1. The offensive line had not played anybody as tough as the michigan d-line. You can see the difference in athlete’s especially in the secondary for IU. IU just doesn’t have the depth and experience they need. It is going to be tough for IU because the offense will have to win the game.

  2. Doss will be playing Sunday in the future, his has hands are amazing.

    Our secondary is a little rough, so why bring the safeties up everytime, leaving our challenged CBs on a island over and over.

    If we played at least one safety deep, it might have been enough to get a win.

    Saying that the team is one of the best IU has had in a while on offense and with a few changes on Defense we might when another 4 games…. I really only see 2 though.

  3. t-rav,

    “A little rough” is a very kind way of classifying our secondary.

    The ease with which Michigan cut up our defense all day was embarrassing.

    That said, our passing attack is fantastic. It’s a shame that our defense simply can’t provide any sort of support for it.

  4. Tip your hat to Billy Lynch. Even though he has a talented stable of WR’s, as their position coach he is the one who taught them how to block down field.

  5. Just noticed the removal of all the overnight spam.

    Hugh, you da man…You da spam man.

  6. What I find impossible to believe is the absence of any film showing Guy-Marc Michel playing basketball. Nothing from home videos shot by fans? No footage used by coaches as instructional film during his JC days at Idaho? Nothing from someone hanging out at campus gyms or snooping around practice facilities and using a cell phone to take 30 seconds of him playing in a pick-up game? Nothing from his high school days?
    This is the best kept secret since the days Roosevelt withheld knowledge of Japan’s decision to bomb Pearl Harbor.

    Has IU basketball become so unimportant on the national stage that the many thousands that used to be envious our great program(like the blogger above named “nick” that was just thawed from his 1980’s time capsule) can’t find a clip to post on YouTube of Guy looking like a total hoops nincompoop? Nor is there any footage provided a Crean supporter, a hopeful Hoosier fan, that could give us affirmation of some halfway decent post play our newest big man? Couldn’t this slow the ridiculous frenzy/hype surrounding the decision process of Cody? I’m beginning to wonder who is withholding the information. Amongst all the local journalists covering IU basketball, there isn’t a reporter that can bribe an athletic trainer with a case of Milk Duds for some footage of Guy-Marc in Cook Hall shoot-around? And why aren’t any top-notch Bloomington journalists working for their Republican leader, President 4guards, breaking into Democratic Headquarters to uncover the secret cover-up tapes of the klutz from Idaho? I can’t remember Indiana ever having a kid in uniform that had so such mystery surrounding his abilities and game.

    Sex tapes of your grandmother sent to her church’s Facebook page? No problem. Tape of IU’s new 7-foot center somewhere on this planet playing basketball during the last decade? Impossible.

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