1. “I think this game just went awry, as games sometimes do.” Really; that’s your explanation for IU’s 43 – 13 beat down? That was the understatement of the year. “Awry,” which is “synonomous with bad, confused, erring, erroneous, false, faulty, flawd, fowl, imperfect, inaccurate……” Yea, the game just went awry.

    IU’s football program has gone awry as a result of terrible coaching. Today’s game was just another example of that reality. Soon the blame is going to start shifting to Glass if he does not take action.

  2. The play calling(coaching) is terrible and they use Doss too much, they will wear the man out before he gets a shot at the NFL. They need athletes on d-fense. I think they recruit n play kids who parents are alums non- athletes. HELL FIRE THE ATHLETIC DIRECTOR, The football program and b-ball program sucks under his watch.

    Be careful in honoring a man’s contract, u might be dishonoring a university.

  3. Fred Glass has to make a decision, does he want Indiana University to compete in the Big Ten or does he want the Hoosiers to join the FCS. If you want to compete in the Big Ten you have to make a coaching move that shows a commitment to winning. You don’t hire an unproven assistant and give a $500,000 a year. You go out and hire a proven college head coach and pay him 1.5 to 2 million a year. Kevin Sumlin, Mike Leach, Jim Leavitt and Ken Niumatalolo should all be considered.

  4. Once Again In Over My Head FRED & HIS HOMEBOYS Soprry Good Ole Boys Can’t Water Down The BIG TEN {TWELVE} Sch Enough Silly BILLY’S GOT2 GO & FRED Needs 2 Be Right Behind Him Disgusting Isn’t a STRONG ENOUGH WORD!! BOWL GAMES? Yes TIDY-BOWL Maybe Sad 2See !!

  5. I would fire the Iowa coach for one of the worst coaching jobs I’ve ever seen. After gaining a first down and one timeout remaining, the Iowa QB had a chance to quickly spike the ball at the line of scrimmage and preserve the final 10 seconds of the game clock. Instead, the coach burns his final timeout and on the ensuing play they can’t get out of bounds after a shuffle-pass. Time expires. They handed the game to Wisconsin and shot themselves in the foot for any potential game-winning field goal.
    Unbelievable. I guess grotesque situational coaching is excusable a this point in the season. What if that would have been in a championship bowl game?

    IU had a lot of turnovers against Illinois. Sounds like Chappel had one of his worst games of the season. I didn’t watch. I won’t watch. I don’t even know if the best coach in the land could get the kind of depth and talent needed to play competitively on both sides of the ball against the strong teams in the conference. I guess any coaching change may infuse some spark at this point. And though it may be time to push another name through the revolving coaching door again, I remain skeptical that it will do any good. If you want balance in your two major programs, it seems you have to put up some dollars that reflect the attitude. As highly regarded our hoops at Indiana, it still seems unjustified to pay the head coach of our basketball team five times the guy across the parking lot. My father taught me that you most often get what you pay for. A lot of people are bitching about Lynch and maybe a different coach could have done much more with the same team..I don’t know. His days are numbered either way. All that being said, I honestly think the administration at IU has never looked at football like an equal child. For quarter of a century football has been the ugly duckling. Now the care is suddenly heightened. We built some more seats and added some nice looking training rooms. Guess we decided it was better if she smiled once in a while so we finally paid her a trip to the dentist. Pretty white teeth can hide a lot of neglect. So now IU wants to finally pay attention to the forgotten and lonely child. She’s never really had access to the same her favored sibling for as far back she can remember. Her wardrobe can’t compare and only one pair of shoes in her closet has always seemed plenty for what little we’ve ever felt her worth and capability. Now we suddenly want her sophisticated and smart like the one we grossly pampered and boasted of for decades? Does anyone really think football was at the forefront concern during the Bobby Knight years. We kept that ugly loser locked in the room and rarely even cared if she came to the dinner table. And when football was invited for dinner with Bobby and basketball’s national exposure taking up all the chairs, how much a serving do you think was put on the ugly pigskin-faced plate? So rightfully crush Lynch for being the misfit child that couldn’t give substance under that pretty new smile after a lifetime neglect. Maybe Glass will prove to be a better parent. But in terms of the past decades, it’s amazing child services didn’t’ take football away from IU years ago. And after recently witnessing the long-term contract sweetened with desserts for Tom Crean, I don’t think the pretense of the same sparkling teeth each child’s hand we hold walking down the street speaks anything of truth the total neglect of one and the unconditional love the other.

