1. Good Job. I think you need to give Patterson and Etherington more credit….I think they are both going to be solid players….

    The only thing they are missing in those two classes are someone who can score like crazy (Gary Harris?)

  2. 1. Banner recruiting day for Tom Crean. Maybe this commit gives Cody an incentive to join this team seeing the pieces in place to be a NCAA tournament threat?

    2. Big props to Hugh and Dustin for wearing their Wiccan black costumes on Samhain (Halloween) with the kiddos chirping in the background at Casa de Kellenberger. (Or would that be Haus Kellenberger in Pennsylvania german?)

    3. Don’t forget, Peter Jurkin always comes first on your list of commitments.

    4. Happy Halloween everybody!!!

  3. Good news on what you are hearing about the Zeller visit. But come on Dusin, Hanner more important than Zeller? That is crazy talk. Perea is a great atlete and huge pickup, but Zeller is a great basketball player and would be the biggest pickup since Damon Bailey.

  4. Glad to see you guys finally show some true excitement for the Hoosiers! Since Hanner is playing in northern IN this year I’ll catch a few of his games. Anyway I believe IU is already ‘back’ this core of Jones, Creek, Watford, Elston, etc will win games and take IU back to the dance before they leave…these recruits will take it to another level but I don’t want to forget about the current squad…

  5. 4guards. Don’t get me wrong. Cody Zeller is an excellent player. But Hanner Perea is a genetic freak. There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that he’s a pro. Zeller means a lot symbolically, he’s very polished and he too can make an immediate impact but Perea has a higher ceiling, and in my opinion, he’s a better player. Honestly, you just have to watch him.

  6. And that’s to say nothing of your argument that Damon Bailey is the biggest IU recruit of the last 20 years. I know he was a god here and all, and I mean no disrespect to the man, but there have been a few very good ones at Indiana since then.

  7. Really psyched now. Haven’t been this excited since probably when I heard Eric Gordon had offically signed with IU.

    Dominos should fall after this one. Although it will be interesting to see which ones. IU recruiting pitch just landed some leverage with the addition of Perea.


  8. Dustin D, I disagree with you that there haven’t been any big name players here since Bailey, that just isn’t very accurate. But regardless, I’m excited that you are so high on Perea, this year he is playing at 1A Laporte La Lumiere, do you see him as a lock as Mr. Basketball after Zeller gets it this year? Also can he lead his team to a HS championship? I know you have seen him play in the summer circuit, is he a complete player or just a freak athlete? Also I saw that in Laporte travels down south to face Bloomington South, could be a big event….

  9. Wait so Logan gets to be on ScoopTalk and not me? I’m not OK with that. Not at all. I’m not reading the Scoop ever again, for at least the next … 10 minutes. Maybe.

    But I’m still really mad.

  10. someone please correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think that Hanner can get Mr Basketball as his school isn’t in the ISHAA.

  11. zeller is an IU lock, stop worrying 4tards, crean has proven once again that all your bashing was done in vain.

  12. Double D,
    I agree that Perea is a better pro prospect, but I am talking at the college level and importance to IU. For starters, Zeller is a 3 to 4 year player where Perea may bolt after 1 year. Also Zeller is a much more polished player and fit for the college game.

  13. I agree and disagree with 4guards here, Zeller sounds like/looks like a solid 3-4 year college player, possibly an all-american, Perea sounds like a Hakim Warrick or Stanley Robinson(UConn)type athlete, which is also needed. I disagree with 4guards thinking IU ‘needs’ Zeller, Zeller is one kid, he isn’t a nation or state, he’d be good but UNC, IU, Butler will all be fine even if he doesn’t choose them. Zeller isn’t a lock to be a final4 MVP or anything like that…Zeller is solid, but he’ll need 2-3 great players around him too.

  14. The biggest difference between Zeller and Perea as recruits is that Cody will play for IU starting in 2012-13, while Hanner will not until 2013-14. They are each terrific!

