Lynch: “We were a few plays from beating some really good teams”

Questions about Bill Lynch’s job status filtered into the Big Ten teleconference this week, as several reporters asked  what Lynch thought about his future.

The first simply asked what went wrong for IU.

“I think we played against really good football teams,” Lynch said. “Every team that beat us is a bowl eligible team out of the Big Ten. The Big Ten is very, very good this year. We certainly had a great opportunity against Michigan, got beat in the last minute. Had a great opportunity against Northwestern, it came down to a made field goal and a missed field goal. We had a great opportunity against Iowa and dropped a ball in the end zone. We were tied with Penn State going into the fourth quarter. At some point, you’ve got to realize we came up a play or two short against some really good football teams. We had some injuries, I think losing Darius Willlis has affected our running game, but everybody has injuries. I’m not going to sit here and say that’s the difference because everybody has that, and that’s part of it. I just think we were very competitive in some big games that would’ve turned our season around and everybody would’ve looked at it a little differently.”

Another reporter asked how he wanted to be evaluated at the end of the season.

“That’s a difficult question for me to answer because I’m certainly going to slant the answer in my favor,” Lynch said with a nervous laugh. “That’s what makes it difficult. I certainly have a great respect for everyone here and the evaluation process they’ll go through, but I think in running a football program in the Big Ten there’s a lot of factors that go into it. We’re all judged on won-lossed. Those of us in the profession know, there’s so many things that are involved with it. It all shows up on Saturdays. But I’m certainly proud of what we’ve done here and what we have built. We’ve been very, very competitive. I think in the last two years, we’ve had 15 Big Ten games and 10 of them we’ve had the lead or were within a score in the fourth quarter, and we’ve only won one of them. So, that’s the reflection of us not finishing and not getting it done, but certainly a reflection on us being competitive.”

Lynch was about finishing and who that falls on.

“Every situation and every game is different,” he said. “It’s about making plays. Our guys out there have prepared very, very well and have worked very hard and have really battled. We’ve been coming up a play or two short. Each one’s a little bit different situation. To try to characterize it, it’s because of this, you can’t do it that way. That’s why you play, but the effort our guys have given and the way they’ve battled and certainly the staff, I think there isn’t one single thing you could say would make the difference, but that’s in every football game you watch no matter what it is.”


  1. I have to say as much as I want Lynch to go, I am glad I am not the one who has to show him the door. He just seems like such a genuine, likable and honest guy. But those traits haven’t translated to wins… so wish you the best Lynch, just somewhere else.

  2. Bill Lynch, nice guy it seems but as a football coach he is just not the caliber that a Big Ten school needs, heck, he got ran out of Ball State.

    Nice guys finish last in his case, IU has four wins this season and those teams are dreadful. Make it easier on the Hoosiers around the country and just go Bill, we can’t win with you.

  3. Wow, it’s just one excuse after another. Nothing is ever his fault.

    “A few plays away”
    “We’re inexperienced”

    Time to fire this clown!

  4. Unbelievable. A 5-26 record in the Big Ten and does he take responsibility at all in his comments? No, if you look back at every comment he made referring to this year’s games where we were “only a play or two away from winning,” he threw his players under the bus. A missed FG vs. NU(Sorry, Ewald). A dropped pass vs. Iowa (Sorry, Belcher). No, Bill, an isolated play here or there is not your fault, but 12 consecutive conference losses and I’m pointing at you.

  5. Unbelievable. A 5-26 Big Ten record and does he take any responsibility for that? No, instead given the chance to talk about his career, he threw his players under the bus. A missed FG vs. NU (sorry, Ewald). A dropped pass vs. Iowa (sorry, Belcher). Sure, Bill, an isolated play here or there would be understandable but with 12 straight conference losses, I’m pointing the finger at you.

  6. Look, I’ve bemoaned Lynch’s passive post-game comments and excuse laden press conferences, but let’s be clear on one thing: this is a guy whose never done anything other than represent the school, players and himself with class and dignity. He respects the media, he ensures that his teams are involved in the community, and he emphasizes the need to prepare student athletes for life after football.

    I do not believe Lynch is the coach that will turn Indiana around, but why don’t we refrain from attacking him personally? My only problem with lynch fundamentally is that he can’t win. If he does go, let’s wish him the best and appreciate the fact that he’s not an arrogant, pompous ass like 95 percent of college coaches.

