So I guess we should inform you guys about this…

To be honest, I was kind of hoping that this event would happen virtually in a vacuum.

A few weeks ago, the members of the media who cover Indiana basketball were sent an e-mail asking us to participate in a “Media Challenge” event in which we’d get to go through a workout somewhat similar to what Indiana basketball players go through in the offseason. It was an idea that apparently formed in the mind of IU sports information director J.D. Campbell when he watched the strength and conditioning video that was released via Twitter by IU coach Tom Crean last month.

Hugh, Lynn Houser and I signed up, figuring that we’d go to Assembly Hall, crack some self-deprecating jokes while working out with the smart-alecks we cover hoops with, wear ourselves out in front of nobody in particular and call it a day.

Then we got this release from Campbell, which is also on the IU website. 

Bloomington, Indiana – It takes 11 muscles to talk and more than 20 to type on a computer. Those who talk about Indiana basketball and those who write about the Hoosiers on a daily basis will now get the opportunity to know how the other 650 to 800 other muscles in their body work when they participate in the first ever Survivor-Crean and Crimson Media Challenge on October 6.

More than 25 members of the media who cover the Hoosiers have signed up to participate in a two-hour workout conducted by the Hoosiers strength and conditioning coach Je’Ney Jackson. ESPN 1070 The Fan Personality JMV will broadcast his show from the Pfau Shine Legacy Court in Cook Hall from 3 to 7 p.m., following the workout. IU students are encouraged to attend and may purchase men’s basketball season tickets at the event.

“Je’Ney and I were working on a video a few weeks ago that showed our men’s basketball team going through some intense strength and conditioning drills,” said IU Assistant Athletic Director for Media Relations J.D. Campbell. “As I was watching our guys carry each other up the Memorial Stadium steps, I thought, jokingly, could you imagine seeing this guy carrying that guy or this guy lifting weights. Je’Ney told Coach Crean about the idea, he loved it and the response from the media to take part has been overwhelming.”

Participants will be divided into teams and will spend a day experiencing a typical day of strength and conditioning with the IU men’s basketball team. IU players will serve as personal trainers for the media throughout the competition. There will be workouts that are required for all participants but if an exercise is too difficult, the media may turn in an immunity pass and can sit out that event. In addition, the lowest score in an event by a team member will not count.

“I’m really looking forward to this,” said Jackson, who came to IU in July. “I think it gives the media access to something that normally they would not get to experience and lets everyone see how hard a student-athlete has to train in order to compete at the highest level.” The workout will consist of core development, prehabilitation exercises, weight training, a stadium workout and yoga and stretching.”I think this is a great way to see our players in their day-to-day environment,” said Crean. “Our guys have worked extremely hard this offseason and this is a fun way for them to show their personalities and competitiveness in a very open setting. ”

Practice for the Hoosiers will begin on October 15 with Hoosier Hysteria taking place that evening in Assembly Hall at 7:30 p.m.

So this thing is obviously open to the public, and not only that, from seeing the list of media members involved, it’s apparent that word of this thing is going to travel far beyond Bloomington. So I’m not suggesting anyone should come, but if watching un-athletic people try to do athletic things entertains you, it might be worth watching. We start around 1 p.m.

We just got our team rosters today. I have Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writer, former college wrestler and Bloomington YMCA all-star Pete DiPrimio on my squad. I like my chances.


  1. Might be worth watching is the understatement of the year. Who are the rest of the teams and has Vegas put out the odds?

    God speed.


  2. I am completely jealous. It’s times like these that make me wish I was still in Bloomington. Remember the Michael Scott secret to success. No water and tons of fettucine alfredo. Good Luck!

  3. Yeah, a big meal of fettucine alfredo before the workout. That will make it more colorful for radio. LOL! Have fun!

  4. Wish I would have known before now…this day will be busy for me. Good Luck Dustin, I like Pete so you will do great!!

  5. Coach Crean is always on top of promoting IU. This will be great exposure for future recruiting. He one ups the media with this gig.

  6. Coach Jackson said,”it [media day] gives the media access to something that normally they would not get to experience….”. Yeh, like pain and public humiliation!
    I urge that Coach Crean and IU make this an annual event.
    Go IU (Media)!

  7. So, does this mean you guys will eat the Ro*tel and Velveeta queso before or after you get done doing the stadium steps?

  8. Only way I want to see shirts vs. skins is if Jenn Brown, Erin Andrews and Inez Sainz have become IU Media and are playing for the skins.

  9. Sound like this competition is over before it even began. Kudos to Lynn for representing the over the hill generation. Why no Pat, Andy, etc? Running (or sitting) scared?

  10. Hugh, I will pay money to see you guys trip Pat Forde and Rick Bozich.


    Brett the Hitman Hart

  11. I’m eagerly awaiting Dustin’s follow-up story on the pages of Scoop later tonight.

    The Perspiration Situation: Too many sweaty journalists and not enough towels.

  12. I went over to Cook Hall balcony and watched my colleagues below undergo stretching regimens as the workout began, but didn’t stick around. I didn’t want hover over them, vulture-like.

    Ever since I blew out a disc in my back, I just can’t do the sort of things they were being asked to do, but I still felt a bit guilty not being a part of it. That kind of shared ordeal can produce a nice camaraderie, if nothing else. And there were folks even older than I am out there.

    The guys seemed to be manning-up quite well under the ministrations of Coach Crean, his staff and his players — who, it must be said, seemed to be deriving perverse enjoyment from the whole thing.

    Enough from me. I’ll let the intrepid participants fill in the gory details later.

  13. I come here with purpose. I come in peace. I come with secret UFO song that shall provide excitation of happy chemicals in brain if chosen to be played during video of Hugh at the “Media Challenge”.

    Could Hugh also decide to place a UFO song(“Love to Love” or “Lights Out in London” would be good choices) in a future Hoosier Morning edition as token of appreciation for the happy chemical song?

  14. Inez Sainz is stupid-hot. Translation: there’s no point in looking at her, because you will never ever have her. It’s like being a fan of the IU football team, and hoping to win a significant conference game. No way, pal. Waaaay to wishful thinkinkg.

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