Smotherman, Irvin experience some star treatment at Hoosier Hysteria

Heritage Christian swingman Basil Smotherman used to come to Hoosier Hysteria events as a fan when he was younger. He remembers being there when Eric Gordon had his name chanted in Assembly Hall in 2006 and imagined what it would be like to be one of the recruits everyone in the stands was looking for.

“I stayed humble,” Smotherman said. “But I remember thinking, ‘I want to be them.'”

He’s achieved that to some degree, having earned a scholarship offer from Indiana for the Class of 2013. He didn’t get the Eric Gordon treatment on Friday night, as Park Tudor guard Yogi Ferrell was the only player to have his name chanted, but someone did ask him for his autograph.

“It was cool,” he said. “I never signed an autograph before. But this kid just came up to me and asked me for my autograph. So I signed it, he said thank you, and his dad said, ‘Come to IU.'”

Zak Irvin, a sophomore swingman at Hamilton Southeastern and Smotherman’s AAU teammate with the Eric Gordon All-Stars signed an autograph for the young man as well.

“It was nice to get that kind of attention,” Irvin said.

Both Smotherman and Irvin said they were impressed with the practice they watched before Hoosier Hysteria at Cook Hall. NCAA rules allowed practice to begin at 5 p.m., so the Hoosiers took advantage.

“It shows you how hard it’s going to be at the next level,” Smotherman said.

As sophomores, both Irvin and Smotherman said they’re not looking to commit anywhere anytime soon.

Smotherman said he has unofficial visits schedule for Purdue and Xavier in the coming weeks. He has offers from those schools as well as Notre Dame, and interest coming from Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State.

Irvin said he’s unlikely to make any visits until after basketball season. He said he’s taken visits to Purdue, Illinois, Butler, Michigan, Baylor and Xavier. UNLV, Louisville and Miami (Fla.) are also involved in his recruitment.


  1. Good stuff. You would think Smotherman should be a lock being an IU fan and all. Purdue guys seem pretty confident.
    I would like to hear from Darryl Baker about what he thought and where IU stands with him.

  2. If the 2012 class falls into place, Smotherman would be between them and the 2014 class (already a great one). Purdue wouldn’t have that kind of talent surrounding him.

  3. Purdue fans better get over their wish-dream of Crean leaving Indiana. He’s on the verge of a gigantic recruiting coup and they don’t like it – particularly since IU has positioned themselves so well with players from Indiana.

  4. The better coach? I wouldn’t say that is true considering Crean has taken teams further than Painter has. Painter is a good coach but you act like its a no brainer, Jeff. Crean will be at IU for a long time. I am willing to bet a year’s salary on it.

  5. Painter is a good coach and with some of the early recruiting success that he has had Purdue should have made it to a final four by now, but as with Keady they continue to be just a “also ran”.

  6. Painter is a good coach but his recruiting success is essentially the “baby boilers” and it came at a time when the IU coaching focus on recruiting Indiana talent was suffering blurred vision during the MD fiasco and the start of the following Sanctions fiasco. During that period of time Painter had no choice but to do well recruiting in Indiana, it was made easy for him. He is now forced to face the reality of recruiting to W. Lafayette just as GK did.

  7. Nice try, Jeff, but Crean’s not going anywhere.As far as Crean vs. Painter, I’ll take an Izzo protege over a Keady protege any day.

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