1. Kentucky just beat USC, who beat Alabama. Our program is a joke; it could never come up with such a win.

    Every “basketball school” in the country seems to be able to play good football from time to time, except our inept joke of a program.

  2. Husky, I completely agree with your point. I hate it when people serve up that lame excuse, especially IU administrators. “Well, IU is a basketall school.” It’s as if it was ordained by God that IU could only be competitive in basketball. It’s rediculous and today, Kentucky emphasized that point.

    Did you see that Minn’s coach, Tim Brester was notified that he would not be the Minn coach next year. Minn is dumping him after three years. Contrast that with IU holding on to Lynch and hoping things get better.

    Applaud Minn’s President for dumping Brewster. He was not getting it done. Minn built a new stadium, investing heavily in the football program. Sound familiar? They want to see a return on that investment. Brewster was not delivering, so they’re cutting their losses.

    And announcing it now was smart. Now they have a head start on other schools that will be looking to make coaching changes at the end of the season. I’ll bet they already have a short list of potential replacements. They can wrap up their pick early and let him get to work recruiting or at least holding on to verbal committments.

    I saw that Brewster was getting paid a $400,000 base salary, with incentives. I’m guessing that’s more than Lynch’s base. In this economy, I’ll bet they get a lot of young assistant coaches from good programs, or maybe good FCS head coaches applying for that job.

    I hope IU’s administration is taking notes.

  3. Husky, your a douche. I just had to cuss some guy just like you out at the game. Take your negativity and shove it.

  4. They interviewed Tom Crean on CNN tonight. As I watched Anderson Cooper listening to Tom Crean’s interminable account on the essence of his coaching philosophy I kept thinking about the theories put forth by some, here: a loss under Tom Crean is as good as a win. Meanwhile a win under Bill Lynch still counts as a loss. So I decided to watch the Oregon State – Washington Huskies instead. And guess what? Over there the same twisted logic does not apply!

  5. I say we were only about 8.5 plays away from beating Ohio State, too. This “one play away” stuff is embarrassing.

  6. Andy, I think Aruss was talking about the Michigan game. Maybe Ark St. is better than we are giving credit for, plus many pent. and bad passes.

  7. Mattsi4; so being a passionate Hoosier fan and wanting IU to be as competitive in football as they have been, and hopefully will be again, in basketball and other sports is a bad thing and worthy of your scorn? It’s not being negative, it’s expressing an honest opinion. It’s our passion for IU that compells us to demand better, to not continue to accept mediocrity and express criticism for what we see as being beneath IU’s potential. I did not see any posts on this site mocking IU, just some expressing disappointment and frustration that IU football is not very good. Is this forum supposed to be only for IU cheerleaders and cool-aid drinker? I missed the fine print where it sais that only “positive” comments are allowed.

    IU football fans have a right to be frustrated and disappointed and express “negativity” about the team’s performance. We buy the tickets and write the checks in support of the athletic department. That’s how the coaches and administrators make their comfortable salaries. We’re the “customers” and some of us are not satisfied with the product.

    I contend that the majority of IU fans and alumni feel the same way Husky, myself and others feel, but they express their disdain differently, by not buying tickets, not going to the stadium on a beautiful homecoming Saturday and not donating money in support of IU athletics. That’s a big problem.

    You need not worry about those of us expressing negative comments, because at least it shows we still care. You should worry about the thousands of people and generations of alumni and fans that have long since given up on IU football and no longer care enough to express criticism of a football program that consistently performs beneath the potential of a great Univeristy. <40,00 fans at Memorial Stadium at homecoming? Big red flag! Fan apathy, those in denial and those that accept mediocrity represent the real problem, not those of us who still believe that the great University we love can do much better and are willing to speak out.

    You'll continue to get what you're willing to tolerate.

  8. Sorry Podunker, I don’t agree with you that the reason Indiana has a crap football program is because we’re “willing to tolerate” it. The challenges of building our program up from such deficits are much more complicated and deep than whoever the head coach is.

    For years, our athletic department subservient to a basketball coach who won a crap load of basketball games, but also developed a culture of subordination from administrators and coaches alike. We haven’t had a real athletic director until we got Glass.

    Don’t think a new coach is going to bring instant winning ways to Indiana–jury is still out on Lynch as far as I’m concerned. Notre Dame hired a successful winner in Brian Kelley and they are still struggling this year. It takes a while to get things turned around.