  15. There’s an argument to be made there, but polished as Zeller may be, he still needs to get stronger. And you don’t KNOW that Perea is going to leave after a year. Plus, in terms of importance, Perea’s commitment is key simply because it happened first. Until he committed, there was still that chance that IU could get shut out on all of the five-star talent it was recruiting. Now, whether Zeller commits or not, the rest of the recruits in 2012 know there will be at least one player on that level with them if they commit. My point being, IU absolutely had to get at least one of the two, so whoever committed first would be a big deal because of that. By getting Perea, they assured that their universe won’t fall apart if Zeller goes elsewhere. To use your words, the castle won’t crumble. Conversely, had Zeller committed first, Perea would also become a less desperate situation. Obviously if they get both, that’s a huge deal, but as long as they have one of the two, they’re on solid ground.

  16. That is a big differnce Beat Purdue, but Cody will actually play for IU starting in 2011-12.
    Also Fab5, I do not believe Perea will be eligible for Mr. Basketball.

  17. Why not, he is playing for a 1A HS in Indiana, how is La Lumiere different from a Bowman Academy, Culver Military, Luers, etc…I guess my point isn’t if he’d win it anyway, I’m wondering if he’ll carry his team easily through the state tourney…

  18. Everybody loves to fall in love with the athletic freak, but the pure basketball player will win every time. Duke and Butler come to mind.
    Also the fact that Zeller is a year sooner is absolutely huge. If IU misses Zeller and has another poor class. You are looking at the next 2 years of mediocre basketball. The rumblings will begin from even the casual fans. (castle crumbling). Zeller can make us contenders next year.

  19. I don’t think Dopirak is saying Hanner is a Durant, but with a steady cast of good players there is no harm in having a kid like Perea on the floor, he wont’ have to carry IU, he’ll be a major asset though as a rebounder/shotblocker/open floor finisher; the argument that the ‘pure basketball player will win everytime’ is completely false. If it was true NAIA teams would beat everyone…it takes a combo of athleticism/fundamentals, core veterans, star recruits, solid vets, youngsters, etc…that is what Crean is building, get on board son!

  20. 4guards,

    For once, try just taking joy in something good happening. You’ll find it’s an addicting practice once you get used to it.

    There’s no need to muck up the discussion about Perea’s commitment with a fruitless argument about whether he’s better than another player who hasn’t even committed yet. Teams need fundamentally sound players just as much as they need players whose pure athletic ability will serve as a trump card against other teams at times. Zeller is one of those, Perea is the other. They’re both great, and they’re both very important recruits.

    Since none of us has been blessed with an ability to see into the future, no one can determine who will end up being more important for the progression of the program. Those assessments can be made after both players’ careers with the Hoosiers have ended — and this is all assuming Zeller does indeed commit to IU.

    You once used Rivals’ rankings to substantiate one of your points regarding Jurkin’s talent level compared to others. For what it’s worth, the recruiting services rank Perea higher than Zeller. While I frankly couldn’t give a rats ass about the rankings, professionals have deemed Perea the better prospect. Personally, who cares? I’d love to see them side-by-side on the court in a couple of years.

    Let’s just be happy. The man you so frequently and adamantly doubt and criticize is making enormous strides with in-state recruiting — something you’ve made clear you value.

  21. The rumblings won’t begin from the casual fans as long as the 2012 class is still in order. Having two mediocre classes in a row isn’t a major issue if you know there’s a huge one coming in 2012. Especially if Perea’s commitment leads to commitments from Ferrell and Harris, and IU fans know they’re going to have the top rated recruiting class in the country.

  22. I guess I just have higher expectations than some. I still look at us as an elite program. How often do Duke and North Carolina have 2 poor classes in a row?

  23. We all have high expectations. I want to be competing for championships every year. Some of us are just a little more willing to give it time after the situation we were put in. I don’t remember the last time UNC or Duke had virtually their entire rosters depleted and had to start completely fresh. I expect Crean to start bringing in highly regarded classes every year. Even if we don’t get Zeller I am very optimistic about where things are starting to go. Go Hoosiers!

