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Dustin takes a look at what Indiana has coming back, one of the points of emphasis Indiana used in attracting Kevin Wilson. Dustin also talked with Fred Glass to get a more in-depth look at where the increased salaries are coming from, including that there will be a pool of $2 million to pay the assistants.

Four-star prospect Raymon Taylor said Indiana is still his school, as did Lawrence Central QB Tre Roberson.

Roberson told the Indy Star’s Kyle Neddenriep that Wilson likes him at QB, while Nick Stoner and Ralston Evans are both looking at Indiana but also taken/taking visits to Penn State and Toledo, respectively.


Michael Chandler talked about recruiting and his interest in Indiana with the IDS’ Greg Rosenstein as well as Inside the Hall’s Alex Bozich.

In the category of “things that could have been,” here is a photo from Wednesday’s North Carolina-Evansville game of Cody Zeller. Kudos to the Evansville Courier-Press for the photo.

James Blackmon Jr. and Purdue commit Raphael Davis are preparing to go head-to-head on Friday, the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel’s Pete DiPrimio wrote.


Todd Yeagley was encouraged by his first season as the Indiana head coach, Jeremy wrote. And IU guard Andrea McGuirt is a focus, driven player for the women’s basketball team, Jeremy wrote.


Wisconsin held UW-Milwaukee to 30.8 percent shooting in a 61-40 win, Madison.com’s Rob Schultz wrote. Illinois was down double-digits to Oakland when it was discovered they were playing with a women’s ball; a men’s ball came out and the Illini came back for the win, the Champaign News-Gazette’s Paul Klee wrote.

Minnesota got a nice test, playing a tough St. Joseph’s team in its small on-campus facility, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Myron P. Medcalf wrote.

There are no games on the schedule for tonight.


The Temptations’ “Silent Night.”


  1. Gentlemen- I’d be interested to see what some of the reactions are around the Big 10 regarding this hire. I mean, I doubt anyone is truly worried about Indiana, but at the same time, I’m sure there are some eyebrows raised.

  2. so during the IU/Iowa game I kept yelling at #15 when he was back for kickoff. I was just jabbing him, no cussing or mean nature. My wife finally tells me to leave him alone in the 3rd quarter. I read last night he got busted for having a sort of “Crack house” just off campus. I am pretty sure he hurt his draft chances. He had coke, weed, and pills in his system. Bad deal but maybe I should have kept yelling at him. I went through a lot as a kid, a lot but when you start with the coke…that is bad! Shout out to K. Lewis!

  3. Has anyone written an article comparing / contrasting the hiring approach taken by IU v. Minnesota?

  4. 1) It’s sad when an IDS writer prints “there” instead of “their.”

    2) Chandler said none of the players we got are trying to recruit him. That should be a warning flag since they recruited each other. Plus the fact he’s quit on two colleges already. Pass.

  5. I just saw where the point spread on the IU vs uk game is uk is giving us 18.This would be the biggest win by far of the coach Crean era.
    Lets go guys,Beat P uk E.

  6. cin, good question. From what I am reading, IU fans are much happier with their hire than Minny fans…

  7. The transitioning from Wannstedt, Brewster, Hawkins, the Texas assistants and maybe Meyer’s staff would shake loose some assistants wanting to talk to Wilson about a new start. But I am in agreement from another post I read we should have nothing to do with Canada, Palcic or Springer. I’ll bet Wilson gets a couple of real meat-eaters, after all successful people like working with successful people. With Roberson and Taylor fully on board and Stoner and Ralston warming up again leads me to believe Wilson will be the most prolific FB hire IU has ever made.

  8. I agree we shouldn’t consider Canada, Palcic, or Springer. One person I believe we should be considering is Billy Lynch. In talking to a couple of High School Coaches he is far and away the best recruiter we have had. In addition, the receivers have been our best group of players over the past few years. I also think this would help the transition with the current players and recruits. This would also be a good time for him to break from his dad’s shadow and build a career on his own merits.

  9. Call it a Pavlovian reaction, but it still sort of disturbs me to see Cody Zeller wearing anything Carolina blue. I was hoping he’d wear an IU shirt just to jab ol’ Roy a bit …….

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