  9. I tend to agree that it is not the frustrated fans who are the concern. It is the fans that just don’t care anymore. The frustrated fans are still paying attention.

  10. No, negative comments are allowed, and all opinions are welcome. But what I take offense at is our program being called a joke. Are we a bad team? Yes. Have we been a bad team for a long time? Yes. But these kids, and alot of people forget they are just kids, play thier hearts out each and every week. That to me is no joke. These kids deal with the rigors of a full schedule of classes, then practice, then training, then film study, then studying, then God only knows what else they have to do. That is no joke. These kids play in what is at least the second best football conference in all of the country, compeating against the best teams year in and year out. They take hits every day that if you and I were to take, would leave us eating through a feeding tube. That is no joke. People were booing Trea Burgess for fumbling in the 4th quarter, even after he had to be helped off the field. I read this morning that he had a stinger in his shoulder, but sucked it up and went back in there and gave the team everything he had, mainly because all the other backs were dinged up too and there was no one else to do it. That takes guts, and is no joke. When these kids put on a Hoosier uniform, I love em, and I’m going to stand up and cheer and stomp my feet and do everything I can as a fan to try and help them win a game. It’s not drinking Kool-Aid, it’s loving your team no matter what. In all honesty, this is a game we would have lost 2 years ago. But these kids dug deep and did what they had to to pull out a win. ASU is no joke, just ask Texas A&M, and Iowa. This team has a character that I’ve not seen in past IU teams, and that alone is something to build off of. This team is heading in the right direction, we just need to be patient and have some faith. The last couple of recruiting classes have been pretty good, and most of those players were on defense, so help is on the way. I do think a new D coordinator is needed though, the current coaches aren’t getting the job done at all. But as far as this new head coach, who would you suggest? Cause to steal a quote, Urban Meyer isn’t walking through that door, Nick Saban isn’t walking through that door….see my point? And please don’t say Leach, I might throw up in my mouth a little if you do. IU would have to spend WAY more money than they are willing to spend to lure even a mid-level coach. So what would we end up with? Another bunch of MAC coaches. It just isn’t going to happen.

    I am a sesaon ticket holder, and believe me, I’m just as frustrated with the program as anyone. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to bash these kids, or all the hard work and effort they put in each and every day. Despite all our shortcomings, I do think we’ll go to a bowl, probably the Little Ceaser’s in Detroit. It’s not the best bowl, but you know what? It’s just fine with me. And you can bet I’ll be there, clapping my hands, stomping my feet, and screaming myself hoarse…all while sippin on that sweet, sweet Kool-Aid. GO HOOSIERS!!

  11. Mattsi4, I agree with virtually everything you have eloquently articulated and Hoosier fans should continue to support this team and every IU team that goes out and tries to compete against some pretty daunting competition.

    Your comments around coaching are particularly aligned with mine and many others. I think Coach Lynch is a fine man with outstanding character attributes. Our teams reflect those attributes which is why you don’t see IU players on many police blotters, unlike a lot of our competitors.

    However, one of Coach Lynch’s attributes may be misplaced. His unerring loyalty to his assistants who in many cases, have really let him down, may well lead to Coach Lynch’s demise. Matt Canada, judging from the numerous shout outs in every contest, seems to be waging a personal campaign for a head coaching job somewhere (on IU’s nickel). Takers beware…he’s done less with more! The D coordinators by contrast, should thank their lucky stars and Coach Lynch because, based on their performnance, they would be fortunate to have jobs on the high school level much less at a B10 school. That may be a slight exaggeration, but only slight.

    The good news in all of this is that we have a pretty astute AD who I think recognizes all of this and more. Even if IU does make a bowl which realistically is unliklely, Coach Lynch is likely to have a new staff whether he wants one or not.

  12. iufan23,

    The slant of your last paragraph is probably relevant in the minds of many of us. I too think AD Glass has a plan. I think he is very much encouraged by the direction of recruiting and Lynch’s organizational skills and planning for this program. But I also think the AD recognizes Lynch needs more help from his staff then he presently has for his plan to be a wide and deep success. That help is for bringing in higher caliber assistants, maybe 4 total. I believe when a change takes place at the HC position Glass would like for it to be a bloodless coup and the successor selected being the assistant consistently showing the best results through competition. The recent patterns of transitioning to HC at PUke, Kentucky and Fl. State are more desirable than the many misfires of Minnesota, IU and Bama(before Nick). Time will tell. But AD Glass did come to Bloomington to put an emphasis on the FB program.

