1. Are the outfits purposefully color-coordinated in Tar Heel blue? Would it kill you guys to wear a touch of our colors?

  2. Now if they would only tell-it-like-it-is that Zeller is no Branden Dawson and the Scoop’s hype surrounding his recruitment is grossly magnified due to their strong bond with the know-it-all on this blog that won’t shut up about the average 3A dork from Hicksville. All I ever hear is how Crean found Dwyane Wade. Dawson is far closer a recruit with multiple skills and potential to take a team deep in a tournament. Crean plays to the same conservative crowd that wants to bring the Knight-styled teams back to IU. I doubt playing to politics is what made Crean a great coach at Marquette.

  3. Coaching changes have never helped the IU football program for the last several years except for John Pont (a couple years), Lee Corso (1 year), and Mallory (a few years. Now your talking 50 years and 6 or 7 solid years in football. Let Bill Lynch coach his contract out. Then, if you do not play 500 or above football in the big ten make a move. Make the most intelligent move for a coach that can be made. Find a coach who has been very successful at every college level who wants to be at IU for the long haul.

  4. As sad as it is, I think IU has to be the worst BCS conference team in the country.

    I’d like to see Lynch be successful too, but it’s just not going to happen. Too bad for the players, students and fans. Here’s to next year.

  5. Lynch is now in his 4th year, he has not had a .500 record in the Big Ten yet. If you keep him next year as a lame duck coach, it kills recruiting. One bad year recruiting can turn into 3 or 4 bad years on the field.

    If Glass decides to keep him, he MUST make a move like the Illini did with Zook.

  6. Good to see you guys being so bluntly honest there about things. It was a tough day and the last few weeks have been tough as an IU fan no matter how much you like or dislike Bill’s methods… never good to see the team lose like this.

    I will be the first to ask is it appropriate/beneficial to start getting stories out about the process and who prospective head coaches who might be hired to take Bill’s place? I know we’ve had some of that on here recently, but it would be nice to get some professional sports writer opinion mixed in.

    I think there’s several routes IU can take: a person familiar with Indiana, to capitalize on the supposed recruiting inroads we’ve made since Cam’s ignoring of in-state recruits… an up and coming offensive or defensive coordinator at an established top 25-30 program who is looking to make the jump… or the head coach at a MAC/Mountain West/mid-major school who is ready to jump into the BigTen. Maybe it’s a mix of those areas?

  7. I like it when or if Lynch gets fired up, but his actions at the end of the game were actions of a man seeing it all slip away. The game was basically over and Bill was bit!&%ng away over a few seconds I believe. It would have been nice for everyone if Lynch would have showed more fire earlier in the game. And earlier in the year. Get fired up, call your players out to correct things. Challenge them a little bit.

  8. So many misguided posts-so little time: 1)Funk you are entitled to your opinion, but you are wrong to be negative on Cody. Cody is #20 Dawson is #13 (Rivals), each is very good. Cody will be a great fit at Indiana! 2)t you have to make the move to fire Lynch at the end of this season because, as Mike P says, the ZERO recruiting by a “lame duck” coach really ruins a program for years. 3)16 g there should be no information released on the coach search until the announcement of the coach. This should be neither a collective nor a public process. It is ALL on the AD and he gets fired if it does not work out. Secrecy is of the utmost importance. You don’t want ANYONE TO KNOW FOR CERTAIN about your swings and misses! (Tennessee was a laughing stock for its inept publicity concerning the turn-downs 4) arrie, could that be Carrie? you are SO right!

  9. Aruss, that is not the prediction I saw you make on the OTF. Maybe this is the alter ego of Not Fade Away?

    Watching this team play makes me sick right now.

  10. Wasn’t Dawson in 3A? The only difference is that he couldn’t even win the state championship in 3A because Zeller owned him.

  11. Friends, please remember, we are talking about an IU team that has an all time winning % of less then .300 and an all time big ten winning % of less then .300. Right now, Bill Lynch is on track to making the IU Football Hall of Fame. If we finish above .300 every year, Bill Lynch delivers. All of you have your heads up your asses. At the end of the day, IU and Fred Glass are not winners. I am an IU alumni and I can say that without listening to any of your punk assess. Again, we are not winners. We are losers who have accepted losing for close to 100 years. We are a terrible program and should be kicked out of the Big Ten. We are not winners, we are losers, just like they say we are.

  12. Well, at least Aruss has to change the script. No more, “IU is 4-3” or “IU has a winning record, we need to support the team.” I can see it through the remainder of the season. It will be “IU is 4-4, support the team.” “IU is 4-5, support the Hoosiers.” “IU is 4-6, they can still go to a bowl” etc.

    But notice that when IU’s record falls to even, we get the “You guys suck” comment.

    Don’t feel bad Aruss, we just got there a little sooner than you did (about a year before). Eventually everyone but Lynch’s immdiate family will come to the same conclusion. Lynch is not an effective coach and is out of his depth coaching in the Big Ten.

    Lynch has lost to NW three years in a row! But hey, they were competitive with Northwestern in all three games. There’s loyalty and then there’s blind loyalty. Aruss, I respect your loyalty, really, I just want more than Lynch is capable of delivering. Time for a change.

  13. Hey Reality, did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? No! Did Brett Favre give up when Jenn Sterger ignored him? No!

