1. Overall, good performance.
    Elston flatout needs more playing time. What is Crean’s beef with him?
    Verdell cannot be the point guard. 11 turnovers in 2 games? against these teams?

  2. Just some things that look different this year so far, confidence, defense on a whole, shooting, leadership, depth. Wat has improved so much! I actually agree Elston needs more playing time but Crean is being loyal to Pritch for now…hope that changes!!!

  3. “Elston flatout needs more playing time. What is Crean’s beef with him?”

    How does he look in practice?

  4. Sure hope the turnover issues get resolved. Watched some of the game with my dad and he continually described the contest as two teams that were playing “tiddlywinks”. He couldn’t stop repeating the word. I gave into his hints and told him to switch the channel to the Dallas vs. Giants game(what I knew he preferred to watch in the first place). His vision has suffered the last few years from fighting the combined effects of glaucoma and diabetes..He actually thought Tony Romo was having the game of his lifetime.

    How I miss the days when a Hoosier basketball team could run up the score on the lower tier teams in the Big 10. I know the ideal is to have a healthy football program and there are many universities that have proven two strong major sports programs is an achievable goal. But damn it all, this is basketball country! This is Indiana! And though nobody likes to watch their school get humiliated in any sport, it was sure sweet when there was a day a Hoosier basketball team could likely return the same favor for the poundings and piling on the points against our inadequate football team. Will we ever again have a basketball team that can put a nice vengeful waxing on a school that was still throwing fourth quarter bombs against our football team already being destroyed by a margin of 69-13? Pleasure so easily erases pain and there was nothing like January hoops to give us the last laugh our November gridiron follies of shame.

    Guess I should just quit bitching and feel lucky to still have my dad around to spend a couple worry-free hours flipping through games and sports channels on a Sunday evening. I know it will all become far too important its true meaninglessness when I don’t have him to share our tiddlywink moments together.

  5. Downing, I know what you are saying, I do and as much as I like football I have moved on to basketball. I moved on earlier than I ever remember! I watched the IU basketball game last night and was really impressed with the boys. My wife commented that it looks like a totally different team this year after watching two games. I think the turnovers will get better, especially when Yogi comes here…it has been a long time since IU has had a really great ball handler! I know others are turning it over too much as well but it is early…

  6. Elston seems a little top heavy. He needs to stop bulking up and work more on his athleticism training. I agree that the turnovers need to improve(VJ3). That is the style of play. Most of the turnovers are unforced and are a result of being out of control. When they settle down and learn to be better passers the turnovers should lower. Especially when a more defined and consistent lineup is established. They are all still young but they look solid and have good potential. Free Guy. Gary Harris for President!

  7. Dustin,
    Enjoyed the articles in the paper about the last 10 years of IU basketball. I thought the info on and interviews with Mike Davis to be the most interesting part of the whole series. Thanks for writing that!

  8. VJIII is what he is , but it almost seem like Coach Crean just can’t put the puzzel together. Is he waiting for Guy to get cleared to establish any kind of post game or is the TP and company have none. When we play a real major DI school we’re going to get our clocked cleaned by some post player dunking and getting lay ups. Elston needs to be the alternative inside player to Watford, no sense in thinking Prichard is bringing more than he did last year at this point.This team has a long way to go to not having a repeat of last year’s Big Ten season!

  9. Thanks a lot Dave. Really appreciate you reading. Davis really did save the thing. His interview was late in the process and I didn’t think he was going to do it, but he was a great interview and really added a lot.

  10. Dustin, I supported Davis until almost the end, I did! If you ever read Jason Whitlock and can find the two stories he wrote on Davis…I agree 100% that his “thin skin” did him in. I was at Target with my newborn daughter and ran into him…I said “hang in there coach, go get a win” and he did not even acknowledge what I said and he and his wife completely blew me off. The next game was the Iowa game he did not even show up for because Alford was the coach…

    the rest is history!!!

  11. Tom-

    I think your post just magically appeared between JPat’s and my own. I’m certain it wasn’t there before-I wouldn’t have blown you off. Thanks for asking about my dad. He fights the good fight but I don’t pretend to believe he’ll ever be the same.

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