  13. Matti4; Well spoken, and I agree with much of what you said. But I think you’re reading things into people’s comments that are not intended. I don’t think people posting negative comments are calling the players a “joke.” I don’t see anyone taking shots at the “kids.” Most of the frustration and criticism is directed at Lynch and his staff. I think most people believe that the “kids” are out there trying hard. That’s the problem, they deserve a chance to be successful and they’re being held back by bad coaching.

    A very wise man once said, “there are no bad workers, just bad managers.” You can substitute soldiers and officers, or in this case, players and coaches. The players’ effort are not the problem, it’s their execution, and that makes it the coaching staff’s fault.

    I appreciate your passionate support for the players, but what you don’t appear to appreciate is that the student body, the alumni and all Hoosier fans are getting short changed. Don’t they deserve an opportunity to celebrate a successful football team once in a while? They’re the one’s buying the tickets, writing the checks, pulling for IU’s players. They make it possible for Lynch and staff to have their jobs.

    My nephew is a senior at IUB. I spoke to him last week and asked him if he was going to Saturday’s game. He said, “We’ll be hanging out at the tail gate parties, but we don’t watch the game.” I asked him how often he goes to the games? His response floored me. He said, “Uncle, I’ve never been to an IU football game. We just come and party outside the stadium.” I could not believe it. This kid is an athletic kid, a very good student, native Hoosier and loves IUB. And in four falls spent living in Bloomington, he has never attended an IU football game! I asked him the obvious question, “Why not.” His response was, “IU football is a joke.” He went on to say that most of his friends had only been to one or two games during their four years in Bloomington and many, like him, had neer watched a game inside Memorial Stadium. They all go to the stadium, but they don’t buy tickets and they don’t go into the stadium, even if they’re given tickets for free. I have been told that on a nice sunny Saturday afternoon in Bloomington, there are twice the number of people tailgating outside Memorial Stadium than there are watching the game inside the stadium. Don’t know if that’s true or not, but just the perception is troubling.

    I told my nephew, “Hey, IU is 4 – 2 and almost beat Michigan; they may go to a bowl game this year – you should go to a game before you graduate.” His response was, “yea, they always beat a bunch of crappy teams and then lose all the Big Ten games.” His apathy was shocking; he and his friends could care less about IU football. I asked him if he went to other IU sporting events and he said, “yea, we go to the soccer games and a few basketball games each year.”

    When I graduated from IU, I did not know anyone that had never gone to an IU football game at Memorial Stadium at least once. Now it seems, for a lot of students, it’s the rule rather that the exception. Next year, my nephew will be an IU alumni! This has become a chronic problem and Glass and other IU administrators need to try to do something to turn the collective attitudes around, or other IU athletic programs are going to start disappearing.

    If IU athletics is to be successful, IU must have a competitive football fans and strong student, alumni and fan support. If that is going to happen, IU needs to get a coach who can transform IU football into a program that is consistantly competitive. Lynch is NOT that coach.

  14. Most of the frustration and criticism is directed at Lynch and his staff. I think most people believe that the

  15. mattis, iufan, clarion, and podunk…I truly enjoyed reading what you all wrote up top. This is the kind of discussion I have been missing for I would say…about a year now. Never forget that most of these kids are getting a full ride and pay for almost nothing. I rarely BOO a kid but will admit I have done it at football games a time or two. One time was Council and I BOOED Porter all the time because he was scared of contact! Mattis, love your passion but I am impatient. I agree with podunker and I for one am tired of getting short-changed. I support the heck out of the IU football program and in the last 15 years…what do I have to show for it. One beat down in a bowl 3 years back, that is it.

  16. I think most people believe that the “kids” are out there trying hard. That’s the problem, they deserve a chance to be successul and they’re being held back by bad coaching.

    That is precisely the situation with the IU basketball program.

    However it is not clear to what extent Fred Glass is in charge.

    Bill Lynch was here when Glass was hired. Bill Lynch was here when Tom Crean was hired by Greenspan’s committee. Greenspan was later fired. Glass was hired and Crean served on the committee that hired Glass. Glass later extended Crean’s contract with two years without Crean having to coach a single game. Crean has shown very little in his two years here: second year players have regressed or transferred. Jordan Crawford shone in the NCAA at Xavier, Crean got rid of him as if he had been a pair of used socks. Instead we’ve had to suffer through a year of hype regarding Jeremiah and a year of torture because of Jeremiah who can’t hit a free throw. Where is the accountability? Crean has listed under progress the improvement of baseball players that have practiced with the team. He was brushed off by Jeremiah on national television. Lost the team completely last season. One more season and we will see if Glass has any word in front of Mr. Crean.

