Willis doubtful on injury report

Last week it was a groin injury. This week, it’s apparently a knee.

Sophomore tailback Darius Willis has had a laundry list of ailments from the hips down, including ankle and hamstring injuries this year. And now, he apparently has another one.

When reporters were handed the injury report at practice Tuesday, they wondered whether it was a misprint that Willis was listed doubtful with a knee injury as opposed to the groin injury that kept him out of Saturday’s game against Ohio State. Indiana coach Bill Lynch confirmed that the report was correct.

“What he has right now has really been a lingering thing with the knee,” Lynch said. “What he really injured in practice last week was a muscle, groin. But what he has right now is a lingering knee problem. … We’ll see by the end of the week where he’s at.”

Safety Chris Adkin (ankle) right tackle James Brewer (ankle) and cornerback Richard Council (knee) are all still listed as out. Kicker Nick Freeland (hip) is questionable.

Sophomore guard Marc Damisch was expected to return to Bloomington on Tuesday evening from the funeral of his father Craig, who died last week after an extended battle with cancer. When he returns, he could be in a battle for Brewer’s tackle position. Lynch said the Hoosiers want to move junior Justin Pagan back to guard. They’ll be looking at both Damisch and junior Josh Hager at the position.


  1. What exactly is with the current poll question? We’re 3-2. Why is that even being asked 5 games in, with an important 3 game stretch just starting?

  2. Jimmy,

    It really was reacting to much of the discussion in the live chat on Saturday and on the blog for the few days afterwards. The fact there is a “too early to decide” option is an attempt to provide an answer for people in your camp.

  3. Time to call for Mister Myaki to help heal our team, because the bullys of the B10 roughed our team up last week. Expect them to rough all in the B10 this year. Hope our guys hit the ice buckets hard this week to get ready for Saturday.
    p.s. Also, Condolences to Marc Damisch and his family on the loss of your father. I’m am sure he is looking down on you and is proud of you.

  4. Jimmy-

    We have been 3-2 for seven years straight now. We have one bad bowl game to show for it, and only a handful of conference wins.

    That’s why. Now stop looking like this.

  5. Personally, I was hoping with the return of Andy Graham that some adult supervision would prevent such premature & sensationalist poll questions. Obviously I was mistaken.

  6. Haha – good one Husky Tom!

    Jimmy, you DO realize why we are 3-2, right? We’ve scheduled the easiest non-conference schedule in the country. Warren Central would be 3-2 right now. If we would have scheduled even mediocre teams, we’d be 0-5 right now. You really do have to get your head out of the sand and look at the teams we’ve played. Since we don’t play Minny this year, Michigan was one of our only chances for a win in the Big Ten and we didn’t get it done. Going to be a long conference season.

  7. Jimmy,

    Things could be worse. You could be reading Chris Korman’s latest post regarding the current state of NFL security complete with comments a Bloomington crowd wouldn’t stand for.

    Lynch has thusfar performed as he had in the last two years. What have you seen to make you believe anything greater than a 5-7 or 6-6 season is a reasonable expectation?

  8. Some interesting observations from looking at Rivals rankings of all 120 Div I football teams (10/12/2010): 1) Akron is #120, 2) Western KY is #116, 3) Arkansas St is #98, 4) MN is #93, 5) Purdue is #74, 6) IU is #64 ahead of U Conn, Cinn, Louisville, GA, Syracuse, South FL, TN, Rutgers, BYU, U VA, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, Middle TN, Kansas and Tulane. Conclusion: scheduling “cupcakes” WORKS for national rankings and for getting to a bowl game! Score another point for AD Glass.

  9. I agree with ‘muubell’…Andy Graham was a solid reporter 20 years ago and appears to continue to be so. His reports and commentary (actually written as stories and valid columns)are significantly more analytical than the immature baby-bottle, ‘am-I-a-cool-teenager?’ rantings by Dustin, Hugh and their other little toddler friends. Clearly…Graham likes to write-as in real newspaper journalism- rather than offer barely comprehensive (and audible)grunts and cryptic moans on ‘neato’ Iphone and Twitter toys.

    Has an editor ever seen the material that passes for a soccer game (“oh, somebody kicked it and it missed…”); never mind cross-country and all of the other rarely covered sports-of-interest to Hoosier followers.

    As for the ‘neat-o’ trip to Chicago…if all we’re going to get from the B10 meeting is a Seattle NCAA Hearings-like “where we ate and drank and couldn’t find anybody by hanging out in the alley…”

    Go Graham!…please–have your presence and contributions add some real newspaper sports journalism to the HT.

    (By the way… Have any of you seen what Korman has been writing in the Baltimore Sun? It also once was a dignified, serious newspaper. No more! Please reject his offer of an occasional column).

  10. Tsao Tsu,

    Wow. You did everything short of tell Dustin and I to get off your lawn.
    We didn’t start the Lynch discussion. Even if we wanted to, we do not need to. It starts itself and it went on for days with no provoking of any member of the Scoop staff.
    All we did was not ignore the reality — Lynch has an uncertain future and there were fans passionately discussing whether or not the Ohio State game meant anything in terms of whether or not he keeps his job. By asking a poll question, we were surveying the whole audience (yes, even 4guards). That’s it. Nothing nefarious. Nothing illicit like lesbians kissing around the ketchup stand.
    And, yes, I will now get off your lawn.

  11. I don’t call the joking that occurred on LiveChat the day of the Ohio State game as “passionately discussing” anything. You not being totally honest there, Hugh. I enjoyed the comments, especially the suggestions for the different headlines we may see that played off of a sarcastic mockery of Lynch’s next excuse. You’re not always playing off “passion”. You’re playing off arsonists that enjoy putting anything drying up to flame. The above attack was vicious and unwarranted, but let’s not pretend you play to an audience. I would just be careful when making the extension that a few LiveChat bozos and the dozen or so regular bloggers on Scoop represent the views of your entire passionate audience. I’m not the biggest follower of IU football so I won’t claim to be in a position to be an expert on evaluating Lynch. I did like your comments on LiveChat when comparing the obstacles IU football must overcome to be competitive in the Big 10. It’s not a simple fix and maybe, just maybe, that poll question doesn’t get to the heart of and honest fan.


    Hugh Kellenberger:
    You’re talking about asking Bill Cook and/or John Mellencamp to donate millions yearly.

    Hugh Kellenberger:
    So do you hire a coach and hope he pays his own salary in three years? That’s like buying an Escalade because you might get a new job.

    ^^Those are only a couple comments I randomly chose to take up space here. I think they adequately show fixing IU football goes far beyond the wolves beginning to circle the deer.

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