Willis questionable for OSU

Darius Willis is questionable for Saturday’s game against Ohio State with a groin injury, according to the injury report released by the team.

He’s the only new name to note. Chris Adkins, James Brewer, Richard Council, Nick Freeland and Brandon McGhee are all out. Kevin Bush and Brad Martin are both probable.


  1. Higgi-

    IU’s chances for an upset drastically decreased the day Fred Glass uttered the infamous words “Of course he’ll be back.”

  2. IU’s whole team is Bob Sanders…..every fricking year it seems IU has a helluva lot more injuries than the other Big Ten teams. What gives? Why is this team injured so much each year at key positions? I don’t know….maybe depth covers injuries on the other teams each year. But, this BS of like a half dozen starters out each year, about each game is getting old.

  3. I’m not sure that’s exactly true… I mean, look at the school from West Lafayette. They’ve lost their #1 QB, RB and WR to ACL tears… And, overall, I feel that we’ve had less injuries than normal this year. It’s obvious that Darius is just injury prone.

  4. You won’t be as disappointed with our injuries if you’ll check for the same every week with the rest of the B10. Injuries happen everywhere and at every school, just like it has always been.

  5. The reason ours seem worse is because we don’t have depth at each position like most good teams. About the only places we have depth are wide receiver and we do have 2 capable back up quarter backs. The kid Lynch recruited as a future star at running back broke his leg although he might have been red shirted anyway.

  6. It was his ACL, southport, assuming you’re referring to Perez. And yes, he was gonna redshirt. Just as well that Willis misses this game…not like he’s the difference btwn a win or a loss. Hope this is the only game he’s out tho. Looking forward to seeing how Nick Turner and Antonio Banks do. Maybe they’ll surprise us…we know what we have w/ Trea Burgess.

  7. Andrew, your memory is a lot better than mine and, yes, I was referring to Perez. You can say that Coach follows his plan if he was going to red shirt him anyway. Coach has made the commitment to red shirt freshman to make our team stronger but you got a wonder if he will be around to see them play? I am with you and hope the same for Banks and Turner. Sometimes when given a chance players step up and show what they have. Turner has been waiting to show what he can do. I believe he is a redshirt freshman from Southport! Go upset Ohio State!!

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