ESPN: Glass meets with Wilson, others.

ESPN’s Pat Forde is reporting that Fred Glass met with Oklahoma offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson on Monday and that Glass has also met with Michigan State offensive coordinator Don Treadwell and Wisconsin defensive coordinator David Doeren this week. Wilson appears to be the favorite for the job, and that info is coming from a few sources now.


  1. Intriguing and exciting. I must say, I would favor the DC from Wisc over either of the OCs, but any one those candidates would give us someone from a winning D1 program and plenty of experience and familiarity with the ways of the Big 10. Wonder why Chryst isn’t on there.

  2. By the way, nice work Dustin, burning the midnight lamp to get us the story on a Friday night.

  3. on a whole not really what I expected or wanted but I will accept any of these three guys and hope for the best. As bad as I wanted a defensive guy I think Wilson is the best candidate. If he gets the job at IU, I pray he brings a really good defensive coordinator with him and does not neglect defense like the current staff.

    Defense wins games!!!

  4. Sorry guys but I’m a bit worried about anything from Oklahoma. I remember how that worked out last time! 😉

  5. I hope this is just three, of at least twenty, candidates Glass talks to. Gotta see where IU stands and who is really interested. Not sure if these coaches deserve high pay at this junction in thier careers. I would also like to see IU get a defensive coach. Wasn’t Hoeppner A former defensive back and coordinator. Wasn’t Mallory a defense first coach? Hmmmmm..

  6. Many sites, including Sooners Rivals is saying that Kevin Wilson to IU is a done deal. Will be announced sometime tomorrow either before or after the OU/NEB game.

  7. Stoops says its BS they haven’t even met, but who knows. Anyone but Steve Addaizo. As someone who lives in FL and sees them play often he is horrible. He can’t do anything without Tebow. Look at their offense this year

  8. I’ll believe all this Oklahoma OC gossip when I see something more credible than ESPN rumors, but just for fun, assuming there’s some truth to it, you have to love the irony of Wilson going from OU to IU and the parallels between the jerseys…similar colors & similar mascot names in the same place (they were almost identical until we added the shoulder stripes and the collar dickey this year).

  9. Has Brady Hoke even been contacted? Rumors from the MWC are that he is very interested in the IU job and is holding off with negotiating a contract extension with SDSU.

  10. I’m with the prevailing view here..I want the primary focus of our team to be defense. That being the case, if IU DOES go the OC route as the head coach hire, please for the love of Pete do I hope that defense was stressed in the interviews!

  11. While I’m sure these OCs and DCs are very good coaches, I’m a bit disappointed that we aren’t apparently going for any big name head coaches. If we were, going for a major league HC, we would not be talking with these coordinators this soon. There are two risks associated with hiring a coordinator who has never been a head coach. First, great coordinators often don’t turn out to be great head coaches, either because their teams lack the necessary on-field discipline, ala Cam Cameron, or they don’t prove to be great recruiters or evaluators of talent. With a head coach you can evaluate these strengths and weaknesses but with a OC or DC you don’t really get that opportunity. This also suggests to me that $ is a big issue. If not, I’d have to think we’d be talking to bigger name head coaches. It could all turn out great,or be another sad chapter in the book of IU football. At least that’s my 2 cents.

  12. I agree with the Def comments but I’m not sure how much of the problem was scheme or talent. IU had very little talent on D this year. They are slow in the secondary and weak upfront.

    The next coach whether an O or D guy has to be able to recruit and find players willing to go to IU. Indiana doesn’t have the HS talent to stock a football team with, so whomever they hire has to be able to go around the nation and especially Tx and FL and get players who don’t want to be back ups or wait 2 yrs to play at the top schools.

  13. The only problem I have with a guy like Wilson, is that there is not a track record of getting results without the top talent. It is why I favor a guy like Brady Hoke. Anybody ought to do well with the athletes they get at Oklahoma. He is not going to get those same athletes at IU. At least Hoke has demonstrated an ability to compete with the athletes he has available to him. That is the one quality I think they need to find in a coach. Unless they can claim he was instrumental in recruiting those top athletes, I think IU can do better.

  14. I just hope Glass doesn’t pull the trigger till after the Oklahoma/Nebraska game today. Wilson’s offense against that Nebraska defense.

  15. Bingo Tim. My other concern is that it sounds like some people will be glad to see Wilson leave OU. I kinda got that Matt Canada feeling about him for some reason. I know, apples to oranges.