    Crean hopes the new recruits and last year’s freshmen will help Indiana win. I say: get rid of Tom Crean because he’s the last hurdle in front of these kids hunger for wins. He claps too much and paces the sidelines too much for the team to be able to play a few seconds without getting distracted by him. Obviously he isn’t teaching them anything in practice if he has to constantly yell at them during the game. Stop pacing the sidelines and look for alternative weight loss programs and leave the kids to play for a good coach. Watch the 1987 tape of the NCAA title game. Watch how calm and composed Knight, the volcanic Knight is during the last few very tense moments when his team was behind. Confidence in his team, and a clear plan of execution is what allowed him to stay calm. Crean jumps up and down like a monkey because he isn’t teaching the kids anything during practice so he has to attempt directing them from the sidelines like they were puppets. This was a common complaint when he was at Marquette.

    My guess is: Crean will go if we’re not 8-0 before Kentucky less than two months from now.

  17. iufan23; I hope you’re right about Glass.

    And to those of you who support Lynch and believe he should be retained, while I respect your reasons for supporting him, please answer the following question? At what point do you fire Lynch? How many losing seasons does Lynch get before he is let go? Seriously, I’d like to know what the criteria should be? Is it enough that Lynch is honorable, does not cheat, does not go “crazy” on the sidelines, that his players stay off the polic blotters, and they have solid graduation rates? I agree, those are all reasons to appreciate Lynch, but is that enough? Or should we include expectations about wins, attendance and bowl games? Honest question.

  18. podunker, may i remind you we’re 4-2.

    i know you still think we lost on saturday.

    we won, buddy, we won.

    we’re 4-2 and any talk about losing seasons should be put on hold for now.

  19. Back in the mid-late 90’s a wonderful news publication that I had a subscription to in college…Playboy did a study and they came to the conclusion that IU would sell out every football game by several thousand seats if all would come in to the games. I remember a few years back, pretty recently, that IU decided you had to have a ticket to enter the lots. Well, that did not work. Two years back and last year and this year first game they patrolled and made students come in after first quarter. I love to tailgate and do it every game but I love the idea of about 5 minutes after kickoff…clear the damn lots. If you have an RV, get in or go to the game. If you have a car…leave or go to the game. I had almost 2,000 worth of damage done to my vehicle at the homecoming Illinois game last year and I must say that the partying is a little more extreme now than it was just 11 years ago when I was a student.

  20. Force a bunch of parking lot drunks into the stadium?

    Better idea:

    Update the seats with XBox jacks. Students bring their own controllers and an hour or so before the game begins we randomly select ticket holders to play a game of Call of Duty on the giant scoreboard. This could later be expanded to other popular shoot-and-kill zombie games far more enjoyable than sitting through a college football game.

  21. Yea, I know IU won the game. I know we’re 4 – 2. Ugliest win I can remember. That God for Chappell and his receivers. they were great. But all in all, IU looked very bad against an inferior team. I predict IU will lose the remaining games this season, but I also hope I’m wrong. If IU wins just one more game, IU has to keep Lynch because it can credibly be stated that he is showing progress, at least in the W column, relative to last two years. But if IU does not win another game this year, is that grounds for Lynch to go or do we hold on to him and give him his last year on his existing contract?

    by the way, I asked that question now, while IU is 4 – 2 to be proactive. Anyone can jump on the fire Lynch bandwagon after they finish a season 4 – 8. But if your Glass, what is your criteria for terminating Lynch? When is it necessary/justified.

    Minn canned Brewster after going 1 – 5 or 1 – 6 this year. How does Lynch’s record, during that same period, compare to Brewster’s record (I haven’t looked it up yet. got to be close to the same if not worse.

  22. Brewster was 15 – 30 overall and 6 – 21 in Big Ten. The story in the HT is interesting. Comments like “the alumni are embarrassed” and “frustrated” and “new stadium” regarding the football team. I guess Brewster made a Big mistake scheduling USC and other teams from major conferences.

