stellar. Cook Hall is insane. Now, jury is out on whether Coach Crean can make the magic happen on the court.

    All these things are going to take some time to develop. In the meantime, I refuse to join you in your sorrows while we find our way to relevance again.

  15. You’re wrong. I’m not a “decent guy” and my heart is not in the “right place”. I want Steve Alford as our basketball coach. I want hoops to burn to the ground and Lucas Oil II to be erected by 2015.

  16. And may this self-loathing fan respectfully add that I don’t think another Rex Grossman QB from Bloomington South(where all obvious great talent equivalent to anything found on a national stage can now easily and forever serve as our direct pipeline for funneling the leaders that will bring success back to our two major sports programs)and an offense that can pile up points against Towson and Akron, or any other powerhouse teams that Ball State could likely whoop on a gloomy day in Muncie, is much deserving the adjective “amazing”. The OSU game would have ended 65-3 if Tressel desired total humiliation are 50% amazing team. When a sub-standard IU basketball team goes into Buckeye territory, they haven’t been quite so kind as to not crush any of our dreamy illusions we’re anywhere near approaching a day when we had enough success to be respected in just one sport.

    I miss the day when I could laugh a Buckeye fan(or an Illinois fan..or a Purdue fan….or a Northwestern fan…or a Michigan fan)out the doors of Assembly Hall with the same humiliation the bus carrying our football follies show goes sputtering out the city of Columbus/Urbana/Evanston/Ann Arbor. Am I alone? Don’t you miss having something “amazing” as 50% the equalizing spit for their faces? And wouldn’t you like a day when a Bloomington journalist need not ask a basketball recruit about a Hoosier scholarship “situation”? Do you think OSU sportswriters are asking prospective Buckeye football players about such critical matters? Nobody gives a rat’s ass about scholarship crunches when talent is breaking down your doors. I would love two competitive major programs, but it sure felt nice to once in a while drive a Ferrari back to Bloomington on a gray December day instead a sputtering clunker.

  17. Someone needs to give Good Times a hug or a rectal-optaleptamy. It is a procedure that has your eyeballs disconnected from your anus so that you don’t have such a crappy view on life.

    Steve Alford is hanging out in NM beating 3rd rate DI teams that get you a first round exit in the Big Dance. Alford has his chance to shine in the Big Ten and had a worse record than Mike Davis. But this a football thread, so your obsession will have to wait for another time.

    Hopefully your tears dry before you have to go to work tomorrow. The rest of us are going to hold our heads high and watch our programs taking a few steps forward, a few back and ultimately doing more to move forward.

  18. Alford had his chance. He blew it. Lynch had his chances too. He still has them. (Hey who said life is fair?) Between Iowa (the proper place to shine in the Big Ten, wouldn’t Crean like to be part of that respected organization?) and Indiana Pigskin (it’s about the same as Hawkeyes Basketball, in terms of prestige) I’d choose New Mexico and being ranked nationally.

    Alford doesn’t deserve the Indiana job until he takes the Lobos to a final four. Crean doesn’t deserve the Indiana job period. Even Bill Lynch would do better than Tom Crean. Crean is the last fraud we’re supposed to experience. Wait and he’ll be gone.

    Anyone seen the Clarion lately around?

  19. “And on the national stage, is IU basketball even receiving a glance from the best high school players on the popular college rankings lists?”

    Boy, talk about being out of touch, the loop, disconnected, clueless… you name it.

    And… Steve Alford is not coming here.

  20. I can see the Alford supporters are getting more and more desperate.

    They understand all too well that if Zeller commits, and subsequent commits fall into place for 2012, their “Steve Alford dreams” are all but over.

    Can you imagine what it must be like to be a so-called “IU fan,” all the while desperately hoping for losses so that your idol can come to Bloomington and do for IU what he did in Iowa City?

  21. Alford had the most success of all the coaches in Iowa City the last 30 years. Maybe there’s a problem with that organization.

    If Zeller commits Crean is gone. If Zeller commits it will be for IU, not for the Creanwurst.

    The fact Crean is on his way out will be a big incentive for Zeller.

    We have a good team but Crean will mess it up again like last year.

    Say goodbye to the Leberwurst. Third time is a charm. He’ll go to Rice after he demonstrates his incompetence for the third year in a row.

    Alford fans: rejoice. It won’t be long and IU basketball will be back where it deserves.

    Alford is coming back! The cupcake schedule will do it. Tom crean doesn’t know how to coach (he never even played this game) and at least one of the cupcakes will have a Loyola (MD) kind of day in Assembly Hall this Fall and that will be Crean’s cross. That and the fact he has no relationship with college basketball coaching.

  22. “Alford had the most success of all the coaches in Iowa City the last 30 years. Maybe there’s a problem with that organization.”

    False. Check out Dr. Tom Davis’ record, for starters.

    “If Zeller commits Crean is gone.”


    “The fact Crean is on his way out will be a big incentive for Zeller.”


    “We have a good team but Crean will mess it up again like last year.”

    I imagine that even if this team managed a single loss for the whole season, you’d be here demanding Steve Alford as coach.

    “It won’t be long and IU basketball will be back where it deserves.”

    Correct. And Steve Alford will still be in New Mexico.

    “Alford is coming back! ”

    Right. So are the Big Bands. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. This board is almost un-readable with the likes of “good times” and “Bob Knight” chiming in with their absolute nonsense…

    You retards think Alford, an unheralded recruiter at best, and mediocre coach, would have come in and landed 5 star recruits within a year or two of a complete overhaul of the basketball program?! I would venture to say that not only are you delusional, but you also may have homosexual tendencies towards Steve Alford. That seems like the only reasonable explination for your ridiculous doom and gloom rants.

    If you had any knowledge of the current state of affairs in the basketball recruiting world, you would know that Crean is already putting together a stellar 2012 class, and has the #1 and #7 ranked freshmen in the country on board already.

    Save your complete lack of rational thought for somewhere else. It just makes you look stupid.

  24. Steve Alford is the best coach in Iowa history. Period.

    No explination necessary.

    Steve O is just upset Arizona State beat them yesterday.

    Glad to see Clarion crawling from under The Rock alive.


  25. At least I actually know where Alford is ranked among Iowa coaches and by his own numbers.

  26. ^^^ Bill Lynch? Did you say Bill Lynch?

    Only a real Hoosier fan like you can be so well informed about Iowa!

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