  24. 4guards, that is where you are wrong…IU used to be an elite program, emphasis on used, just like ND used to be an elite football program…now, as I’m sure you’ve been aware, we have been rebuilding the program, tradition doesn’t win you any games, none of the previous banners will win you games. Comparing IU to UNC or Duke is offensive to UNC and Duke, what happened at IU 20+ years ago isn’t relevant, but the present and future is…and that is whats looking brighter and brighter…

  25. Jason’s a little more caustic than I would be there, but that’s obviously the point. It’s a rebuilding project, and success has to be viewed through that prism. You don’t blow up your program and expect to start recruiting like Duke and North Carolina again in two years. It’s not realistic.

  26. I am fairly certain that La Lumiere is not a member of the IHSAA and therefore Perea would not be in the running for Mr. Basketball.

  27. You get the point. The 2008 class only kind of counts. The 2009 class was top 10. The 2012 class could probably be top 10. Two in four years at that level is pretty impressive after that kind of situation.
    Look, I’ve made the point in the past, I’m not saying he’s a great coach and I’m not saying he isn’t. There are plenty of fair criticisms you could make of the man, and we have and will. But the two bad recruiting class argument only makes sense if you view the statement in a vacuum. And I’m not actually calling 2010 and 2011 bad classes. Should Zeller not commit, they’re just two classes of likely role players. In Oladipo, Sheehey, Michel and Etherington, you may not have All-Big Ten caliber players, but they’re all at least useful.

  28. 4retards is just desperate for attention.

    And we all know if/when IU wins it all, he’ll cry his eyes out they did it in SPITE of Crean…or that ANY coach could have done it with that much talent….or cry the refs robbed the other team.

  29. I think we will land Zeller and this disagreement is meaningless. There will be an outcry if we miss on Zeller and we can revisit this at that time.
    If IU wins it all, I will give Crean credit just as I will give him credit for turning recruiting around once Zeller signs.

  30. 4guards-

    You can’t judge the success of Crean’s recruiting based on Cody Zeller. The biggest dropping of the ball when it comes to recruiting in Indiana may have been Painter losing on Dawson. And let’s not forget Dawson decided against Purdue even before the injury to Hummel. I believe you even thought Branden was a lock to become a Boiler. I could be wrong. It’s just naive to believe that even with a team primed to make another NCAA run(e.g. Purdue)would guarantee a top recruit’s signing. It’s not fair to Zeller. You are setting up the kid for a lot of backlash and unfair criticism if he chooses to play somewhere besides Indiana. As much as I love the top Indiana players choosing to stay in the state, there is also nothing wrong with these kids pursuing a dream elsewhere. I’m sure Knight didn’t always land the best players from the state(Glenn Robinson is one that pops immediately into my thoughts). Our banner teams were often complimented with some spectacular out-of-state recruits(e.g. Scott May-Ohio, Isiah Thomas-Chicago). I think Crean will have proven to a greater degree his strength in recruiting when he can go outside the borders to attract kids away from their own strong in-state schools. Zeller not committing to Indiana may be more a statement about Cody’s confidence in his own abilities to carry a team on his shoulders. Even with a tremendous supporting cast, John Wall couldn’t lead Kentucky to a Final Four. Eric Gordon is often demeaned and maligned for his failure to play up to his potential during a very tumultuous time at IU. There are no excuses for these kids when they let their fan base down. They’re often spit upon. Fans forget the victories during the season and the excitement they brought to the arena every weekend. We want banners or nothing. I wouldn’t look too harshly at Zeller for wanting to be on a team that allows him to be a important contributor without having to live up to the kind of expectations many fans, including yourself, are needlessly weighing him down. I love Indiana basketball and want us to be relevant on the national stage again, but I often find a lot of joy seeing an Indiana kid make it big wherever his passion may take him. Not only are you being grossly unfair to Crean, but you’re denying a freedom to those that may just want a different experience. You have done a fine job convincing the world how great the skills of Cody Zeller, but in the process of your flattery you have turned him into a very simple young man. You have turned him into a thoughtless vegetable by “hinging” the complexities of all the possibilities his next four years on the capabilities of Tom Crean at Indiana. It’s all a bit sad.