  6. THEME: *New addition to stadium
    *New equipment
    MAYBE A NEW BEGINNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Hoosier will never have a winning program with lynch, James Hardy struggles in the NFL because he said the Lynch’s did not know how to coach n teach players to win. That’s what he said when Coach Hepp was alive, and that’s why he got suspended for a game. I think he was right.

  8. Can’t afford Gruden, not even close. You have to deal with financial reality, folks. Lynch gets $658K this year. IU could maybe offer $900K per year to replace Lynch, and that may be a stretch. Quality assistants aren’t cheap either. A Super Bowl winning ex-NFL coach would cost $3M per year, minimum. No, let’s get real and find a young guy that would be delighted with a salary of $900K, with the chance to icrease if he wins, graduates players, and plays by the rules.

  9. In times of great emotion, in which two sides (the “we’re improving” camp and the “this is the same crap for the billionth year in a row” camp) are divided by their strongly-held opinions, it often helps to take a look at some very basic numbers.

    So here we go:

    2010 Hoosiers three games into conference play

    – Outscored 123-79 in conference
    – 6th in scoring offense
    – 10th in scoring defense
    – 1st in passing offense
    – 10th in passing defense
    – 5th in turnover margin
    – 11th in rushing offense
    – 10th in rushing defense
    – 6th in total offense
    – 9th in total defense
    – TIed for 7th in red zone offense (since we’ve made “finish” our mantra for the season)

    * Note that the ranking statistics do not account for today’s game. They have not been updated yet.

    2009 Hoosiers overall

    – Outscored 83-74 after three conference games, and 250-195 overall in conference
    – 9th in scoring offense
    – 10th in scoring defense
    – 4th in passing offense
    – 9th in passing defense
    – 2nd in turnover margin
    – 9th in rushing offense
    – 9th in rushing defense
    – 9th in total offense
    – 10th in total defense
    – 10th in red zone offense

    Keep in mind that the team statistical rankings include non-conference games, and are based on per-game averages, not gross total.

    So, let’s digest these numbers and account for change — positive or negative — for each category this year, compared to last…

    Scoring offense: +3
    Scoring defense: no change
    Passing offense: +4
    Passing defense: -1
    Turnover margin: -3
    Rushing offense: -2
    Rushing defense: -1
    Total offense: +3
    Total defense: -1
    Red zone offense: +3

    After looking these over, it’s hard for me to understand how people can look at this team objectively and say we’ve improved. Sure, our offensive numbers are a bit better at this point in the season, but that’s likely to change as we continue to play actually competent opponents. Our improvement in some areas has been marginal, and offset by marginal decreases in other areas. I’m not saying this year’s team is worse, but they’re not any better either.

    Can anyone provide an actual reason to be hopeful as long as this staff is manning the ship (a reason other than “our 2011 recruiting class is less below-average than normal.” Those players won’t have an impact until 2012)?

    I’m generally not a negative fan, but our team is embarrassing beyond description. We routinely make mediocre competition look like Super Bowl champions, we state explicit goals for areas of improvement and rarely do anything to meet them, and our staff continues to rationalize and play down horrible losses. And fine, I understand we can’t compete for Rose Bowls overnight, and that marked improvement will take time, but I don’t even see improvement on a game-to-game basis. We follow one horrible performance with another, and the team can’t put together a game that features strong efforts on both sides of the ball simultaneously.

    It’s become a sad routine for me: Wake up on a Saturday, get excited for some football, watch IU game with a small hope of an upset victory, wonder why I ever thought that possible by the end of the first quarter, realize we still suck.

    Someone stop the cycle.

