Two Big Ten Network-related announcements

First, Indiana’s game against Illinois on Oct. 23 will be televised on the Big Ten Network.

Secondly, you watch Hoosier Hysteria at at 8:15 p.m. Friday. There will also be a one-hour show at 11 p.m. Saturday devoted to the first practices at Indiana, Illinois, Michigan State, Minnesota, Northwestern and Wisconsin.


  1. Not sure why the BTN is only devoting an hour show to this, that’s at most 10 min. a team! Seems to me that basketball is only a step above vollyball for the network! Long for those days when good old channel 4 carried all the games. Money talks!

  2. I miss the days of getting exercise when I would get the nachos off my lap to turn the channel knob to one of the other three stations.

    Does anyone remember UHF and having to spin that larger doohickey that was part of the knob to make the channel come in better? Aluminum foil flags on the rabbit ears for extra clarity the picture? The simple pleasures of life are gone.

  3. Ok , I’m wrong! Did’nt realise they would be streaming HH. Must have been a tuff Monday for some. hope the rest of you’re week gets better!

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