  31. Very well put and all excellent points. Probably the best post I have read on here that concerned CZ’s recruitment. If 4guards is getting any oxygen at all to his 4 active brain cells this response has to change his opinion at least somewhat whether he will admit it or not is another thing.

  32. Fair or not, his decision will have huge ramifications on our program.
    We must keep the top IN kids at home. We missed on 2010. 2011 we missed on Teague, Dawson , and Plumlee. All we have left is Zeller. 2012 the top 3 are Harris, Yogi, and DSR. We missed on DSR and without Zeller we could miss on Yogi and Harris.
    So you see, without Zeller when do we start taking back the state? Creans 7th recruiting in 2014?
    Like I have said, Zeller is ours so all this arguing is for nothing.

  33. Ron Patterson is going to be a flat out stud for the Hoosiers. He will be an outstanding defender who can get up and down the court. Pretty good shooter too.

  34. I love Patterson’s game. He will be a great player for us. He is just not a game changer or one of the top 3 recruits out of IN in 2012.

  35. Dustin, who the he__ agrees with you that Vic, Will and Guy are “mediocre”? I don’t! They will change the 2009-10 Hoosiers into a really good 2010-11 Indiana basketball team-admittedly with the help of Creek, Roth and improvement from everyone else!

  36. Dustin, you did it again. Did you think that Gordon Hayward was pretty good? Well, Austin Etherington is 3 inches shorter, but twice the outside shooter! Austin will rewrite every IU 3-point shooting record during his 4 years at Indiana and have a very long and very successful NBA career! He will shoot 90% or above in FT, 45% or above from the 3-point line, 50% or above for all FG’s, and he is 6’6 or 6’7, athletic, a team guy, plays defense, rebounds, etc. He is an IMMEDIATE IMPACT player, not a role player in a few years!! Go back to PSU football!

  37. BeatPurdue, have you seen AE play? He is a nice enough kid and a decent player but he is a role player at best, think a slightly more athletic Matt Roth. He’ll remind a lot of people of Lance Stemler. If you think AE will uproot the core guards who will be sophs-seniors you are mistaken.

  38. 4guards, you can’t say that Crean has missed out on those guys until they’ve played some college basketball, if(in 1-3years) IU is winning 20+ games and going to the tourney every year you can’t sit back and say “well we missed on DSR/Teague/etc” winning college basketball games is Crean’s job, not making you happy by bringing in Indiana HSers…there is more to college basketball then where a kid played HS ball

  39. OK, OK, Beat Purdue. Hold your horses a little bit. I’m not trying to bury or pigeon hole the kid. I don’t know how good Etherington is going to be. And Fab5, he is significantly more athletic than Matt Roth. Like I said, I didn’t necessarily mean that 2010 and 2011 are bad classes. My point to 4guards is that even if people consider them bad classes because there isn’t a top 100 player in either of them (for people who care about rankings) if Zeller doesn’t commit, there’s not going to be an outcry because of how good the 2012 class already appears to be.
    Maybe Etherington turns into Gordon Hayward. Who knows? Who knew Gordon Hayward was going to turn into Gordon Hayward? I’ve seen him have good days and bad days. Considering the guards he’s going to be battling, it won’t be easy for him to get playing time, but maybe he’s the best shooter on Earth and he’ll come out and beat everybody. Was just dealing with certain terms for the sake of debate and should’ve been more sensitive to those words. My bad. Carry on.

  40. If Zeller goes elsewhere the only outcry will be from 4tickturds as the sky falls directly on his head only.

  41. I generally try to avoid being hard on HS players but it is hard to even call AE overrated because he is barely rated at all. If you are a world beater as a swing man (as some people think AE is), you don’t go 12-8 on the year in HS and lose by 15 in your only sectional game, you don’t go 4-3 in a relatively untalented MIC conference. I actually wouldn’t be surprised that if push came to shove and another top recruit wanted to join Zeller next year, AE might be the guy on the outside looking in, as in not getting to sign with IU…the local coaches from his area don’t even game plan for him, he is hardly feared/respected by opponents, just not seeing it with AE being hyped…now I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt if his attitude(seen poor sportsmanship numerous times) improves and he actually leads his team to some meaningful wins, kudos to AE…