  16. On the Hoke front, I read an article the other day comparing Hoke and the guy that took over UNLV at the same time. On of the big differences, according to the article, in the quick SDSU turnaround and the UNLV struggles is that Hoke inherited a really good QB and two good WR. If that’s the case, it does give me some pause to heap too much praise on Hoke at this point. I still prefer a bad@$$ defensive mind running our ship for the long haul.

    Just my continued two cents.

  17. Cooper,

    It might interest you to know the state of Indiana for the 2009 season was ranked the 15th best state to glean HS football recruits and over 2010 & 2011 seasons the projection for the state is to be 12th or 13th. A new coach can go along way to fielding good talent by paying close attention to Hoosier HS FB programs and their coaches. Whoever the new coach is he will certainly recruit from programs and states he is already familiar and worked with previously. In other words adding quality out of state talents to our own home grown flavor is a must.

  18. Clarion- That’s an interesting fact, and yet another foil to the argument that IU is doomed to fail because there aren’t a lot of good football players here.

  19. I don’t put a lot of stock into fanbase’s opinions after one bad year.

    OU fans are just mad that they haven’t had the season they’re accustomed to having, and since they can’t reasonably say they want to fire Stoops, they’ll look for someone else to vent on.

    I doubt a lot of the fans that are supportive of Wilson leaving would have felt that way when they had Sam Bradford and the one of the best offenses in college football. There’s no more fickle group of fans than the fans of a powerhouse college football team.

  20. Tom,

    Exactly my thoughts for 8-12 years. With ND only wanting the 5* player and PUke wanting talent largely from out of state IU should get commits from 95% of the best HS talent Hoosier Land has to offer. The Colts(professionally)and to some extent the Buckeyes(collegiatley)both having very good success over this last decade has positively affected the culture of FB and particularly HS FB in Indiana. IU and a new exciting staff should be able to protect the low hanging fruit and also reach for the best in the region.

  21. Clarion,

    All I know is there was just a report that the area of Florida from West Palm Beach south to Miami which is about 70 miles has had 476 BCS players in the last 6 years.

    If you read my comment I did not say Indiana has no talent, just not enough to stock a team. The best players and speed guys IU needs are in Tx and FL.

  22. Clarion/Husky,

    I’m not arguing that IU football is doomed to fail, but TX, CA, and FL produce so many BCS-worthy players that they probably account for the numeric equivalent of 20 states; thus, the state of Indiana being ranked from 12th to 15th isn’t as good as it sounds.

  23. I categorically disagree. 12th or 15th is much better than it sounds. All that talent to predominately one in-state program manifests success. PUke is doing their best to carry out the Fla., Texas and etc. theory and they are not getting it done because of the density of the competition. In fact Hope is now being talked about as being on the hot seat. Schools in those states are successful because they are successful recruiting in their home state. Gunner Kiel is a big time talent being recruited by Alabama because he fits what they do. He will be a recruiting success for IU if he commits.

  24. Clarion,

    You’re right, I have seen some amazing high school talent in Indiana in the last 5-8 years, and it seems to be growing. I haven’t looked lately and don’t want to take the time right now, but I think it was the 2008 class that only 2 of the top 15 ranked players in the state, stayed in state. Both of those players went to ND.

    IU has to be able to keep the top 8-10 players in state, then recruit 3, 4 and if possible 5 star talent from outside the state to fill in the rest of the class every year.

  25. You need 4 from FL, 2 from TX and 2 from CA as recruits each year to be a “national” program. Then 6-8 from IN, 6-8 from OH, 2-4 from IL. 6-8 4star, 1-2 2Star (just in case there is another Replogle or Doss), the rest 3Star, and, maybe a 5star. But you also have to “coach-them-up”! Fred Glass knows how important this hire is. Good luck Fred! GO IU! Wake me when the contract is signed and the announcement is made!

  26. Clarion,
    Gunner would be a huge get for us. He reminds me of a Brian Brohm or a Tim Couch, a local kid who stays home and helps take that program higher than they’ve ever been before. Louisville hasn’t been the same since Brohm left, and UK was a dormat before Couch got there.

    The players in Indiana are getting better and better, but we still can’t get the top kids to stay home. Virginia Tech, Stanford, North Carolina, and Ohio State are getting all the best IN has to offer. We need to close the borders much like Crean is doing with BB. If you look on Scout over the last ten years, we have improved our in-state recruiting every year, but I fear the coaching change will set us back once again.

  27. I think Bill Lynch was good for in-state recruiting. I also think AD Glass is smart enough to know IU needs for that to continue and his selection will be in line with that thinking. Our future is bright.

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