Roy Williams leaves on a jet plane

And came to Washington, Ind.

As Peegs is reporting, a private plane left Charlotte last night and arrived at the Daviess County Airport. That’s Washington, for those of you unfamiliar with your Indiana county names (i.e. Dustin).

He spent the night and was at Washington’s 6 a.m. workout.

Speculate as you will.


  1. Before we hit the panic button, let us remember Crean jetting it to DC at the last second to try to salvage Moses Abraham.

    This could easily imply that Roy knows he’s trailing late in the game.

  2. Roy missed out on his #1 recruit and Cody was his fall back plan. IU had Cody #1 all the way. Hopefully Cody knows that and it he understands who was loyal to him from the start.

  3. The elite Indiana recruits should be overwhelmingly excited to go to the Indiana basketball camp. Too many are still not up to par. Zeller would fit in best at Butler. It also gives him the best chance to play in the NBA. He will also get alot of press because of Indy market media. Zeller goes to Butler.

  4. I do think a helicopter landing in the Washington High gymnasium parking lot could have provided that little something extra. COME ON MAN!

    What a racket it’s all become.

  5. Let’s hanker back to a day when you could be unassuming and still kick the crap out of the best center in the country. You earned your spotlight by what you did wearing your college uniform as opposed to how high you managed to get your name on a rankings list.

  6. The reason I say Butler would give him a great shot at the NBA is because 1. Excellent coaching staff 2. If he stays healthy and stays on the correct path Zeller would really excel at Butler and in the Horizon League plus Butler plays some big time competition out side the league including pre-season tournaments etc. Many players who have NBA aspirations that play in power conferences never quite reach that level even though they are very good players. They end up in Italy or Europe or coaching or outside the sport altogether in a real job.

    That’s right…what a racket it has long ago all become.

  7. t,

    Are you serious?????? Getting to the NBA is about exposure as much as it is about playing well. In the Horizon League he might get to play on ESPN a couple times in their marquee non-conference games but once the Horizon League hits he’ll be a forgotten man. At IU (or UNC, sorry but its true) he would get a lot of TV games and would stay relevant the entire year.

    I realize that everyone thinks Butler is hot stuff right now, but you think Stevens can get players to the NBA better than Crean?????? I know what your going to say, well he got Hayward there. Hayward came in as a rookie and did extremely well, indicating he was already playing at a high level. Crean however, developed D Wade from a 3 star recruit to a high lottery pick in addition to getting other players such as Novak, Diener, and of course Matthews.

    So please jump off the Butler bandwagon that everyone jumped on last year and realize that they still play in the Horizon League, which last time I checked, barely plays on tv.

  8. hoosierfan2-

    Another factor to throw in is that Stevens will most likely do what every successful small-conference coach does: jump ship. If he has the chance to coach at a more prominent school in a better conference for a higher salary, you’d have to think he’d be out the door. Butler hasn’t had the consistency yet to present Stevens with a Mark Few at Gonzaga-type situation.

  9. Roy Williams would have flown out of the Eastern North Carolina area, not Charlotte. Did anyone actually see him in Indiana? I’m beginning to think this is a bunch of crap. Why would he fly here, he just say him this past weekend? If I’m a UNC grad I’d question the expense, you’re wasting the schools money to fly out on a private jet to see a guy you just say a couple days ago. With the way the economy is…that’s nuts. I don’t beleive Roy Williams was just in Washington, Indiana…sorry.

  10. Another factor to throw in is that Stevens will most likely do what every successful small-conference coach does: jump ship. If he has the chance to coach at a more prominent school in a better conference for a higher salary, you’d have to think he’d be out the door.

    Nudge nudge, wink wink!

  11. College basketball’s TV coverage is very market-segmented. ESPN targets their broadcasts for the best viewership a selected geographic area. I’m not sure there’s such a thing as regular national exposure until March Madness rolls around. The TV ratings jump exponentially and it is obviously one of the most watched sporting events of the year. If Zeller intends on seeking the one-and-done pathway to the NBA, which school would provide him with the best shot at playing in front of the camera during tournament time? Does Butler have another storied run in their immediate future? Where can Zeller play with the best chances the CBS cameras rolling at a Final Four?

