1. No surprises here. Sucks that this guy is such a faberge egg with his speed and talent. The chronic injuries that he’s experiencing are usually indicative of over-training and/or poor diet (leading to muscular and joint inflammation).

    Get well, Darius. We’ll need you next year.

  2. Just read this on Indystar.com……. Totally un-fricking-believable!!!!! So much talent wasted each year thus far….. He truly is our Bob Sanders. I hope he has a full recovery. I hope he can actually play for us one of these years and show us just how good we know he is and can be. See ya’ next year Darius. Man this sucks!

  3. I feel bad for the kid. Some athletes are just very injury prone.

    However, I still think we can survive the season without Willis. Just keep airing it out and stick to a 75/25 pass run mix.


  4. Willis for all his talent is as fragile as a mideast peace accord. Opportunity for someone else to step up.

  5. It’s funny you said that DD, I read an article awhile ago talking about him switching his diet to help prevent injuries and heal faster. He used to eat a high fat, junk food type of diet, but has switched now to vegatables. Hopefully it will work….next year.

  6. I’d like to see Antonio Banks get some snaps. He looked alright on Saturday; sure, he was playing against the second-stringers, but OSU’s second-stringers are better than anything he’s practiced against so far. I haven’t seen anything out of Trea Burgess in his years here to indicate that he can carry the load.

  7. Imagine this, the season starts out strong, finally get into the Big Ten season and injuries start to pile up.

    Sounds like a broken record…….

  8. Couldn’t agree more Mike P! Same sh*t, different year unfortunately….

    I’d love to see this team be able to fire on all cylinders for most of the season and especially when we are in the Big Ten schedule.

    I still believe this team can go 6-6 on the season and be bowl eligible. But, my 7-5 thought at the beginning of the year is slowly fading due to the O-Line’s injuries and poor run blocking, our porous young/inexperienced defense (mainly secondary problems) and now this.

  9. Mike W,

    I’m curious, where do you see 3 more wins at? I think they win this Saturday, but a loss to Ark. St. would not shock me at all. Say they do win, are 4-2 with these 6 games left:

    @Illinois – If the team that played PSU shows up, IU will get crushed. L

    Northwestern – Being a home game, this should be a win, but IU has to finish the game. Throughout Lynch’s career at IU, his teams have always been outscored in the 4th quarter, and by the largest margin compared to the other quarters. W/L

    Iowa – I really think Iowa rolls. L

    @Wisconsin – Like in the past, they won’t be able to stop the run all day and Wisconsin will run it down their throats.

    Penn State – Right now I think IU could beat them. 5 weeks from now, I’m not so sure, especially in D.C. – W/L

    @Purdue – In W. Lafyette, no chance. – L

    I see best case scenario as 6-6, realistically I can see them at 5-7 at the end of the season. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if they ended up 4-8.

  10. I agree with Mike P. 5-7 is about the best we’ll do this year and 4-8 is a strong possibility with our last win coming this weekend with Arkansas State. The sad fact is that we are a one dimensional team, that being our passing offense (and a good opponent pass rush may well nullify even that). With Willis out (unfortunate, but not surprising), we do not have a consistant running game and enough has been said about our defensive struggles that no further comment is required. It’s sad because I do think we’ve made some strides, but we seem not to be able to compete in the B10 and as the season progresses, our capacity to compete diminishes even further primarily because of injuries.

  11. Mike P,

    IU will win this Sat. Ark St. is not a push over by any means, but I think Homecoming juice pushes the W none the less.

    As for the rest….. Iowa and Wisconsin are pretty much given losses.

    @Illinois – Win/Loss (Loss only if my PSU assessment is wrong and I don’t think it is), because I don’t think they are as good as people think they are and I think Penn St. is much worse. OSU didn’t seem in the game mentally against them which made them look better, in my opinion.

    Northwestern – Win, they barely beat Minn. and couldn’t hold the lead against a battered Purdue team and a freshman 1st time starter.

    @Wisconsin – Loss, period. We’ve been drilled by them in recent years. No stopping that this year.

    Iowa – Loss (but possible upset at home) We’ve had a lot of success against Iowa in recent years, but I don’t think we come close this year. However, we would have beat them last year at Iowa before the monumental collapse in the 4th. Remember, couple of the strange bounces for turnovers propelled that collapse too. I actually think that Iowa team was better than this year’s Iowa team.

    @Wisconsin – Loss, period. We’ve been drilled by them in recent years. No stopping that this year.

    Penn St. – Win, I think Penn St. is very bad and are only getting worse with their Freshman QB. They barely beat Temple this year. Drilled in the Big Ten in both games. IU played right with them until almost mid 3rd quarter last year @Penn St. Our team is better, they are much worse.