  10. Contrary to some of the comments, I thing ScoopTalk got pretty real tonight. This is exactly the debate Glass must have in assessing the program. Is IU a decent team that keeps losing because of isolated, correctable lapses, or is its failure the result of insurmountable coaching/leadership deficiencies? That’s the gist of it, folks.

    I’ve watched enough of this team to see that it’s been within striking distance of more than enough games to regularly put it in a bowl, but always seems to be on the receiving end of some unlucky breaks. At the same time, I firmly believe luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Since there have been plenty of opportunities, well…you can draw your own conclusions.

  11. JPat,
    You had the same experience we had two years ago…can’t wait for you to tell your story.

  12. Sorry Dustin, got sidetracked during the game chat- we are different than Minnesota in that we won our non-conference games and they did not. Still have little confidence that we’d beat them. Luckily for sports fans, that disaster won’t occur this year.

    While I’ve always been back and forth with Lynch and do think we have needed stability badly for a long time, it is hard to rationalize this. That said, I have absolutely zero confidence that (a) we can get a decent, reputable coach and (b) that the coach of IU football even makes a difference. I’m sorry, but it’s exhausting. Surprise me Glass.

    And cmon Crean.

  13. I’ve seen enough of Lynch the last 3 years plus his tenure at Ball State. This team isn’t going to a bowl game this year, he isn’t turning things around, and IU chooses only to push the “all is well, all is well” mentality while everything is going to hell in a handbasket. Beg, borrow, steal, beat the bushes, set a fire under Scott Dolson’s rear end and get the money together to hire Crean’s brother in-law, Jim Harbaugh. Jim’s the perfect fit to fix this stinking mess we’ve got at Memorial Stadium.

  14. Bummed on your Hoosiers? I know it’s tough. But why not get a second team to cheer for like Hornsky Tom. Why should he be the only blogger entitled a pigskin mistress? He’s geetin’ ready to slip under the covers with a night of Washington vs Arizona as we speak.

    Suggestion: Maybe take a couple internet classes offered by the University of Nebraska. Get your romper room jollies guilt-free while your common law Hoosier team with her constant Big 10 conference headaches struggles to satisfy you the way you deserve. Later in the week, you can tell all the rest of bloggin’ boys how your other football honey treats you right most every Saturday night. And don’t deny yourself a little fantasia turf during the week. Just because the referee aint blowin’ the whistle doesn’t mean you can’t spiral ’em like Brady and bend ’em like Beckham on the fantasy leagues to keep yourself vibrant and ready for the following weekend!

  15. Casey, great post. It will be tough for members of the “Lynch-needs-more-time” group to argue with the facts you present. And you’re right, IU Football is embarrassing! There’s just no good reason why a great school like IU can’t field a competitive football team. Realistically, IU is not going to displace Ohio State as the dominant FB team in the conference any time soon, but we can do a lot better than this.

    The “someone” that needs to “break the cycle” is Glass. That what IU pays him for, but I wonder if he’s empowered to make the decision. What resources does he have to address the problem? And Hoosier alumni need to back him up with some money allowing a quality replacement to be hire.

  16. Casey-

    1) I love you, man. Truly.

    2) This team has not improved. It has regressed.

    3) We can do better. The reason why the “coaching carousel” never worked is because we never put in the genuine time and effort into a search. Nowadays, watching almost every so-called basketball school in the nation develop a competitive football gives us the necessary knowledge that this is not an impossible mission; it just takes the right people.

    Take care, man. Here’s to Fred realizing the Glass is half-empty.

  17. We lost DSR to Xavier. I think we will regret not recruiting him harder when it is all said and done.

  18. Amen Chronic ! Andy G. brings local/historic credibility to the mix.(Dustin, Hugh, no offense.)

  19. 4tards: are you aware that people are talking about football here? Do you know what football is? Have you heard of it before?

  20. Hell, move Moriarity to one of the coordinator positions. Even better, make him co-offensive coordinator.

  21. A few thoughts:

    1. Hugh looks thrilled to be in Champaign around 2:44.

    2. Dustin’s position lingering in the background is hilarious.

    3. Who is the guy to the left?

  22. i love how ever since Andy Graham came back to the HT, the reporting has gotten more mature, serious, professional, and most importantly CRITICAL. the media in btown has pussyfooted the football team for too long, and a spade must be called a spade. im afraid glass wont do anything to his buddy.

