1. Folks, stay tuned for the Clarion/Jimmy/Aruss Spin Machine, which will soon tell us that we are making progress and everything is fine. Then, for some added laughs, rumor has it that Glass will be making a big announcement: “Of course nothing needs to change!!!” I can’t wait… Ever since I finished watchin the British version of The Office, I have been at a loss for laughs.

  2. “If you want the rainbow, you’ve gotta put up with the rain.” Do you know which ‘philosopher’ said that? Dolly Parton! And people say she’s just a big pair of tits.

  3. The result of this game will challenge the creativity and credibility of even the most adept spin mechanics. I do feel bad for the diehard “Lynch-is-a-nice-guy-and-needs-more-time” fans. It’s tough when reality hits you in the face. And the reality is that IU football is not a competitive Big Ten team. Lynch is not getting the job done and needs to be terminated.

    Is there anyone previously on the “Lynch-is-doing-a-good-job” side of the debate willing to admit they have changed their mind and join those of us calling for his termination? Anyone had enough of believing that Lynch is making progress? If so, relative to what? Certainly not relative to the Illinois football!

    And don’t start throwing sophmoric insults at posters like Husky Tom and myself. We love and pull for IU just as much as you do. We too mourn another embarrassing loss for IU’s football team. We’re just as disappointed, but we’re not the least bit surprised by another beat down by a mediocre Big Ten team. There’s no satisfaction in this, I don’t think any true Hoosier fan is gloating over this loss. I’m certainly not.

    But I am taking this opportunity to try to build support for the “dump Lynch” movement amonst IU faithful. I welcome counter-arguments from any Lynch supporters. But please, can we deal in facts and not unproven theories and hypotheticals.

    For those of you that will argue that IU can still go to a Bowl game, while I admit that is still, numerically speaking, a possibility, I’m guessing the only bowl game IU has any chance of qualifying for will be the Little Ceasar’s Bowl in Detroit on December 26. The Big Ten team gets to play a MAC team in that one. Do you even care? Will anyone else in the country notice or care?

    Come on folks, we deserve better than what Lynch is delivering. Join those of us who believe it’s time for him to go. He;s a nice man, but he is not a good Big Ten football coach.

  4. Ironic twist, “D” plays better, but the “O” struggles. Hopefully, both show up next week vs. northwestern. “O” line must do a better job on pass protection, I know they are dinged up some, but with a passing “O” some protection must happen.

  5. I watched the NU/MSU game. NU is stronger than we are at this point. They don’t have tremendous talent, but they are smart and well coached for the most part. That game could have gone either way. We will have our hands full with them even on our home turf. A lot will depend on who is left standing this week. As mentioned in a previous post, we lose 3-4 people a week which numerically is not that abnormal, but when you don’t have any depth to speak of, it is a serious problem.

    Clearly, IU has made some progress with the program. But, just as clearly, we are not ready to compete at this level. I understand the rationale behind Lynch’s plan, but I think the plan is behind schedule because at this point, I would think we would be able to compete in the B10 throughout the season and that is not happening. The Michigan game was an exception. We did compete then, but that was at the beginning of the season (more or less) and we had most of the starters around. It is now mid season and we can no longer field a competitive team. The situation at IU continues the viscious cycle of injuries causing us to field kids who are not ready to play which results in more injuries, more confusion, errors in judgment and so on. I’m not as smart as some of the other posters here, so I don’t really know how to fix this problem, but I’m pretty sure that just replacing a coach is not going to do it.

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