1. I just saw Dustin in his black workout outfit on Fox 59 Sports(WXIN). They were playing videotape of the Media Challenge event. Pretty cool. I now blog at the site of a famous journalist! Eat your heart out, Korman.

  2. Dustin,

    Agree with your comments. IU’s trend of giving up massive amounts to points to BCS level teams continues which is really depressing!

    Out of our 22 committments, 13 are defensive players- is this enough and can we sign the best of this group? If not is this due to perception that we don’t have attractive schemes, or that the defensive coaches aren’t able to close the deal!

    Nice job on your contributions to the maple street press basketball preview issue Dustin!

  3. Since 2007 we have averaged giving up 33 points a game to Big Ten schools. Until we do something about that our chances of having a winning record in the Big Ten is pretty slim.

  4. What is there to discuss? OSU has more talent than IU every year and they beat up IU every year. I wish it were not true but there is a huge gap between OSU football and IU football and until IU can start to shrink the talent gap this will be the case. Not sure it was necessary to discuss it.

  5. Because Coach believes in red shirting all incoming freshman there can be no impact immediately by the classes they recruit. Therefore, we need to look and see how many players from this years class will be available defensive players next year. While I agree most freshman need a year to get stronger there is a negative side. How many top notch players want to commit to an extra year of college and come to IU? Four and Five star players want to play their freshman year and that can mean lesser talented recruits for IU. There are a hand full of players who were allowed to play as freshmen: Doss,Belcher,Evans,Thomas,Pagan and both Replogles,so maybe if they are outstanding or we are extremely short at their position he makes an exception. So don’t look for a short term fix. Hopefully his plan will work or he will not get to watch them play. While I like coach’s long term plan I am not sure he will be here to see it if we keep losing games and continue to having losing records. Lets hope he gets the ship up right for home coming and beyond. Go Hoosiers !

  6. ….and fire Tod Collins! He is pathetic! We should be up 24-3 after just ONE quarter!

    Da Bears!

  7. Southport, that is not true re: 4 & 5 star recruits. More often than not, top-tier programs are redshirting their 4-5 star freshman, so they can spend the year getting bigger and practicing with elite players. In fact, that has been the biggest problem with IU until recently: our upper-classmen stunk so bad, we had to burn our redshirts so freshman could play.

  8. You can tell the state of the football program from the number of comments on the last few threads. No one has the energy to complain anymore; we’ve become numb. I can’t believe our vaunted offense couldn’t even put up a fight.

  9. Our vaunted offense was overwhelmed by the #1 team in the countries much more vaunted defense.
    Example: Doss for the day had 1 reception for 12 yards.
    Remember the Bucks only allowed the Ducks to score 17 points 9 months ago in the Rose Bowl. That was suppose to be a highly vaunted offense also.
    I do not know what your eyes expected to see but my eyes saw exactly what I thought they would see at Columbus on Saturday.

  10. I’m having this feeling that every time I post a comment on Scoop, Dustin has that same expression frozen in the above clip. It’s beginning to haunt me.

  11. You’re a genuine journalist and it’s a joy to watch your skills now come to the forefront. And I like the fact your frozen expression on the clip can’t help but hide the true disappointment you felt in the Hoosiers lackluster and uninspiring performance. You’ve never been afraid to address important issues though they may be unpopular with a crowd that can find no wrong in anything Indiana, but that expression sold you out because it can’t conceal any pretension a true attachment the team you’re reporting on. You can love your team and still maintain integrity and honesty.

    Keep up the good work. I know getting compliments are rare in your profession. This one is sincere.

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