  23. Football at IU is irrelevant. It always has been and always will be. The University does not care. Time for you to accept this.
    Did the cupcake scheduling give you hope? All it did was provide false wins and not prepare us for the Big 10. Same thing will prob happen in basketball.
    I am sure most would like to know about DSR to Xavier.

  24. jason- To play devil’s advocate, I do seem to remember Korman writing a good article before last season saying it was make or break time for Bill Lynch. Too bad Glass didn’t read the article.

    4tards: DSR to Xavier is completely irrelevant news on a day when most IU fans are thinking about how to get the football team competitive.

  25. I think its unfair to bash Glass right now. I believe he had a limited number of options given the state of the program and the revolving door of coaches we have had. We’ll learn a lot about Glass at the end of the year. Realistically there is no way Lynch can be retained as a lame duck for next year – we’d have no recruiting class at all.

  26. The Big Ten isn’t getting any easier with the addition of Nebraska. We need a nasty defense…drop coach Lynch and pick-up Mike Leach if we can afford him. Leach could be the next Bob Knight of college football and the Big Ten should be appealing to him.

  27. The only way to have a fiscally sound IU Athletic Department is to have a competitive football team. In order to have a competitive football program every year you have to pay a proven college head coach big money to come to Bloomington, Indiana. The University of Minnesota is ready to do this and we should as well. Purdue is likely to be down in football for the next few years, why not close the state like we have done in basketball and make IU the place for Indiana high schoolers to be?

  28. As to Indiana football, the Northwestern game is a MUST WIN game! Talk means NOTHING! Indiana must score a lot of points to win (35 vs MI was not enough!). So the option to go for FG’s twice inside the 4 yard line and to punt when facing 4th and 2 in IL territory with less than 9 min in the game down 16 points are OVER! If IU loses to Northwestern and is whipped soundly by Purdue, then the Bill Lynch era at Indiana football is over! My own opinion in watching the games is that our talent level is NOT that far off from the middle of the Big 10. In addition to our current level of recruits IU must have 2-4 freshmen each year that will start immediately and excel, no red-shirting. Our coaching is above only MN in the Big 10. But our leadership is last-dead last. The game against IL was a big game! But I saw no emotion in Indiana’s play from the opening kickoff on. Not once did any coach gather the troops and rip into them to get some energy on the field. Coach Hep was pretty good at this aspect of the game. So the question is where is a coach for Indiana football? I just don’t know. Why would any great assistant coach risk his future at IU? Why would a great head coach at a smaller school come to a coaching graveyard? AD Glass has a tough job on that one. Whoever it is MUST be a great recruiter AND very good at offense and defense! IU must pay $1 million or more-but that is no big issue-just sell another game against PN ST. At least this game gives Glass plenty of time to put his list together, to gather the money, to prepare his sales pitch, etc. Bloomington still is a very nice place to live and work-and $1 million in Bloomington goes a long way!

  29. What a truly pitiful performance. I think the only way Lynch keeps his job is if IU manages to beat Iowa or Wisc–and that ain’t happenin’. That was one of the worst performances I have seen out of IU in many years. They weren’t prepared and didn’t do anything well at all.

    Pondunker, the IU administration is only paying Bill Lynch 600k because that is what a underqualified coach who took over for a dead coach gets. They just dropped an insane amount of money on facilities, if and when Lynch gets his pink slip, there will be very little penny pinching when it comes to paying for the next guy. The problem is that money isn’t the real lure…someone is going to have to step in to a program with no history and a fairly unreasonable fanbase to build it.

    Even in the best of circumstances, IU is going to need 3-4 years to build themselves out of the basement, let alone into a contender.

  30. Two ways to look at Lynch relative to recruiting classes. If we keep him for next year, he’ll get the majority of the players that have verbally committed. Why not, their only other option are MAC schools and FCS schools. If that class is as good as people say, and I doubt that very much, then at least the ocach that you get for 2010 will have something to work with.

