Glass gives some financial details

Just talked to Fred Glass to get a more clear picture of how Kevin Wilson’s hiring is going to be paid for.

At the press conference on Tuesday, Glass mentioned a restructuring of Indiana’s media deal with the media and marketing company Learfield Communications. Glass said that Indiana had an opt out provision in the contract that would allow it to go out into the market place to find a better offer. Indiana hired a firm that provided an estimate on what it could expect to garner on the open market and IU took it to Learfield and essentially asked that Learfield treat IU less like an existing property than a property it was bidding for. Learfield came through with an additional $1 million per year which is going directly to the costs of this coaching change.

The rest of the money — Glass said he expects the total cost of the change to be $2 million beyond what IU was paying for football coaches — will come from the Big Ten Network. The expectation of that funding is based more on the estimate of the additional funding that will come to each university from the Big Ten Network because of added revenue that will come from the creation of the Big Ten Championship Game, which will be played for the first time in 2011. Glass said he presented the total cost of the hire to IU president Michael McRobbie, and McRobbie agreed to allow enough funds to go to athletics to pay for the hire.

Glass said the pool of money for assistant coaches will be around $2 million. He also said he expects more funding to add resources to the strength and conditioning program. With the new facilities in the North End Zone, he doesn’t think that requires any more building, but he may add more manpower.

Glass also said that the additional costs of the football hire will not do anything to cause problems with the building of the proposed baseball/softball complex. He said that project is still on track for ground to be broken in 2012 and the field to be operational for the 2013 season.

Glass also confirmed that Indiana’s game with Ball State next year will be played at LucasOil Stadium in Indianapolis. It was supposed to be a home game for Ball State, unlike this year’s game between Indiana and Penn State that was played at FedEx Field.


  1. The Scoop staff hits another home run. Good job on getting these details, Dustin! I anticipate the game at Lucas Oil Stadium to be pretty festive with 2 new head coaches, the warm weather enticing an open roof and window and plenty of downtown atmosphere to soak up.

    Also interesting about the Learfield and BTN money. Those things are important to know and sometimes get lost in the excitement of the head coach’s press conference.

  2. I haven’t felt this good in more years than I want to count about IU Football. I don’t think I can wait until next Spring/Summer/Fall! Mr. Wilson damn near made me want to suit up!

  3. It has become apparant to me (and I suspect others) that Mr. Glass is one savvy, sophisticated and resourceful executive who is any number of cuts above previous AD(s) at IU. I commend his direct style and lucid analysis of challenges and opportunities around IU athletics.

  4. iufan23,

    I agree with this 100%. Whatever Glass might lack in terms of “feel” or experience in collegiate athletics, he’s crushing it on the business side of things. It’s pretty impressive to pull out a major sport coaching change that cost the students, university, taxpayers, even the donors not a penny.

  5. Yes, Glass is a pro! I remember an interview in Inside Indiana. Glass explained that The Big Ten Network was a lot more important to IU than it was to most of the other schols in the conference because IU’s share of that revenue represented a much bigger percentage of IU’s total revenue.

    Now, if we can just start getting 50,000 (or more) people in the stands for all home games, with an occasional sell out, the revenue numbers are going to be looking very good.

  6. AD Glass is everything that the above posts are complementing and more. He is like the proverbial “kid in a candy store”. He actually loves Indiana collegiate athletics-football, basketball sure, but volleyball, soccer, baseball-softball, etc. And like any kid he loves excitement, color, novelty, and most of all FUN! This is a great time to be a Hoosier!

  7. Do you guys know what the difference is between a Husky cheerleader and an elephant? About 40 lbs…

  8. Top Ten Reasons all is well in Hoosier Nation:

    10. Our new coach is from Oklahoma.
    9. His first name almost spells “Kelvin”.
    8. My Huskies once again made the Holiday Bowl.
    7. The new regime has transitioned successfully from Chris Kremlin to Hitler Tom.
    6. (Reason banned).
    5. Without 4guards on the blog we can now talk at length about “pure sports” such as Wilson’s ‘stache, etc.
    4. We never run out of Crean puffs.
    3. Hoosier Mornings now far sweeter than pickle juice.
    2. Three words: the Washington Huskies.
    1. Tom Crean, his proven track of turning water into brine.

  9. That was also not me ^. Just so everyone knows, Looks like I have drawn the attention of the imitator now, so treat everything posted as “Husky Tom” with suspicion until the problem is eliminated.

  10. They are changing the turf at the Husky stadium: they’re putting in paper. Do you know why? The Huskies always look better on paper, that’s why.

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