    Personally, I don’t think he’ll have enough various weapons in his game to be a top NBA prospect in two years. He could get lost in the shuffle of all the great talent that plays at a school like NC. On the opposing end of the argument, he’ll certainly be expected to play a constant and huge roll on the court at IU or Butler. And as we have seen most recently with Mo Creek, and Hummel from Purdue, there are no guarantees the body withstands the punishment a player expected to contribute huge minutes every game.

    The only guarantee for Cody is where he can be most heroic in the hearts of his fans. There is only one place where his name becomes a ageless symbol synonymous with a resurrection of dreams shared a return to glory. There is only one school he becomes a saving gladiator to fight against every invading force that has raped and pummeled a weakened and downtrodden once famous hoops land. With what has happened to Hoosier basketball the last few years, I think that answer is pretty simple.

  12. What did Dakich say in regard to Cody today? Heard the begining when he said he wanted to talk about Zeller. I couldn’t wait around to hear what he actually said.

  13. pretty much the same thing that he’s been saying all along except that if things don’t go right during the offical visit that could turn him to the dark side.

  14. he also said that for some reason Tyler’s offical visit didn’t go well and that’s why he isn’t here.

  15. That’s my point Zeller may not be good enough to play in the NBA. NBA scouts do not need tv to evaluate players. Zeller at Butler if he continues to develop at a high level…the NBA scouts will be there in three or four years…At North Carolina or IU there would be a different set of obstacles such as playing time and competition on a practice to practice and game to game basis…An example would be Larry Bird at Indiana State. The history of Bird may be very different if he went to a big time program and Indiana State has several losses if it was in a big time conference. So would have Butler last year.

  16. Skate,

    Chapel Hill is on the western side of the state (Raleigh is the dividing line). Chapel Hill to Charlotte is about a 2.5 hour drive. And that likely is where the private plane he is allowed to borrow is stationed.

  17. t-

    All true, but I still think he chooses the heroism route.

    Anyway, unless you’re living in 4guards’ world, there is no way Zeller belongs in the same paragraph Larry Bird. He has to earn that first.

  18. Dakich today stating the obvious in questioning Tom’s ability to coach up bigs.
    I have never compared Zeller to Bird, but I do think Zeller can become an IU legend follwing in the footsteps from Alford to Bailey to Zeller.

  19. Plus t, playing against tough competition is a way to improve and show you can play with the best, dominating the Horizon League would still leave him less tested in the minds of some.

  20. I am an avid IU long term season basketball fan. But….I am actually getting tired of all this nonsense. College basketball has gotten to be nothing more than a triple-A farm system for a professional sport that is full of egotistical creeps. I hope CZ comes but truthfully, just don’t care about all this crap anymore. Ridiculous

  21. I was using the Bird situation as an example…maybe not a good one or a fair one…Zeller will probably never even be a tenth of what Bird was…that would be like comparing the pre-school spelling bee champion to the all time great national high school spelling bee champion if there was one.

  22. JJ – I tend to agree with you. This is getting a little ridiculous. I agree that I am just as glued to the blogs as anyone in terms of following the decision but it sort of makes me feel ridiculous.

    I hope he picks IU but all this speculation and coach visit rumors and truths is out of control. The kid may go to Butler just to get out of the limelight, because we all know before their fluke run to the championship game last year nobody ever had Butler in any meaningful conversation.

  23. I saw Coach Tom Crean by himself in a suit walking in a parking lot on IUPUI’s campus. Anybody know what he was up to?

    It was definitely him because he gave me a big fist pump when I yelled, “Go Hoosiers!”

    Although I’m connected to IUPUI, I will always support IU athletics considering the mess that is the IUPUI Athletic Program.

  24. Butler was significant in basketball frequently during the Tony Hinkle days…one of the greatest people ever in athletics…and of course the host of Indiana High School tournament basketball.

  25. ^ Is anything ever going to be done with this person using my username?
    For the 100th time, Zeller is coming to IU.