    Or you fire Lynch early, before season is over, and you have time to bring in a recognized coach that can retain and improve the recruits for next year. Can’t have another yer when the best recruits bail out. Whoever we bring in is going to need to bring some top HS annd JC recruits with him.

    Funny, I don’t see too many of the “Lynch-needs-more-time” supporters speaking out in his defense this week. It just takes some people longer to accept reality I guess.

  31. Podunker-

    You are right, I have noticed the same thing. It’s the one positive that I am taking from the experience – the “he needs more time” crowd is too embarrassed to show up and face the music.

  32. There’s a rumor out that the Kids don’t believe in the coaching staff because the coaching staff didn’t attempt to coach them up againts Ohio State.
    If you say that the wide receivers are the best in the big ten, they should have ended up with more than 100 yards combine in receiving between 3 guys.
    If you say they are physical then why didn’t they attack the middle and where is the separation from the defenders even in the Illinois game.

    I believe the players have talent but not the coaching staff. THE HOOSIER HAVE A VERY GOOD STADIUM TO BE LOOSIERS.

  33. Podunker,
    I hate to say it but you’re right. I’ve been sitting here digesting the embrassment that was yesterday’s game, trying to come up with a reason not to call for Lynch’s head. I couldn’t find one. I hate giving in to knee-jerk reactions after a horrible loss, but it’s hard not to. I seems that Lynch just gave up on winning that game (kinda of like the Ohio St game). Why go for it on 4th and 10 but not on 4th and 2? Makes no sense. The sad part is the D acually played pretty good football, but was just put in horrible situations by the offense and special teams. How do you have 2 blocked punts? Why when the running game was picking up momentum (and first downs) do you go back to the pass?(which resulted in 3 straight incompletions and a punt) It just seemed like Lynch had no idea what he was doing or wanted to do. He just seemed….lost.

    But my biggest problem is who’s going to replace him? Do we go after another MAC coach who’s just going to waste another 4-5 years of our football lives? Will IU finally open the checkbook to bring in a big time coach? Would the lure of an auto BCS bid and a big fat contract be enough to lure a guy like Chris Peterson? How many times can that guy stomach going undefeated and not getting a shot at the championship? The talks of Harbaugh are crazy, even though I love the idea. IU has to go after a big name, or else it’s just going to be a waste of more of our time. There are good recruits out there in the state of Indiana, and it’s going to take a big time coach to get them to start coming to IU.

    That being said, I’m not ready to can the guy just yet. We still have to let this season play itself out. It’s pretty simple for Lynch, win and he stays, lose and he’s gone. His job is on the line, and he better start coaching like it.

  34. Oh, and after watching the video, why is it every time the guy on the right(didn’t catch his name) said something negative (true) about IU the Andy and Dustin started talking over him and shutting him up? Canada is horrible, and has been for years.

  35. With all the money that IU athletics is pumping into the football facilities, when will they realize that if they are serious about putting a good product on the field Lynch isn’t the right guy. There seems to be a need to revamp the entire coaching staff starting from the top. When if at all will this happen?

  36. the coaches suck. the players suck. the special teams suck. the offense sucks. the defense sucks.

  37. Here is a list of names that Fred Glass should have on his desk tomorrow morning. Some of these guys are clearly unattainable but Glass needs to go out and make a big time hire.

    Current Coaches

    Ken Niumatalolo, Navy, $750,000
    Kirby Smart, DC-Bama, $750,000
    Kevin Sumlin, Houston, $700,000
    Kyle Whittingham, Utah, $700,000
    Bronco Mendenhall, BYU, $650,000
    Troy Calhoun, Air Force, $600,000
    Gus Malzahn, OC-Auburn, $500,000

    Former Coaches

    Mike Leach
    Jim Leavitt
    Tommy Bowden
    Mark Mangino

  38. Just got back…need time to digest and get the kids down. I encourage everyone that reads and posts here to take the time this week, 10 minutes or so and write Fred Glass and tell him how you feel! Do this if it matters to you, if you care!

