South to host Perea’s team Feb. 19

Former H-T sports writer Rex Kirts’ South basketball blog is reporting that Hanner Perea, the 6-foot-8 Colombian and prospective IU recruit, and his LaPorte LaLumiere team will play the Panthers in Bloomington on Saturday, Feb. 19.

Game time will be set so as not to conflict with a potential IU tipoff. The Hoosiers are scheduled to host Northwestern on either the 19th or 20th.

LaLumiere is not an Indiana High School Athletic Association member and can schedule with flexibility. Perea transferred to LaLumiere this year.


  1. well looks like another visit that weekend,hope all these visits,turn into something special

  2. Exactly what kind of high school has a team but is not an IHSAA member? Who are we mostly competing with for this player?

  3. LaLumiere is a prep school, non-affiliated with the IHSAA by choice, that is attempting to feature a basketball program drawing players from across the nation — along the lines of Oak Hill Academy in Virginia, for example, which recently accepted the transfer of former Carmel big man A.J. Hammons.

    Baylor, by all accounts, is IU’s main competition in recruiting Perea.

  4. Don’t most kids attend prep schools because their grades aren’t up to snuff for a smooth transition from high school to college? I remember reading an article that claimed they don’t have to sit out a year this way or be cornered into schools with lower academic requirements. Also, by transferring to prep schools they stay relevant on the recruiting scene rather than be forced into academic intelligibility the state school they are transferring out. Is this true?

    Maybe there’s a lot of good that comes out of this..I’m not sure. Seems like kids could get the needed tutoring and stay put. Hopefully this isn’t just agents and coaches convincing parents to shift kids all over the country for a self-serving purpose of putting their own names/programs on a national stage. Isn’t Bloomington South sort of becoming a prep school in disguise?

  5. Prep schools are, indeed, a way for these kids to get an extra year, often after they’ve used up high school eligibility. It can be a very good thing for some kids if it’s a decent school. Oak Hill may also have a prep school that goes beyond high school, I’m not aware of one, but they are considered a high school and play other high school teams.

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