    We need to keep pushing that rock up the hill. Bill Lynch is stuck and run out of ideas. We need a new guy to come push this rock up the hill. And maybe, just maybe he gets it up there and we find out what it’s like to do something you never dreamed possible. Humanity isn’t about being stuck doing the same damn thing over and over and accepting that. Otherwise we wouldn’t have the internet to discuss IU football over! There’s a feeling in the air tonight, and it’s change. If you’re not with us, you’re against us.

  14. If one is an IU fan or alumnus, I don’t think that saying, “Let him work out his contract because it doesn’t matter,” is an attitude to which we can subscribe. I’ve been an IU fan (and later an Alum) since 1967 when Gonzo, Isenbarger, and Butcher lit up the Big Ten (even though it really was the defense that gave them the opportunity to be the “Cardiac Kids”). IU can be respectable (which means winning seasons twice within a Senior class) and exceptional (maybe just by IU standards) at times. If we give up, then the Administration has nothing prod them to action. I’m an IU football fan (which puts me in a select/small? company) and will not accept an Administration that accepts losing. It may happen (as it has a lot) but that doesn’t mean that they or we have to accept it.

  15. For all the money pumped into IU athletics recently, most notably football, it would be wise to actually get a coach who will develop talent and bring his set of coaches who can do the same. If not IU will lose the little fan base it has in regards to football and still be the doormat of the Big10, especially with nebraska coming in. Glass has a tough call to make, I think Lynch needs to go, there are coaches out there that IU could get; now is the time to do such.

  16. Podunker,

    In the case of all things being fair, Lynch has only lost to Northwestern 2 years in a row. 2008 IU won 21-19 @ home against what was then the #22 ranked Wildcats only to be outscored by 117 points in their next 4 games that season.

  17. My revised list of coaches who can be convinced, with a lot of money, to come to Bloomington to coach the Hoosiers:

    Ken Niumatalolo, Navy, $750,000
    Kevin Sumlin, Houston, $700,000
    Stan Brock, Army, $650,000
    Troy Calhoun, Air Force, $600,000
    Al Golden, Temple, $575,000

  18. Perea to IU !!! The class of 2012 is looking GOOD!! Two more dominoes to drop-Cody and Yogi! Here it goes!! IU is BACK!!

  19. Fire Lynch. Hire Mike Leach, the Bob Knight of college football.

    It makes sense given the receivers we have/will have and the Kiel pipeline as gunslingers.

  20. Wow, can everyone stop with the Mike Leach garbage? It’s NOT going to happen! No way IU hires another coach with a questionable background after the Sampson debacle. And going from Lynch to Leach is like night and day, just polar oppisites. Plus after what he did to that kid I don’t think he’s someone I could get behind as a coach or a person. I want to win as much as anyone, but I’m not looking to make a deal with the devil to accomplish it. I reall liked the play of the entire D yesterday, especially Heban. He’s the only player in the secondary I’ve seen all year not afraid to hit someone in the mouth, instead of diving for his feet. He’s only a redshirt freshman as well, so he should just get better. The class that came in in 09 is shaping up quite nicely, with Heban, Price, Bolser, Wilson, Replogle, and Kiel already forcing thier way onto the field. Hopefully it’s a good foundation that we can build around.

  21. MikeP; I stand corrected. You are right. IU has lost three of the last four games played against Northwestern. In 2008, IU had an exciting two-point victory over NW, 21 to 19.

    Yea, let’s stop with the Mike Leach talk. Too expensive, too much baggage, and not a program Leach would take on, at least for very long. IU needs a coach that will see the job as a step up, not a step down.

    Aruss, you are a wet blanket. It’s fun to speculate about the candidates that might turn this sad football program around. A lot more fun than watching IU play football these days.

  22. Aruss; keep the faith brother. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. And even a broken closk is right twice each day.

  23. Hire Mike Leach!

    To hell with these Pollyanna Hoosier football fans that think things will change if we stay the course or that they know more about the college football landscape than other fans.

    Let’s face it: The fans suck. The coaches suck. The players suck.

  24. Mattsi4: You mentioned that you don’t want to make a deal with the devil. I’d like to inform you that that is impossible because the devil is not real. The devil is make-believe, just like heaven.

  25. Andy,
    I would certainly disagree. Why would you send pollyanna football fans to an imaginary place though?

    Perhaps you’d enjoy a theology blog. I know a couple.

  26. Andy,
    I was speaking metaphorically, if you even know what that means. In case you haven’t noticed, we already have a pass-heavy offense that just doesn’t work against the better defenses in the Big 10. I didn’t say Lynch shouldn’t be fired, just that Leach shouldn’t be hired, but I’m starting to think Lynch should be. I just want to see us make a good, smart hire that can get us over the hump. There is some real talent on this team, see my post above. But this staff can’t get the most out of that talent, and they should be replaced. But we can’t afford to take a character risk like Leach, the program just wouldn’t survive if it blew up in our face. While the BB program has the tradition to bounce back from the Sampson debacle, the FB program does not.

    Thank you

  27. Ya know what podunker? I think you’re right! I read his comments on the other post, it is quite the mancrush he has on Zeller, I wonder if he’s moved to Washington yet so he can go through his trash and follow his every move. No word on whether the Zeller family has filed a restraining order…..yet.

  28. Yea, watch for news of suicides if Zeller signs with UNC. Given his level of infatuation, I’m not sure he’ll survive losing Zeller.

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