  42. 4guards-

    As Dustin stated in the ScoopTalk clip, with Parea’s commitment, the “ramifications” of Zeller going elsewhere are somewhat reduced. I’m not sure if I’m jumping on Dustin’s bandwagon that Perea is the most freakishly gifted big man since Wilt Chamberlain. I’ll believe it when I see it. I do think landing Cody definitely puts us in contention much earlier and allows us to capitalize on the talents of some pretty damn good guards and forwards we already have to play alongside. How could any Hoosier fan not enjoy seeing guys like Creek, Hulls, Elston, and Watford blossom and be rewarded for wearing the Hoosier uniform before any high probability a quick spotlight of their team’s success? All the above being said, I still am completely perplexed that you are unwilling to admit that even with a top-notch coach and a 100% healthy basketball program primed for a tournament run, there is nothing that can, or should, stop any recruit from going where he feels the most content with his decision. You’re taking so many things out of the equation. Many of which we have no business knowing or stealing from his right to privacy a personal decision. Even if after three years contemplation and every thought inside Cody’s head swirling and leaning toward Indiana, there is no guarantee he doesn’t wake up tomorrow morning, and with all the spontaneity a kiss on a first date, decide he wants to be a Tar Heel(or play the whole scenario with rearranged names if you prefer). Isn’t that the beauty of being young? It may break our hearts and be an atom bomb on our program, but let’s take it with the “undaunted” spirit our fight song. You can’t place upon a coach any sort of blame for lacking in the manipulative skills to detour an 18-year-old kid away from the true pursuit his dreams whether they’re planned on superficial desires of expected perfection on a high-probability highway to success or lost on a on a million-to-one shot of a foolish heart the winding dirt road of likely failure and regret. But should there ever really be regret in Cody’s heart for passing up even the best program in the country if his real desire is to attend Indiana University no matter what state our basketball program?

    We should rejoice if Zeller comes to IU and we should rejoice if he goes wherever his heart leaps before his long stride can catch up. And if he ends up a Tar Heel, I’ll be happy for him if it’s because it felt right in his gut. And I’ll be even more pleased if we somehow get the chance to kick their a$$es in a future tournament game.

  43. 4guardians is merely guarding himself away from the day he’ll have to realize that Crean has done an admirable job with the tasks at hand, that is hard for 4guards to admit. but, the true task for Crean will be when he does finally have these ‘big named recruits’ does it translate to wins and big wins at that…that’ll be the real test for Crean, just landing these guys means nothing, winning with them is where a coach becomes legit or sent packing…I think Crean has some great qualities; his bench decisions, x’s and o’s etc. tho are questionable at this pt

  44. but, the true task for Crean will be when he does finally have these ‘big named recruits’ does it translate to wins and big wins

    Didn’t Crean already do that at Marquette? And why couldn’t Knight do it the final decade his years at IU? Even the best coaches can’t always turn talent into banners. Crean likely has the ability to get there again, but he can’t drop the ball in the basket. There was plenty of bashing aimed at Eric Gordon for not finding the middle of the cylinder against Arkansas(though he may have had a broken bone in his wrist and there was a bit of selective forgetfulness that Crawford had the same shooting woes with perfectly fine hinges in the bone joints). If Crean would have been our coach at the time, would it have been his fault for the shots not dropping in the “big game”? I guess if you’re 4guards it’s highly likely. It seems rather simple to aim the blame wherever your own blaming desires.

  45. Downing’s 5th, you are talking about a poor shooting night, that has nothing to do with what I was talking about…If you are under the impression that college coaches are not accountable for anything and no blame is ever placed on them you are misguided, they are accountable for producing winning seasons, it isn’t all about nice quotes and fun Hysterias or the Living Red, once Crean no longer has recruiting excuses he’ll have to start winning and getting deep into the tourney, which I think he’ll do no problem, but to look past that reality(that winning is important) is a mistake

  46. Fab5,
    Leaving Etherington on the outside looking in would look REALLY bad for Crean considering how much effort Etherington’s put into recruiting players, especially Zeller. I think he’s good enough to play, and even if he wasn’t they owe him a scholarship just for doing all of that.

