Yes, Hanner Perea has committed

Hanner Perea, a class of 2012 forward, has verbally committed to Indiana, multiple outlets are reporting.

He told Inside the Hall’s Zach Osterman that the driving force was coach Tom Crean.

Perea is a top-10 player nationally, according to, and the 6-foot-8 forward from Colombia recently began attending school at LaPorte LaLumiere.

Indiana and Baylor had long been the only two schools he was considering, though Baylor is under NCAA investigation for his recruitment.

UPDATE, 3:05 p.m.

Dustin Dopirak here. Just got off the phone with Perea, Mark Adams and others, and it is indeed official.

Perea said he’d been thinking about making a commitment for some time and the weekend of the visit seemed like the right time to do it. He’s spent a lot of time in Bloomington and on campus and felt comfortable with the school.

“I’ve been thinking about doing it for a long time,” he said. “Last week I was thinking about doing it this weekend because I knew I was going to visit. Last night. I had to talk to my uncle and my family. They said they would be OK with it if I felt good about coming to IU, so I just went ahead and did it.”

Perea said Indiana coach Tom Crean was the key factor in his commitment.

“I like the coach,” he said. “The coach is a great coach. I would love for him to coach me.”

Perea said he also likes the way big men are used in Indiana’s system.

“I’ve been to practice,” Perea said. “They way they use their big men, they work like guards. Some schools, they don’t really work with their big men like that. I know here at IU, he’s going to help me get better.”

Getting Perea is obviously a massive coup for Indiana. The 6-foot-8 power forward has a 7-foot-4 wingspan and incredible leaping ability. He’s also working on his jump shot and ball handling to add more of a perimeter game to the post presence he already has.

“He’s just a freak,” said Mark Adams, coach at Indiana Elite and founder of the A-HOPE program that brought Perea to the U.S. “Emmanuel Negedu was the best athlete I’d ever seen until I saw him, Hanner’s two inches taller and has three inches more in wingspan and jumps just as well as Negedu. He’s a rare athlete. I can’t think of anyone with his size and his length. I can’t think of any better athlete.”


  1. YES! YES! YES! Bring on Cody and Yogi! There is some serious talent lining up to come to Indiana in the next few years!

  2. The recruiting job being done by Tom Crean, considering the circumstances involved, is one of the most impressive sports stories I’ve seen, and if things continue to go well, I’m sure the national media will pick up on that angle as well. This is fantastic.

  3. Perea to IU !!! The class of 2012 is looking GOOD!! Two more dominoes to drop-Cody and Yogi! Here it goes!! IU is BACK!!

  4. This is unreal, look out Big Ten….IU is coming back to their most rightful place….ON TOP!!!!

  5. It’s all Fallon into place boys and girls! Time to rejoice, we are back and will be very defensive and as looooong as I can ever remember!

  6. This is fabulous!!! Two spots left for 2012 (and possibly oversign by 1). Hopefully Yogi, Harris, or Hollowell will jump on board quickly so they don’t get squeezed out! The momentum is building.

  7. So where are all the Crean haters now? Any fan with half a brain knew this rebuilding was going to take a while, and we needed to give him time. With all these great commits, the light at the end of the tunnel is no longer a train, GO HOOSIERS!!

  8. Nice pickup. Now bring on Zeller, Yogi, and Harris. I agree that Crean has really turned around recruiting once Zeller signs.
    Zeller is the foundation.

  9. Where’s your Alford love now, 4guards? Sit back and enjoy the next 10 years. The new and improved “General” has arrived!

    Because it’s Creanapoleon!

  10. “Nice pickup.” Don’t strain yourself showing your excitement,4guards. You’re just another wet blanket.

    Notice how 4guards is setting it up so that unless Crean get’s Zeller, Yogi, and Harris, especially Zeller, Crean will have failed! Basically, if Crean does not sign every top player 4guards thinks should be on IU’s team, Crean is a failure. Wow, it’s impossible for you to be wrong. It’s like the guy that predicts the Cubs to win the World Series every year, eventually he’ll be right.

    The rest of us can celebrate what appears to be a major recruiting accomplishment and be reassured that Crean is moving things in te right direction.

    I welcome all you Crean bashers to explain why this is not great news for IU basketball.

  11. Chuck, the numbers are easy to figure out: 1) for 2011 we have two scholarships open, one for Austin and one for Cody (these come from Bawa and Rivers); 2) for 2012 we have four scholarships open, one for Ron, one for Peter, one for Hanner, and one for Yogi (assuming he grabs it this next week or so), (these come from Michel, Jones, Pritchard, and Roth). PLUS IU has an oversign scholarship for 2012 (making a possible total of 5 for 2012) for either Harris or Hollowell to grab, first-come-first-served. We might get a 6th for 2012, but only if either Creek or Watford goes to the NBA. You can never have more than 13 total scholarships for the four classes each season.

  12. who cares about 4guards and his lame brain agenda. Crean is fixing our program the right way, with or without Zeller, IU will be back to our rightful spot in college bball. zeller will choose IU, no doubt.

  13. BeatPurdue, yes, I see that now. If we get Zeller and Yogi, then Harris or Hollowell would be the oversign. Lets hope it is a problem we have to face over the next couple weeks.

  14. Here comes the Dunk’a thon, with VO, HP and Cody they better make sure the break away rims are in good working order! There’s plenty of room for another banner in the Hall!

  15. We will land Zeller, but yes we will have failed miserabley if we do not. The castle would crumble.
    My opinion is that we will land Zeller and Yogi and will have turned recruiting around.
    It all hinges on Zeller.

  16. So, do we just shut down the IU BB team if Zeller signs with UNC? “The castle would crumble”???Absolutely your most absurd blog post so far, and that’s saying a lot.

    That’s quite a “man-crush” you have for Zeller.

  17. If we lose Zeller, that is 2 miserable classes in a row. We absolutely cannot have that and be successul. Also Yogi is less likely to come here without Zeller.

  18. This is great news and this kid can really play. He’s coming here is really extending Crean’s recruiting momentum. You’ve got to think more really high impact recruits are coming.

  19. are amazingly simple minded! Zeller is a great player but one great player does not make a recruiting class. If IU gets CZ, you have put a lot of pressure on him to perform at a very high level. Based on your expectations, anything less than him averaging a double-double and leading IU to Big Ten and NCAA wins will be a failure.
    So, I disagree with you!! CZ will be a very good player for IU but it takes a team to win championships. IU, even without CZ, will be a very good team.

  20. After Perea, Cody is simply an addition. A nice role player but the team will be built around Hanner. That might be appealing to Zeller, as it’s the same role he would play at UNC.

  21. Can any of you name one player associated with Mark Adams that has ever played more than a handful of quality minutes? These guys are usually a bust. You guys are really jumping the gun in saying that iu is back, they have a long way to go and may never get there.

  22. Jeff, have you seen him play? Have you looked at the ratings? I am actually more happy with this pickup than I will be if Zeller comes.

    GFDave, I have missed you, good to see you on here.

    Congrats to Crean and everyone involved on this great news of Perea!!!

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