  23. podunker thanks for your thoughts. i think it makes sense to be proactive if you think he’s going to lose all the remaining games. in that case i think it would make sense to fire him at the end if he’s had another losing season. but since you’re so sure that’s going to happen what do you do if he pulls it off? give him a bonus? you’d have to, since you seem to think that would be a great accomplishment for him.

    so maybe the better strategy is to wait and judge when all is known instead of being proactive and biased. maybe you’re right but if you’re wrong will anyone fire you from this blog? i doubt.

  24. I’ve gone on record saying that if IU goes 5-7, IU must allow Lynch to come back next year, for what I believe is the final year of his existing contract. But I would not support extending his contract or giving him a raise based on 5-7 season. Not suggesting IU do like Minn and fire him now. Just trying to guage where the people on this blog are relative to Lynch. Just want to here what the criteria for firing him or keeping him should be.

    For the record, I’m not cheering against Lynch. I hope I’m wrong and that IU wins all their remaining games. If they go bowling, I’ll be in the stands cheering my butt off, like always. I don’t think Lynch is a bad guy, in fact, quite the opposite. But obviously, I don’t think he’s a good enough coach to transform IU into a team that can regularly compete in the Big Ten. And to be very precise, I don’t think Lynch has the pedigree, or some other attribute, necessary to recruit the type of players necessary to transform IU football. Just have not seen the evidence after 3 and a half years.

  25. lynch doesn’t have the pedigree to attract great recruits, but does iu?

    you get a pedigree by winning. you win by accepting wins, not by rejecting them.

    let’s see how they play illinois. i’d go for another ugly win if available. anything just to win and build confidence.

  26. Great posts everyone, really good stuff from everyone. It’s great to see so many passionate about IU football. I apologize for my first post, I had just gotten home from the game and was still angry over my confrontation with that fan. He just set me off when he called Trea a “bum” after a fumble, even though he was being helped off the field. I’ve met Trea, I used to work with his cousin in Jeffersonville. After finding out he was going to IU to play football, I jokingly commented that he bring me back some gear. About a mobnth later his cousin showed up for work and brought me some wristbands ans a pair of gloves with IU logos on them. I know it wasn’t much, but he made a fan for life that day.

    I couldn’t agree more with you about everything you said about Lynch. I’ll take it a step further though and say that the loyalty he shows to his players is hurting him too. The secondary just isn’t getting it done, and sticking with the Seniors is hurting the team. I think we need to give some of these other kids a chance. While I admire his loyalty, he needs to seriously upgrade his defensive coaches, and the scheme overall. It seems to me like we sit back in “catch” mode, instaed of putting pressure on the opposing offense. It seems like we blitzed and played pressure man to man alot more last year, and while they gave up a bunch of big plays as well, there were also more sacks and turnovers last year. Yo could tell Pryor was hurt and not going to run in the game, so we should’ve started blitzing the house instead of sitting back and let him pick us apart.

    jordan crawford,
    This is a football post, please keep all basketball comments to basketball posts. And if you love JC that much, maybe you should become an Xavier fan? Sorry but he wasn’t going to get 30 shots a game at IU.

    People not going into the games has been a problem for awhile now. Even Chappell made the comment when he signed his LOI that he went to the stadium, but never into the games. He went on to say that it wasn’t until Hep arrived that people started acually going into the games. The only way to get em back in is to start winning games.

    That’s a great question about what to do, and when to do it, about Lynch. I don’t really have an answer there. I’d like to see him get a chance to play out his contract, which is up after next year. There’s alot of different ways to look at it, both off and on the field. This team has shown progress on the field, and they are playing harder than ever. Say what you will about Saturday’s win, but it is a game in the past that we would have lost. Remember Ball St and Northern Illinois? But this team dug deep and did what it took to win. ASU is no joke, they beat Texas A&M 2 years ago, and gave Iowa a helluva scare last year.

    I belive that Lynch does have a plan, and he is doing the right things. The recruiting has gotten better and better, and we’re acually redshirting these kids so they’re physically ready to play when they get on the field. Let’s not forget that he’s just now getting his players on the field, most of last year’s team was Hep’s guys. Let’s not forget that we are still 4-2, and if he pulls out a couple of Big 10 wins this discussion is moot anyways. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that we get those wins either. Illinois and Northwestern as always are toss ups, and we played Iowa, Wisconsin, and Penn St tough last year. I don’t see us winning in Madison, but the other two are winnable. Throw in that Purdue is down this year, and we have a real shot.