  39. Well JPat, I was getting worried. Glad you did survive. That was my unexpressed feeling two years–YEARS–ago on the ride home from there.

  40. The Hoosier football team reminds me of a car I had once which frustrated me no end.

    First, one thing would go wrong. I’d fix that. Then another thing would go wrong. I’d fix that. Then another would go wrong. Etc.

    And when the folks at the repair shop would describe it, it always sounded good! “Sure, we’ll fix this and you’ll be rollin’ in no time!! It’ll only cost you another XX dollars!”

    But the bottom line was, I could never actually get anywhere in the car.

    The IU football team sounds the same. One week it is the D secondary. The next week it is special teams. Then, the passing game.

    And, with the football team, it always fixable. Coach Lynch’s repair service tells us that fixing one more piece of the puzzle will make the football team go.

    But it never seems to all be working at the same time.

    Which raises the questions, what will give out next weekend?

    And do we need a new mechanic who can fix problems in advance instead of after we’ve ruined our trip?

  41. West Coast,

    I think Lynch’s response would sound something like this:

    “If we can limit your car to stalling only four or five times per trip, you’ll still get to your final destination.”

  42. This talk of ‘nobody cares about football’ is asinine. A top 5 basketball program might bring in around 14 million bucks a season. A top 20 football team will bring in 70 million. Do you really think the AD doesn’t care?

  43. It’s kind of a “chicken or the egg” dilemma, but the “people at Indiana don’t care about football” argument really comes down to this:

    People at Indiana don’t care about Indiana football…in the sense that we’ve been so pitiful for such a long time that people would rather spend their Saturdays drinking and convening with friends than watching their team get drubbed week in and week out.

    There’s an argument than better fan support would stimulate the program, and that’s certainly plausible. However, what incentive is there for a fan to dedicate him/herself to the program, when there’s a good chance that the product on the field won’t deliver an enjoyable experience?

    Ya know what generates fan support? Winning. I live in Chicago, and I can’t tell you how many supposed hockey fans popped out of the woodwork when the Hawks made their run to the Stanley Cup Finals.

    The burden is on the administration to continually push the bill until we’re putting a winning team on the field every Saturday.

    A $5 ticket is still too expensive if it’s consistently redeemable for an experience consisting of sub-par play and rare victories over inferior opponents.

    If you build it, they will come.

  44. Hoosiers are sports fans, not just basketball fans. If IU put an 8 or 9 game winning team on the field you’d have a hard time finding a ticket. People are hungry for a winner. There’s no real question about filling the stands. You win 9 games and there won’t be an empty seat for the last few games. I love college basketball but football is America’s game and that’s where the money is.

  45. Guy on the left was annoying. Want to hear more from Hugh and he kept interrupting. Talking when Hugh was talking too.

    Neither are correct though. We knew it was over when TOWSON was putting up 227 rushing yards on us. Told you all you needed to know about the defense this year.

  46. It is 4th and 2, and we are down 16 with 8-9 minutes left in the game. And we punt????? Unbelievable. Lynch has done this time and time and time again, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. He has a loser’s mentality and the right there just proves it. We have the talent — regardless of how much talent, we have enough talent to be way closer than 43-13 to Illinois. But Lynch projects that losing attitude to the team and it’s a real shame.

  47. I know I have brought this up before, but it is worth repeating. This is a quote from a Connor O’Gara article in the IDS last week:

    “The way they played Ohio State, their defense is outstanding,” IU coach Bill Lynch said. “And after so many games, the statistics start meaning something, and they are up there not only in the Big Ten-wise but also nationally on defense.”

    To me, Lynch already was making his excuse to why they did not compete before they had even took the field on Saturday.

  48. Wow, where do I start. This is mainly for KevinK and anyone who is interested. I traveled with my wife and two young children to the Illinois game. We arrived at our Hotel in Rantoul to find that it was the biggest dump we had ever stayed in. That was ok, I was with family and had the day off and we were going to make the best of it. The pool was the cleanest part of the hotel so we took a dip for the evening and went to a Mexican restaurant for a nice night.

