Several injured Hoosiers near returns

A few Indiana players who had been stuck with “out” status on the injury report the last few weeks are closer to coming back.

Indiana coach Bill Lynch said Monday that there was a chance senior right tackle James Brewer could return. He was listed as questionable on Tuesday’s injury report and practiced Tuesday, though he was somewhat limited.

“It was good to have him out here,” Lynch said. “We’re purposefully going slow with him. (Offensive line coach Mo Moriarity) was going to certainly limit his reps and see how it went. So we’ll find out when we go in and see how sore he is. But we’ll try to do a little bit more tomorrow and see where he is on Thursday.”

Cornerback Richard Council, who injured his knee against Michigan, was back on the field and was listed as questionable on the depth chart. Safety Lenyatta Kiles (groin) did not practice, but his questionable status was an upgrade from being out last week. Even safety Chris Adkins, who hasn’t played in a game all season with an ankle injury, was back wearing pads. He was only doing drill work and is listed as out for the week, but it’s progress.

In addition, running back Nick Turner was not even on the injury report after missing Saturday’s game against Illinois with a concussion. Junior wide receiver Tandon Doss practiced in a yellow, no-contact jersey after leaving Saturday’s game with an injury, but he was practicing and not listed on the injury report.

Cornerback Adrian Burks is an addition to the injury report, however. He did not practice and is listed as questionable with a hip injury.

Adkins, tight end Max Dedmond (knee) and kicker Nick Freeland (hip) are all listed as out.


  1. We need Brewer for the o-line to have a chance. Sounds promising and keeping my fingers crossed.


  2. not sure how others feel but I am thiking as bad as the D has been…we are ok without Council!

  3. This is the most injuries I can remember from seasons past. Coach has done a great job with one hand tied behind his back due to injuries.

  4. Come on Man (Aruss) enough is enough, we need a new coach who shows a little emotion. Lynch is done… sorry.

  5. Sorry to hear that Adrian Burks is injured, but I’m glad that Andre Kates will finally have the opportunity to get some quality playing time. Kates didn’t win JC Player of the Year for nothing. GO IU, BEAT NW!!!

  6. Aruss,

    If by “great job,” you mean that Lynch has managed to coach his team to victories over opponents with a combined 5-25 record, and to embarrassing losses to teams with whom we should theoretically be competitive, then you’re right.

    Are you serious? Every team in the nation deals with injuries. Lynch has hardly had one hand tied behind his back.

    There’s nothing about our record to feel good about. We beat the cupcakes on our schedule (scheduled intentionally to inflate our record in hopes of reaching the Bowl). That’s it. We’ve failed every other test. A team that should be in mid-season form just turned the ball over five times and was embarrassed by a program with many similarities in history to our own.

    We’re just not on par with anyone in the conference. We have a career MAC coach and we play like a MAC team.

    We’re not good. Our schedule has simply allowed us to disguise that fact for several weeks.

  7. UK will always be superior to any Indiana team in all sports.You guys SUCK in all sports

  8. UK fanatic must be bored today. I bet this kid was trolling and hit google and searched for an IU blog and wanted to make some noise, what a loser. I am pretty sure Heps first year was the last time we played UK and we smoked them on the football field. We got rid of our cheating coach in basketball and UK picked up a worse cheater…you dance with the devil and you get burned! We at IU know this already but the UK admin turned a blind eye because winning is all that matters at UK. Find a UK blog to troll! I will be smiling for a year when the hammer comes down on you!

  9. It will be great to have some of these guys back and presumably healthy. We will need a super effort against NU on Saturday. I’ve watched them twice: once at the beginning of the season and then again last week against MSU. NU is VASTLY improved. They play with intelligence and intensity. They are well coached. I would say their talent level is by and large comparable to IU, but they are significantly better at fundementals (blocking, tackling, north/south running). If we play like we did at Michigan, we have a good shot, particularly with home field advantage. Obviously an effort like last week will result in another embarassment. Let’s hope for the former.

  10. UK fanatic,

    You’re so right…congratulations on the continued national domination by your Cheerleading program. Best bangs and state fair hair in the business!

  11. Hey UK dude, apparently we are good enough for you to spend time searching out an IU football board to leave a message…….something I cannot ever fathom doing for UK’s football team…..or basketball for that matter.

    Hey mod, I thought the simple addition box there was UK-proof! Looks like we may need to switch it up to multiplication! They’re learning fast down there!

  12. Maybe use subtraction. They should get used to that with calapari. Win 32 games, take away 32 games for violations.

  13. I know Brewer is a good player, but how much will he help this week? Guys coming off injury are rarely as effective as they were prior to the injury. Couple that with playing a position (lineman) that you never get to take a play off unless you’re on the sidelines. Hopefully Brewer will be solid and durable this week.

    Council needs to stay OFF the field, PERIOD! He has had more than enough time to develop, and he just hasn’t got better in his position and is a constant liability to the secondary.

  14. having previously injured players back will help, but it won’t be enough to save IU or Lynch. Fact is, most of Iu’s players are not big enough to compete in Big Ten. And I’m not seeing the depth that Lynch talked so much about at the beginning of the season. “Depth” means having capable back-ups ready to play when the starters go down with injuries. Lynch has no excuse. He’s had plenty of time to recruit and develope players. the injuries are not the reason why IU has not won a Big Ten game. His inability to recruit enough of the players with the size and athleticism necessary to compete in the Big Ten is the key problem. And the gradual modest improvement he has demonstrated in recruiting is too little, too late.

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