    But as far as a replacement, who would you have in mind? And please don’t say Leak, after the Samson debacle there’s no way we hire another coach with baggage like that. But I’m definately open for discussion and debate on that one. I’d love to hear what you guys think. GO HOOSIERS!!

  27. Mattsi4; I really wish I had your optimism about the remainder of the season. I confess that I have never had any confidence in Lynch. I still hope he proves me wrong, though.

    As for a replacement for Lynch, I don’t have any one person in mind. But I think its interesting to consider whether the replacement would be an existing head coach from a smaller school or weaker conference (like Hep coming from Miami). Obviously they have to see IU as a step up in their career or it would not work. Or, you go after a young assistant (how bout a defensive coordinator)from a very strong Division I program, one that has been mentored by a good head coach.

    I say young, because it’s going to take a ton of work and a lot of 100 hour work weeks to get IU to a point where they can compete with Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan State. Whoever, they get has to be respected by the college football community and be able to recruit and attract quality assistant coaches.

    I liked what Arizona did hiring Stoops. I like what Washington did hiring the former offensive coordinator from USC (look how fast that team has turned it around!) But Hep was a great hire. I was so excited when I first heard the news. I was even more excited when I first heard him speak. He not only motivated players, he motivated the alumni and fans alike. He inspired confidence and enthusiasm and made it clear that he loved being at IU. Hep was a great hire! On the other hand, before Hep died, I don’t think Lynch had any realistic expectations of ever being a head coach again. I think he had accepted that he was going to be an offensive coordinator for the remainder of his career.

    I’ll say this, one way or another, if Glass is not quietly evaluating replacements, whether it be for this year or next, he’s being negligent. A good executive should always be doing succession planning.

    As for the money required to attract a quality assistant coach, I’d base it on Brewster’s compensation at Minn. He was making a $400K base plus hefty incentives. Find a base salary IU can afford and create an incentive plan that rewards success, however Glass chooses to define that.

    It’s been done before, by schools far weaker and far less attractive than Indiana University. Some people act like coaching football at IU is mission impossible. I just refuse to bleieve that. IU is a GREAT school.

  28. Believe me, I’m cautiously optimistic. I do believe some of the games are toss ups, they have been even in IU’s worst years.

    Can’t agree more about Hep, he was one of the most energetic and exciting people I’ve ever seen. You could just feel his energy and enthusiasm, it was definately contagious.

    I don’t like the idea of recycling another dead coach, like we tried with DiNardo, but I like the idea of bringing in an up and comer. The only problem is, does that person use us as a springboard to a bigger, better job? Would we be left scrambling for a replacement coach after he took off on us for a better job? Just look at Kiffin, Saban, Pitrino, and a host of others. That is one thing I loved about Hep, and even Lynch, you know neither was going to leave the program unless forced out. Well all this thinking led me to do a little research, and I found a few articles about assistants on the rise. The article I found on college coaches was a few years old, but some of the guys were still available, so who knows. The pro one was only a few weeks old, but I just don’t see us luring an NFL assistant here. Here’s the links if you want to check them out.



    I really like the thought of Major Applewhite, his stock has fallen a bit since he left Alabama to go back to Texas, but that may work in our favor. He’s young, smart, and hungry to prove himself. Will Muschamp is no longer with Auburn, he’s at Texas as well. He’s a D quardinator, which would help address our biggest weakness. I think either would be a great hire as they have connections with recruiting in Texas.

    But this is all theoretical of course, I still think IU has a great shot at a bowl, and that Lynch will keep his job. But it’s food for thought, and it’s always fun to throw around ideas like that. Take care and GO HOOSIERS!!

  29. Check that, I just read that Muschamp has been named Mack Brown’s successor, whenever that may be. Good luck prying him away from that.

  30. podunker…solid posts. Not much to disagree with in principle.

    IU will have a decent football program one day.

  31. Glass should fire Crean and use the money for football. Football needs help at IU. Instead of Crean Glass should hire a “young assistant from a very string Division I program, one that has been mentored by a good head coach” sort of like Duke did with Mike Kryszewski (mentored by Knight). Crean is not that person.

    Thus everything is related to everything. I don’t care for Xavier, Crawford isn’t playing there any more. I like Crawford, he was a Hoosier. I am sorry you don’t seem to remember that, what with all your bias and agendas. I’m writing whatever I damn please I don’t need any approval from “fans” like you.

  32. Podunker- I heartily “second” that. IU is a great school, beyond all doubt. Now with the facilities upgrade, the job looks even better to an up-and-comer.

