Soffner Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week

Indiana goalkeeper Luis Soffner won his first career Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week award Monday, a day after the Hoosiers shut out No. 16 Michigan State, 3-0.

The redshirt sophomore made one save in his third shutout of the season. He also had a pair of saves in a 1-1 tie at Kentucky last Wednesday.

Following a Wednesday match at Armstrong Stadium with unbeaten Butler at 7 p.m., Indiana will have a chance to clinch the Big Ten title outright with a win over visiting Northwestern Sunday at 5 p.m.


  1. Indiana soccer can make a huge statement with wins over Butler and Northwestern! It won’t be easy. But Todd’s team seems to be playing very well as the season progresses. Go IU!

  2. Okay, this is ridiculous. No offense to Soffner, but the same thing used to drive me nuts about other keeper’s accolades in their years here (Coufal was a legit All-American keeper in his senior year, but outside of him, I can’t think of a great IU goalie since Sommer). Stopping *one* shot on goal per game does not a great defender make, even if your Goal-Against-Average is stellar. The accolades should go to IU’s backs. IU’s backs are starting to clamp down, and Yeags has his young crew starting to click.
    Soffner, in the games I’ve watched, has been fairly unimpressive. He makes a nice save here or there, and can break up dangerous corners with his length, but he tends to get caught flat-footed on half of the shots. And frankly, that percentage is unacceptable at this level. That Michigan free-kick goal he gave up the other week was really egregious.
    All that said, Soffner -like Coufal- has the potential to be pretty great. But getting B10 DPoW for *one* save? Irritating.

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