1. The biggest thing that Guy is going to bring to the Hoosiers is just his presence down low. How many times last year did we get pushed around like we were twelve-year-old vegetarian girls? Last night I was extremely impressed with how he was able to plug up the paint, which really inhibited the offensive scheme of the Crimson team. If Guy can do more of what he did last night, he will be an instant impact for the Hoosiers.

  2. Surprised more people aren’t talking about Roth. He looked like he could be the surprise and a major contributor this year.
    Creek worries me. He just isn’t right, not even close.
    People are too excited about Guy. He played well against Pritchard, but then again, who doesn’t? He looks really awkward to me. A slightly better Muniru.
    Watrord’s outside game has really picked up. Pretty impressive now that he is playing the right position.
    Elston will be a huge playmaker, but does need to improve shot selection sometimes.

  3. No matter what happens this guy will never change his mind once he has put his negative spin on someone. Everyone is talking about how well Guy played and he thinks he is just slightly better than Muniru. I believe Crean and our players could win a NCAA title
    and he would not change his negative ways. Lost with no hope!

  4. Interesting words by Osterman at the end of the last ScoopTalk regarding Crean’s postgame comments about Elston’s “timing being off”. Would love to hear that topic pursued. I wonder if Zach was making a ever-so-careful implication that Crean looks at certain players through a less-than-honest eye of assessment their play. Why would Crean have anything against Derek Elston? Hmmm? I would be very careful Mr. Osterman. You’re boss at Inside the Hall would not approve of such dangero

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