1. Guys I have really enjoyed listening to your video discussions after IU football….sadly more than the games themselves sometimes. Thanks for the effort and insight.

    Although I would agree that today’s victory does make the decision tougher, I think I will disagree with Andy’s prediction. IU is dead last again. I just don’t think the argument is strong enough to retain, but I’m glad I don’t decide.

    Congratulations to the team on the win and the bucket.

  2. I want to send congrats to the team and coaches on winning the bucket. Beating those guys always feels good. KevinK, sorry that your Ross-Ade experience was so negative.

  3. Was at the game today as well. Great interaction between the IU receivers group and an unruly Purdue fan. We were sitting right behind the right side of bench near the IU receivers and an inebriated Purdue fan in his 40’s was ragging on Terrance Turner for fumbling the punt return and catch. After about three to four screams that eerily sounded like Matt Foley (the late Chris Farley’s SNL character), an IU fan said “Terrance don’t listen to him this is all he has, it’s a sad life. You’re better than that and have your whole life ahead of you!” Doss, Belcher, Turner and Wilson turned around and gave a smile and a point.

    Very next IU set of possessions Turner makes that tremendous grab down the sideline to help IU tie the game. Once on the sideline he looked at the Purdue fan and gave him a head nod.

    Great win, it was emotional. I’ve been a proponent of getting rid of Lynch but after witnessing first hand the sideline, the players, the comeback, I’ll be honest….Lynch could be back next year. That’s how much this win meant to this team. It was like all the bad went out of the room and the team just let out a big sigh of relief.

    Anyway Glass will make the right decision, whatever that may be. He has shown that he does his due diligence.


  4. As cute as that is …it shows how far off we are …I mean ….I watched alabama – auburn ….lsu – arkansas ….well u name it ….we are light years behind competing with them on the field and in the stands ….maybe I will just quit like ALL of my my full 25 hoosier family …..thanks Coach Crean for your great recruiting ….

  5. Comparing us to Alabama or LSU is not fair to our program. The tradition of those schools is way to great and that is unreasonable comparision. Building a program to their level will take years, just like the time it took for them to build.

  6. I think a really fair comparison is Oklahoma State. They’ve gone nowhere but up since we played them in the Insight Bowl. Last night they were still playing for a BCS bid. Four years ago Stanford was one of the worst teams in the country. Tonight they will likely be #4 in the BCS rankings. I don’t buy into this idea that it takes 10-20 years to build a program that can consistently be bowl eligible. A really top flight, young coach could win more games with the players we have today.

    Listen to what the Scoop guys said in their video – this was the first time IU played out of their shoes all year. That’s a coaching issue and the question should be why did the staff not have them playing that way the other 11 games.

  7. If the IU football program does not make a change, then we won’t ever get any better. I may be alone on this, but a victory over a Purdue team which was not very good should not justify Indiana extending Lynch’s contract. I hope that Fred Glass cleans up ‘the big house’ just as he did our basketball program. We need a high profile football coach that knows how to win. We have to stop spinning our wheels in mediocrity. If we want to continue to increase the number of fans in the stands and build a new tradition of winning football, we have to start right now.

  8. I hate to sound negative after beating Purdue, but I just think that too much credit is being given for one solitary win over a beat up, terrible (except on defense) opponent. There is absolutely no improvement on the record books, and the argument for continuity doesn’t hold weight in this particular case either–continous poor play is not the kind of consistency that IU needs. Additionally, if recruits have a feeling that Lynch is a lame duck next season, that’s going to cost us more recruits both in 2011 and beyond.

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