Zeller at IU

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Cody Zeller, center, stands next to Washington teammate Robert Pittman on the sidelines at Indiana’s game against Michigan. Chris Howell | Herald-Times

What we know about IU’s prospects attending today’s game:

The open gym was rather short. Cody Zeller did not play, but a source said Hanner Perea and Jeremy Hollowell both stood out.

Looks like Yogi Ferrell did not make the trip, but a host of prospects (including Hollowell and Gary Harris) are spending the night in Bloomington.


  1. Cody surely you would not be all smiles at IU then RIP the hearts out of all of us and step on it and leave it on SR37? Come on cody, UNC could care less about what school you choose and Butler is in the horizon league and play on a local network only…come on man!

  2. 4guards’ passion for Indiana started many years ago when his mom would take him for drives around the Bloomington campus.

  3. Region:

    Have you any pride? would you really enjoy it if Cody were to somehow find himself reading your comment, and feel guilted into attending a school and making an irrevocable life choice? Shame on you. Pathetic.

    Cody- look at at this way.

    Academics-> UNC
    Basketball-> UNC
    Campus life-> UNC

    if you want to disappoint less people by committing to an irrelevent school (sorry, boys, Bobby Knight is gone), then by all means, make them happy and go to IU. However, UNC does want you. They’d just be okay without you, which says volumes about UNC vs. IU.

  4. nick, I will make sure I find a few blogs when UNC is brought down one day. Go and watch the 81 champ game and enjoy!

  5. BTW, what time does Hysteria start on the 15th? Is it 8pm or is it going back to the midnight deal like it used to be?

  6. Having taken classes there I can assure you that the campus life at UNC falls short of that at IU. Academics are a wash. UNC is in a better place basketball-wise.

  7. There are plenty of strong arguments for CZ choosing IU and for NC trolls to indicate otherwise is just silly. Cody knows (and likes) the coach. He knows who the recruits are (and is friendly with many of them). He’s seen Cook Hall. He knows what Bloomington in the fall looks like. He knows IU has a top-notch business school. He knows the talent level/experience will be very good by the time he arrives next fall. He knows that a potential blockbuster class is right behind him. He knows his parents can easily attend all of his home games if they want. The list goes on and on. If you are OBJECTIVE (and nick, you are anything but objective) and lay out all of the pros and cons of attending each school, I think CZ ultimately decides to be a Hoosier. NC has a little better current tradition (although last season poked a pretty big hole in that advantage and it’s very likely that IU will soon wipe out that perception with the direction of their recruiting). IU has everything he needs and it’s right in his back yard. No, I don’t think he’s absolutely made up his mind, but yes, I suspect he’s a fairly heavy IU-lean, although only the Butler decision would be a real surprise to me on announcement day. As coach Crean said, haters…get your licks in now, because IU ain’t gonna be down much longer.

  8. Basically what it comes down to is that Crean needs to pull in Zeller so he has a player that future recruits want to come play with. If he doesn’t get Zeller, his future recruiting classes will diminish..

    Zeller will end up going to IU because UNC doesn’t have a scholarship for him.. This is obvious.. So why doesn’t Cody just committ already?

    I’ll tell you why.. because he WANTS to go to UNC. He WANTS a chance to be on a contending team now. Think about it, Zeller will get better competition playing with his brother and Harrison Barnes in practice than he would ever get playing a game at IU.

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