  47. It would be stupid to use the oversign this year anyhow (unless Teague becomes available) with all the talent and limited scholarships for 12.
    It is Crean’s job to make sure Cody understands that IU is the best place for him and to make him the most comfortable here.

  48. 4guards-

    That’s complete hogwash. I really don’t know why I’m going to the effort. If God was here some kids may still not want to play for IU. You need to get off your rocking high-horse.


    Of course coaches need to be held accountable. They must also be given ample opportunity to build a program and be evaluated in context the dynamics of a situation. And it should be no different for players. I’m not part of the Love Boat crowd on here that thinks Crean has magic dust in his pockets. I’m merely stating that it’s seems to be very popular these days to find singular blame(whether coach or player) rather than truly look through honest eye the totality and interplay of the many factors our set bars for success.

    There seemed to be a lot of doubters on Crean landing some solid recruits. I’m also not sure how much it will translate into big victories two years from now. I’ll still enjoy just supporting the guys we have right now. Maybe instead of speculating on whether or not the talent will be wasted down the road, we should take 24 hours to collectively look in the mirror, be thankful some of us were wrong, and recognize how much many of were poised to declare mutiny on Tom Crean’s ship.

  49. Downing, then had you read my comments with open eyes/mind you’d see that you and I are saying the same thing, I am a Crean supporter, what I said was no one can be critical of Crean until he has those guys and if he can’t win with them, but I don’t see that happening, I think IU will win often. In fact I think the guys IU has now are the players who will ‘bring IU back’ of course I don’t mean it how the old timers do with IU going undefeated and being in the final4 all the time, I mean that I think Elston/Wat/Creek/Hulls/Jones etc can win a big10 championship sometime in the near future, all this other national expectations stuff is irrelevant, they’ve got to be able to compete in the Big10 and on the road first. Crean is making that happen. Everything is going well for IU right now, it is looking good and I think they’ll win 15-18 games this year and be a team no one wants to play. But the unwarranted praising of Crean is just as unwarranted as the bashing of Crean, it is all too premature…

  50. Can you name the original “Fab Five”? Weber, Howard, Rose…that’s all I can think of.

    I don’t think praising some of the recent strides in recruiting is premature. And I am completely removed any crowd that thinks Zeller is a must. I didn’t think it a year ago and I didn’t need the recent news on our latest “freak” athlete to make me any more assured such conviction. There were many on this blog(and a few journalists that like to make “situations” out of nothing) that were singing the 4guards’ “everything hinges on Cody” tune so much it was making me ill.
    Now we land Perea and we’re suddenly “back” no matter the landing of the 3A phenom that sent Damon Bailey goosebumps up our spines the past six months. Now we have Freakinperea so we no longer need Frankencody? The change of heart for the followers every changing breeze will never effect my supporting the Hoosiers. I’m not the dude with Alford and Cody posters hanging in my cellar with premature doom and gloom written into every blog comment. I’m not the hypocrite that ranted about lowly recruits undeserving Indiana jerseys-kids that we should be ashamed to go after. I wasn’t using Branden Dawson’s name as cabbage to throw at Tom Crean because he was yet to land my dreamy big man that could fit everyone else in his Goliath jockstrap. Hell, there was people on here premature clapping before they could get to the premature sperm bank that Crean couldn’t land one solid recruit. I’m not totally unsure that in one year Guy-Marc Michel might be a more dominant player in the paint than Zeller. Sounds like he had a pretty eye-opening scrimmage. We may be pretty damn competitive this year. I don’t buy into premature burials a breathing human being. Wasn’t there someone on this blog that has enjoyed calling Guy a wasted recruit? I wait to watch kids play with the two eyes someone once said I had attached to a rather camouflaged orifice my body. I don’t measure basketball players and teams by a popular blogger’s comments or solely what a rankings site measures their future worth. I guess you could say I don’t know crap about anything that has yet to happen.

