One Media Challenge, three videos

First, from Captures the shining moments of both Dustin and I.

OK, now the video, focused on Dustin. Also includes Jordan Hulls explaining why what we did really ain’t nothing.

And then Dustin and I talking about our experience.


  1. That was really fun to watch and I am cracking up right now……………….you may not be able to walk tomorrow!!!

  2. I feel that Korman planted the seed for this event and never revealed his involvement to the group.

    You guys did great. Hopefully you can move this morning after those squats. I’ve found that as I get older the recovery time gets longer. Thanksgiving day football takes me a week to heal.


  3. I would like to categorically state that, not only did the sled man for Team Power Forwards complete the last portion of the obstacle course solo, but we (Team Power Forwards) notched the best time in the event by a full 16 seconds. Thus, we (Team Power Forwards) were and shall ever remain, champions.

  4. So when are you guys issuing the matching challenge? Ask them to come here with us on the blog and blog, you know, elbow to elbow with Husky, Remora, Downing, 4guards (gasp!), Clarion, GFDave and the rest of the gang? Now that’s a Media Challenge!

    Wouldn’t that be a excellent idea?

  5. What this tells us is that Tom Crean’s athletes could easily play a team of newspapermen. That explains the cupcake schedule, doesn’t it? Intimidate the journalists so when Big Ten starts Tom Crean can ask: “Be careful what you write: you wouldn’t do any better.” Clever strategy.

    Did Tom Crean compete in the challenge?

    Oh, he was the one carried up the stairs by Danny Moore, wasn’t he?

    We won’t forget we have a walk-on coach!

    Tom Crean: half of Indiana can clap louder than you. 89% can coach better than you. Go away!

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