    We got up early after hearing the game was at 11:00 AM and were very excited. I put the jerseys on the kids and packed the cooler. It was a breeze getting in as we left really early. I just hated that the pass lots were all around and they made us park so far away, it was a long walk. We were welcomed by an Indiana fan that had us move our car next to his. He had a tent and it looked like rain. There were twice as many port-o-pots as at IU and they were really clean.

    We headed into the game and a few fans ribbed us but it was no big deal. We got to our seats and were in the IU section. I watched warm ups and after seeing Illinois, I knew that we were as big, strong, and athletic as they were and felt god about it. The one difference was that Illinois was jacked up big time, my wife even noticed and IU went through the motions just like in Bloomington. The biggest thing for me was the execution was just not there. When you get punts blocked twice, there are issues. Teams have watched tape and know how to plan for IU…where holes are. IU uses Doss too much and teams plan for that. IU has weapons so spread it around, spread the plays around to Hughs, Belcher, and Turner. It was sad watching Lynch play conservative as IU still had a chance…never going for it and kicking field goals. I almost wished he would have waved a white flag at one point in the third quarter. There was NO emotion on the sideline, none. I kept quite the entire game but people are over Lynch! I wonder if Glass knows how over this coaching staff almost all IU fans are. I listened to fans all around me and in the restrooms and outside just saying exactly what I have all along. The final piece will be hiring a GREAT coach! The team looks awful at this point in the season, they have taken 2 steps back.

    I was not impressed with the Illinois fans at all. A guy above us yelled at us the entire game. A group of college kids cussed us the entire way back until I finally let loose on them. As I walked the last 20 feet a guy says, IU f-n sucks and I said…I know but I have a 4 year old and 6 year old with me, give me a break!

    Sorry for bad spelling!

  49. Illinois fans are a real classy group. JPat, I know you wanted to have a nice weekend with your family, but I honestly have no idea why anyone would want to see the Hoosiers play any sport at their campus. Did you not watch how Eric Gordon and his family was received a few years back? They crucified that kid for changing his mind. They have been envious of IU basketball for decades. With all their supposed success they have no banners to show for it. They may have won a football game, but it’s obvious they forever live in a bitter world engulfed in a collective inferiority complex toward IU(the same envy a few bloggers and journalists on this site can’t hide when boasting of the teams in the stomping grounds their old hometowns or the different colleges they’ve attended at the undergraduate level). Football at IU has never been anything to brag about. I hope it gets better, but it’s difficult to hold your breath for 25 years. Basketball, in Crean’s own words, was “decimated”. We may have burned a witch from Oklahoma at the stake based on one of the most biased NCAA investigation surrounding frivolous recruiting rules, now, no longer in existence, but it did not decimate our fortitude and endearing pride. I don’t think any team in the Big 10 wants a piece of any opponent on a schedule more than Indiana. Remember that, JPat. Remember it when they tell you your football team “sucks”. They’ve got the candy-stripe sickness. It messes with their minds. Find forgiveness in your heart and understand it’s what they lack that fuels their contempt.

    I’m sorry your kids had to hear their foul mouths and witnessed harassment instead of kind sportsmanship, but it makes me feel good to know IU is forever under their skin.

    “Because it’s Illinois”.

  50. Stram,

    thanks for writing. I had a test run last year at NW and there was not one problem. I always assumed that with kids, people are more respectful. I was wrong at Illinois…the Gordon thing never crossed my mind as it was basketball. Oh well, their loss! My kids did not notice anyway!

  51. Illinois fans have been classless idiots for decades. But what has Illinois ever won? Have they ever won a national championship in football or basketball? Not since I can remember. They’re losers and worse yet, they’re really classless losers. But the worst ever is Arizona State. Sun Devil fans are horrific. I was at Arizona vs. Arizona State basketball game a few years ago in Tempe. It was right after Lute Olsen’s wife was idagnosed with breast cancer. Thousands of Sun Devil fans were chanting “breat cancer, breast cancer” at the top of their lungs. this went on for like six minutes. It was appalling.

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