    And you are absolutely right about Washington. Two years removed from 0-12 and the carnage of Tyrone Willingham, they have already won 3 games against top 25 opponents; one of them was USC on the road.

    Show me a signature victory in 4 years of Bill Lynch. This, to me, is the most disturbing sign – usually coaches who have the program going in the right direction are able to overachieve once or twice on the climb up from the bottom.

  33. Husky, what you say makes a lot of sense, although not to me. As you wrote Sark has USC written all over him. And thus, with the Huskies still lacking any distinguishable identity, the better solution would be for Oregon to invade, occupy and annex Washington. A bigger Oregon is what the north-west of our great country needs! So we can be done with this talk about “Washington football” already… because there really isn’t any such thing. Go Ducks!

  34. JC,
    Bias and agendas? What? I’m a fan, not a politician. I do remember Crawford, he was a good player and I did like him. But once he left the program I was no longer interested in what he did, especialy considering the circumstances in which he left. Oh, and didn’t Crean learn under Izzo? I believe that’s where he was before taking the Marquette job…..seems like a pretty good guy to learn from to me.

    What I’m trying to say is we need to stop with all the negativity and stop running all these good coaches out of town. Hell, Mike Davis took us to the championship game and they ran him out of town. Look what’s happend since. Bill Mallory won more games and took us to more bowl games than any coach in school HISTORY and they ran him out of town. Look what’s happend since. Crean is a good coach, and he will turn this around. The 2014 class is already shaping up to be one of the best in the country, and if he can land Zeller 2011’s will be pretty dam good too. All programs go through bad seasons, it happens. But did Duke run off Coach K? No. Did UNC run off Roy Williams after last years dissapointment? No. Coach K turned his team back around, and so will Williams. Maybe we should learn something and show a little patience.

    I think IU CAN be a great football program. We now have a great stadium, facilities that are second to none, an AD who fully supports the program, and a fan base desperate for a winner. Did you see the Michigan game? 50,000 plus packed the place, and the crowd was electric. I couldn’t even hear myself think when we tied the game with less than 2 minutes to play. Everyone in my section was jumping up and down and hugging each other, it was great. Of course we where all dissapointed by the final outcome, but it’s still an experience I’ll never forget. And as far as Lynch never overachieveing, what would you call his first year? Do you really think that was a bowl worthy team? I know alot of it had to do with the kids playing inspired football after losing thier coach, but Lynch was the man who kept that team together that year. I’d say that at least earns him the right to play out his contract. But is he the guy to lead us to being a great program? I don’t know, but I hope so. GO HOOSIERS!!

  35. Matt-

    Valid points. However, I disagree heartily with your last one. Lynch’s first year was an underachieving team. They went 7-6 and were blown out it a bowl game by a 6-6 team, despite having a roster with more talent than any tema in recent memory. They had many teams on the ropes that season, but blew the game because of typical last-second collapses – the signature of Lynch teams. They won only 3 conference games, and nearly lost to Purdue in the final game despite building a hefty lead.

    What happened after that was why we are in our current mess. The homer fan base got sentimental and made a hire based on the feel-good emotions of an Oaken Bucket victory, without regard to the long term.

  36. JC, you have every right to say whatever you want, but could you at least opine in the right discussion thread. Either that or change your name to “Mr. Random.”

    DD; I just hope I live long enough. My first year watching IU football at Memorial Stadium was John Pont’s first year. Soon after, I got spoiled by the 67 team that went to the Rose Bowl (talk about an exciting team). So at an early age, I witnessed first-hand how a good coach could bring in quality players that could turn around a terrible program within a couple of years. Pont did it in the 60’s, Corso had moderate success, Mallory did it, and Hep was on his way to doing it. It has been done and it can be done, and given the recent investment in football facilities, there has never been a better time.

    By the way, watching NBC’s sunday Night Football, they said that U of Minn offered the Colts former head coach the job. he turned it down and has no interest in going back into coaching, but they must be willing to write a huge check if they were willing to go after him.. hard to believe they’d pay someone a seven-digit annual salary to coach at Univ of Minn. Wow.

  37. Podunker, I totally agree with you only not on this topic and not right now. Plus, I don’t have time to converse with you because I am busy reading!


  38. Sorry, podunker, no time to spare for conversation with you — I’m busy preparing for a series of concerts overseas entitled “This Is It“.


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