  51. Well said Downing. The others where Jimmy King and Ray Jackson (OK, I admit I remembered King but had to look up Jackson) All this recruiting news is exciting, but premature. The aforementioned Fab 5, never won a championship. The Legend that was Damon Bailey, never won a championship. Great recruiting classes don’t always deliver on the hope that comes with them. Does anyone remember the vaunted IU class that featured Andre Patterson, Charlie Miller, and a few others? Patterson is most remebered for his 39 point game against Duke in Madison Square Garden, and for singing the IU fight song in Japanese…..and that’s it. So don’t overly bash, or praise these young men until they put on the candystripes.

    Crean is not the worst coach in the history of basketball, and Zeller is not the greatest recruit in the history of basketball. Get over it.

  52. I understand Crean is not the worst coach in the history of basketball, he is just one the worst coaches in the Big10 right now.
    I understand Zeller is not the greatest recruit in the history of basketball, just our most important recruit since Damon Bailey.

  53. Crean’s way better than you give him credit for, he built a winner at Marquette and he’s building a winner here at IU. Bailey was overrated, Knight is the one who put all the attention on him. I was in 6th grade at Floyd Central when we had Pat Graham, and he routinely kicked Bailey’s a$$. Plus, as I stated earlier, he never delivered us the 3 or 4 championships he was supposed to. IU has missed out on some of the best in the state before, and we will in the future. But IU will roll on regardless, we won’t be shutting down Assembly Hall over missing out on a recruit or two.

  54. Mattsi4-

    Completely agree with your comments. I’ll get to Bailey at the end this post.


    Look how quickly Alford went from a crap coach in the Big 10 to one you can’t stop drooling over in that conference I can’t remember the name of out West. Sometimes these coaches can just turn on the dime. Don’t lose hope Mr. Coffinmaker.

    Kieth Smart doesn’t elevate 3 ft. off the ground(2′-8″ higher than I ever witnessed Alford drilling his wide-open shots while the defenses were chasing our true athletes all over the court) and hit that game-winning baseline jumper against Syracuse and Alford is just another festering pimple on your derriere.

    The massive hype ruined Damon Bailey. He would have likely been twice the player without the straitjacketing expectations that loomed over his head every moment he stepped on a court in front of rolling cameras. It was the beginning of all this recruiting madness that has corrupted high school basketball and robbed a chance to truly enjoy the game without kids walking around with egos so huge they can barely lift their heads off of pillows in the morning. You shouldn’t want that for Zeller. The kid would be better off without the mountain of hype he must climb before he ever plays one college game. Sad that you pile it on rather than support him in the right way.

  55. It doesn’t matter for 4tards. Damon Bailey was a nice player that Bobby Knight really liked. He is never even in the conversation when the best IU players are discussed. It was not a big deal when he signed. He announced it as an eighth grader. He was a steady player who never excelled. A grinder.
    Crean will be winning championships and tards will still be begging for Alford, who will never, ever be the coach at IU. You need to move on. It’s never going to happen. New Mexico is a nice fit. He’ll probably retire from there.
    Crean keeps hitting on all cylinders and tards keeps whining. It’s pitiful.

  56. Hey guys, you have to understand that 4guards is in hog heaven right now. He is so excited about everyone responding to his rediculous posts that he has had to change his underwear twice today. He’s flying high, thinking he’s the man because people are responding to his foolishness. He reminds me of a child that behaves badly because he has learned that negative attention is better than no attention at all.

    Is it possible to just ignore this person, once and for all. Besides, he’s in a world of his own anyway.

  57. Children would rather be praised than punished, but they would rather be punished than ignored.
    Parenting 101.

  58. You guys are cracking me up 🙂 I think he’s just one of those pitiful IU fans that are still pissed there’s not a fat, angry guy in a red sweater throwing chairs across Assemby Hall anymore. It’s been a long time, move on already. Mike Davis was crucified for IU’s sins against the General, isn’t that enough? If IU wanted to go with one of his disiples they would’ve already hired Alford, or Whittman, or even Isiah for that matter. But the best thing for the program was to move on and cut all ties, and start a new chapter in IU history. I think they got the right guy, but only time will tell. Don’t get me wrong, I love Knight, and what he did for us, as much as anyone. But like I said, it’s time to move on.

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