    @Purdue – Win/Loss, I think we can beat this team with their freshman QB. He’s Tim Tebow / Denard Robinson kind of guy. However, he’s still a Freshman starting mid season. Their defense is not good, especially their secondary. I believe even our secondary is better than theirs. If we keep the D-Line off of Ben, he will fed on them. If our D stops their QB’s running better than Denard’s we win. The only reason I put loss up there too? Rivalry, period.

    So, my 2 solid wins are Northwestern and Penn St. with 90/10 feeling for a win over Purdue and a 70/30 felling over Illinois.

    *The only caveat to the Penn St. game is that we will be beaten, battered and bruised up at Wisconsin the week before. Depending how that goes will depend on the psyche and physical health for the Penn St. game.

  12. Sorry Wisconsin is listed twice! LOL I thought cut and pasted, but apparently I copied and pasted.

  13. Pretty good assesment. I think the big issue will be the same issue they had last season.

    The lack of an efficient running game to close out the games is a major issue. Like at Iowa last year, can’t run the ball so they have to keep trying to pass, 3 and outs, only burning 2 minutes of clock because of incompletes kills them and puts more on the defense, and putting pressure on this years defense isn’t good.

  14. 6-6 is probably realistic – the question is whether that’s good enough to get a bowl invite. We’ll be eligible, but at 6 -6 you need a reasonable number of fans willing to travel to a crappy bowl game to get invited. If we draw well (for us) in our remaining home games, a .500 record will get us to the Motor City Bowl or some such. If attendance drops off as the losses pile up, 6-6 won’t be good enough. It’s only one more win, but 7-5 would be huge.

  15. 6-6 is possible, but I would not say realistic. 7-5 would be a dream come true, but would mean that we beat 3 B10 teams in addition to Arkansas State. It’s college football so anything can happen, but I just don’t see 3 B10 wins this year. But, kurk81, I sure hope you’re right and I’m wrong.

  16. Mike P – Great point on not being able to run time off the clock! You’ve hit the nail on the head for the 2nd half collapses we often endure. Our best defense is to keep our offense on the field, especially this year.

    kurk81 – In my head I’ve been saying the same thing, 6-6 will probably not get us an invite. But, having so much fun at the Insight Bowl, I’m hopeful for at least the chance! LOL IU usually travels pretty well for post season games. I remember, the Insight officials being pleasantly surprised by IU’s showing at that bowl a couple years ago. In my opinion, home attendance isn’t as indicative of bowl game attendance. I hope that’s something we get to see play out though because that will mean we’re at least 6-6 and bowl eligible.

    iufan23 – Your feeling is very understandable, no question. But, keep the faith because realistically at this point, as IU football fans, what else do we have? LOL

  17. IU sent so many fans to the last bowl that I don’t think that will be a problem. As of right now, I would not pay for my family to go anywhere to see this team play. I have NO confidence in them at this very moment! With that said I will be there Saturday and be as positive as I can but something needs to change…

    am I the only one that needs to be somewhat confident to shell out money for my family of 4 to travel and attend an IU bowl game?

    As I sit here now I see IU giving NW a good run and maybe PU but Iowa and Wisky are losses and Illinois is playing really well! IU has never beaten Penn St and I see it happening in Bloomington but now that they sold out and moved the game…NO WAY! If I am wrong then feel free to let me have it! IU closes the season with 5 or 6 wins max!

  18. Mike P, I think you’re right on. If anything, you may be a bit optimistic. I’m not confident IU will win another game this year. Obviously, with home games against Ark St and NW, they have a chance to win two, but no way IU beats, Iowa, IL, Wisc, Penn Sate or Purdue. They just don’t have the defense to stop the big boys. And the injuries will continue to mount, depriving IU of their best players. Another big loss, then the moral starts to decline and it becomes an avalanche.

    I think IU’s offense will continue to do well, but they will begin to feel increased pressure to score on every possession and compensate for a defense that can’t to stop anyone.

    O.K., here’s my question. If IU does not win another game and finish 3 – 9, does IU bring Lynch back next year? What about 4 – 8? If he wins five, I think IU will give Lynch another year because it’s an improvement. Plus he has an improved recruiting class coming in next fall.
    But do they cut their losses a year early if he finishes 3 – 9 or 4 – 8?

    Frankly, I don’t think IU has the money or will want to spend the money to pay Lynch a year’s severence. Even though it’s penny wise and pound foolish, I think Lynch stays through his existing contract, no matter what his record is.

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