  26. It’s unlikely Roy would have driven to Charlotte to fly out with RDU (Raleigh/Durham) 10 minutes away from Chapel Hill. RDU is in the middle of the Research Triangle and there are tons of private jets, no doubt many belonging to Tar Heel fans. BTW, Chapel Hill is nowhere near being on the Western side of the state. If you drove due west on I-40 the state line would be a 5 hour drive. It’s a little over half that to the coast.

  27. I’m not a 4guards defender, but the “4guards impersonator” joke is wearing a bit thin. It was funny the first time or two, but like the whoopi cushion, its time has passed.

  28. Looks like the censor is becoming a full-time position for the HT. I am glad to see it. There is so much to talk about with IU sports at the moment, that the tomfoolery is even more intolerable.

  29. For all you non-tarheel fans; i am driving through Raleigh/Durham and past RDU on Sunday on my way to the carolina coast; want me to take anything to drop off for Roy?

  30. Chet,

    I lived in North Carolina for 15 years. Raleigh is the center of the state, obviously. Chapel Hill and Durham were the start of the western part of the state, the same way Knightdale and small town after small town (one of which I grew up in) was the start of the eastern part of the state. Is it Yadkinville? No.

  31. I am curious about N.C. I like it’s combination of mountains and ocean – not in a West Coast way, but in a more homespun, bucolic way. I’d say that at the moment, it will be one of my top choices of places to live when I have to leave Bloomington.

    Obviously, everyone and their mother raves about Ashville, and it would be great, but there must be tons of other places to live the good life at a low cost as well.

  32. Hugh,
    For population purposes I suppose you could make that statement. They tend to district things pretty skewed to the east. For high school athletics Charlotte is usually the dividing line. As someone who lives in western NC, but still an hour from the state line, we always find it amusing when a city four hours to the east is called ‘western’.

  33. Well as long as we’re talking about N.C. as a tourist or lifestyle destination, I’ll chime in.

    The Highlands, NC area is quite beautiful and a nice place for a vacation. Highlands itself is quite pricey (think: rich folk from ATL and Charlotte) but has some terrific restaurants and fabulous hiking right outside town. I also recommend the Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock Wilderness near Robbinsville (massive old-growth groves)and the Cherohala Skyway (mini Blue Ridge Parkway). Of course none of this is anywhere near UNC.

    All that said, Bloomington is #1 in my heart and Cody, you should matriculate at IU and join the team at the earliest possible date!!!!! Think of it, Cody. You can put yourself in position to join the pantheon of Hoosier hoops legends and earn the permanent goodwill of the state. No small benefits, those.

  34. All true. Most people don’t realize that UNC is a metro campus. Drive a few blocks and you’re in Raleigh or Durham.

  35. Crean won’t be here in four years either. If this kid is smart, he will go to either Butler or UNC. IU is still in turmoil and it will be a long time before it ends, if ever. UNC will get tons more coverage than IU.

  36. The only place Cody would live in North Carolina is at UNC and it is nice, certainly does not suck. Butler can not hold a candle to either IU or UNC with regards to quality of education or campus…they are so far apart it would be hard to but into words. I really don’t see Butler as a viable option but I’m not Cody either. I see UNC and IU as an even match so then it gets down to basketball. IU is stablizing, not headed for stormy waters like Kentucky…or UNC football…or UNC basketball after that private jet splurge. By the time Cody is a Jr./Sr. the talent around him will be as good or better than UNC. On top of all that he can play with his Indiana Elite crew and roll. That group with or without him will be writting some new history here in the coming years. I would be shocked if IU wasn’t his first choice.

  37. Highly unlikely Crean will leave IU within next four years. Eight years remaining on a BIG contract. Too expensive for IU to dump him without cause and he’s not likely to have the tourney wins necessary to become a target of another school willing to pay more. Unless you think he’s going to go NBA. No, suggesting Crean won’t be at IU in four years is fantasy. He’s here for at least seven more years.

  38. podunker- whew. If you are right, I am relieved. You don’t bring in a guy with a .660 winning percentage in 300 games in a major conference, only to fire him because a couple nutcases in the fan base think he should have turned water into wine in a two-year time period.

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