Capobianco will play Saturday, and other notes

Just a few odds and ends from Thursday’s media availability:

— Bobby Capobianco will play on Saturday against Kentucky, coach Tom Crean said. He missed the last game against Savannah State because of an ankle sprain. Crean said the week off has been important in getting several players healthy.

— This Kentucky team is different, Crean said, but he also was very effusive in his praise for them. He talked in some detail about their length, and how that has made the Wildcats such a good 3-point defense team.

— Asked if the week off was beneficial, he said that’s a matter of your perspective. When IU was in a run of games close together, the coaching staff talked about getting into a rhythm (which he expects Kentucky is doing, having played Wednesday). With a week off, Crean talked to his team about getting better not just for Saturday, but for the season.

— I asked Crean about recruiting guys with realistic NBA dreams and what he wants to hear in terms of commitment. This was part of his response:

“I think the biggest key is that someone doesn’t come with their bags packed. That they come and unpack them. When you got one foot in and one foot out, or you got the car — it’s running and it’s in neutral in the parking lot. I think that’s when you run into problems.

So I don’t have any real theory on that. I think each situation is different, because each recruit is different. I think our job is to have a vision for them and a realistic vision for them. I have no doubt we have that with our recruits and our current players. And then it’s your job as a coach, a coaching staff and as an entire program to hold them to that vision, that they chose to come for that in the first place. That means Indiana first, putting their education at the top.

(On lightening academic regulations) We won’t ever do it like that. Everybody is on the same guidelines and that’s the way it’s going to be as we go down the road, because we’re going to be faced more and more of that at Indiana.”

— Jordan Hulls said the advances the team made during the offseason, becoming bigger, stronger and faster, will aid them in dealing with Kentucky’s athleticism. I asked if he remembered John Wall’s dunk last season and he said he did not (for the record, I don’t believe him).


  1. Hulls does look like and idiot because he does just stand still, but Wall sidesteps him and goes left for the easy dunk. Hulls did not get DUNKED ON at all. Anybody who has played ball knows that and could easily believe that Hulls has zero recollection. He probably got mad momentarily for his mental lapse.

  2. “very effusive” is redundant. like saying over-abundance or over-zealous. not as bad as forewarn though.

  3. Nice of the basketball team to take a week off so we could all follow IU football and the landmark hiring of Kevin Wilson. And after the Kentucky game, we can get back to speculating on who Wilson’s defensive coordinator will be.

  4. I asked him about it as a lead-in to talking about how he is better prepared to handle that situation now, after a year at Indiana, in a college strength & conditioning program and working with the coaches.

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