    I think he should be fired, but I also believe it should be the kindest, most empathetic firing that’s ever occurred.

    Let’s separate his inability to win from his great ability to give the program a classy face.

    Best of luck in the next stage of your life, Bill.

  7. Ad delusional to incompetent when justifying the need to fire Lynch. Is he crazy? “A few plays from beating some really good teams.” That would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic. And a frog is just two wings away from being able to fly!

    He was also a few plays away from being beaten by 60 at Ohio State. He was a few plays away from being beaten by Ark State (a missed field goal, in fact). I think he’s a few cards short of a full deck.

    Enough of this guy. He’s a loser and his rediculous comments are an embarrassment. NEXT!

  8. Casey,
    Very nice post, couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s really easy for everyone to kick a man while he’s down, especially a decent, classy man who won’t fight back by stooping to others level. If you look at it, he’s right, one caught pass and we beat Iowa, one made field goal and we beat Northwestern, and are we having this convo now? Who knows, but I do wish Lynch the best if he is let go. I would like to see us pull an Illinois and keep Lynch but force him to hire a new staff, so far it’s worked out for them pretty well.

  9. I too agree with Casey’s very classy and accurate comment about Coach Lynch. I’m not even sure the problem is anything other than the need to totally review and restructure the defensive side…IU has not had problems playing good offensive football… The sad thing for Lynch, but for his lack of decisiveness about his defensive staff, we are in the dilemma we are in.

  10. Agree with your thoughts Casey. Mike P. mentioned in a chat that one possibility is Lynch’s resignation. Great guy just not the right guy for this job.


  11. Lets not break the contract, but pay him a big salary for a year as Asst. AD for something important in the Department. Let him earn his wages by supporting the program and being the class act he seems to be (but I get frustrated with the childish whining at the refs – and gum throwing).

    Part of what BL can do is get out and play golf with the alumni who will have to kick in and pay the salary of his successor. Take Bill Mallory, AT and some old FB players out, then get TC and Kitch and old BB players on the golf course with the alumni to get some cash and fill the coffers.

  12. Another ditto for Casey.

    I think Bill would make a great studio analyst on the Big 10 Network. Possibly even a color guy in the booth.

  13. Make no mistake…losing Coach Lynch will have an impact and not a positive one! Lynch is just the visible symbol of a fundemental problem with IU football which is that it has suffered from continual under investment. If you really disect these games as you should, I think you’ll find that the problems are in order (a) depth, (b) talent, (c) coaching and (d) strength and conditioning. All of these conditions have improved under BL, although position coaching should be further along than it is. As I’ve said in prior posts, I think we keep Lynch but acquire some D1 subordinates.

  14. I read these posts and I know in my heart, my wife does as well, I never hated on Lynch…I just knew from half way through the 2008 season he was wrong for the job. I let it be known on here and in every day life and I am comfortable with it. It needed to be done if my favorite team is going to win anytime in the future. It matters to me more than most, I think. I agree that if he is let go that it should be in the nicest way possible. Goodness, I wish Lynch the best but I think he might get one more year if IU beats PU so maybe we should not even be talking about this. We will see!

  15. In hindsight, if Lynch was let go after last season as Mike P and I wanted…IU could not have done any worse this year and IU would most likely be in a better spot. I went to that NW game last year and came back to Bloomington thinking Lynch would be let go…knowing he should be let go. I said it on this blog 100 times if not 1,000. Look at where we are now! It kind of pisses me off in a way…

    Trust me, I am not saying I told you so in an arrogant way, I just don’t see how guys that make 10 times the amount of money I make cannot see bad football coaching. I loved Hep but will remember Lynch staying on because Hep gave him his endorsement, Lynch is a “nice guy” and lastly…the transition from old AD to new AD…oh and a mostly complacent group of fans used to losing!

  16. While we are sitting around talking about what Glass should have already done.

    Ball State pulled the trigger (though I think to soon) and fired their coach who just hasn’t got it done the last 2 years. Granted BSU isn’t IU, but after tasting a 12-0 regular season, 4-8 isn’t acceptable.

    Brady Hoke is meeting with Minnesota about their open coaching job. While I’m not 100% sold on Brady Hoke, there are a lot of people who think he will really make noise at a BCS school.

    Glass needs to act sooner than later. Every day that he doesn’t make a decision either way is another day wasted for the future of IU football.

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