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Jordan Hulls drives the baseline against South Carolina State on Sunday. Chris Howell | Herald-Times



Matt Roth’s deep 3-pointer energized the crowd, Indiana and got him going, leading to a season-high 14 points from Roth and a 42-point win for the Hoosiers, Dustin wrote. After Will Sheehey got loose for two alley-oop dunks, I asked three players who was the better dunker: Sheehey or Victor Oladipo.

Roth has been shooting that well during practice and just got a chance to do it during a game, the IDS’ Ryan Winn wrote. Sunday’s game proved Tom Crean’s plan to build confidence within his team worked, the Indy Star’s Terry Hutchens wrote.

It was the biggest blowout of the Crean era, the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette’s LaMond Pope wrote. It was the Roth of old, the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel’s Pete DiPrimio wrote.

Inside the Hall’s Ryan Corazza has The Minute After, as well, and here is the Big Ten Network highlight video.


This story out of Nebraska suggests Indiana fans will enjoy Mike Ekerle’s energy on the sideline and also mentions him coaching up walk-ons into passable Division I linebackers.

It’s a Rivals.com link, so a subscription is required, but needed to post anyways: Raymon Taylor picked up an offer from Michigan and will take an official visit to the school in January. He called Michigan one of his “dream” schools. Was also interesting that he said Wilson has been telling players that freshmen will play immediately. That’s a direct departure from Bill Lynch’s stance on freshmen.


There was a direct lack of energy in Illinois’ practices leading up to the loss to UIC, the Chicago Tribune’s Chris Hine wrote.

Northwestern is in New York, where it is looking to build up its nonconference RPI with a pair of wins, the Chicago Tribune’s Teddy Greenstein wrote.


I really dig Joe Posnanski’s writing, and find him to be the best sports writer working. So I read pretty much everything he writes, which initially drew me to this piece on Jose Canseco.

It’s about Canseco’s rise to fame, and his fall from grace. How Canseco is so desperate to get back to that level of fame he once enjoyed, he is willing to make a fool out of himself. It’s powerful stuff, and not just because, as a kid in Sacramento in the early-90s, I remember watching the Bash Brothers hit home run after home run in that terrible hitter’s park in Oakland.

He was a phenomenon then; he might have been the biggest star in baseball. He was on the cover of Sports Illustrated. He was photographed shirtless by Annie Leibovitz. The autograph seekers rushed him nonstop. The women banged on his hotel room door late at night. The piles of money, as he joked happily, was brought to him by wheelbarrow. He sometimes said he felt trapped by it and wondered aloud why his life could not be more normal. But more often, much more often, he wondered aloud why he wasn’t even more famous and rich and successful. He hit impossibly long home runs. What more could anyone want from him?

The second pitch in the YouTube is down the middle, but the 46-year-old man’s swing is a touch late. The ball hits the top of his bat and goes straight up in the air. Canseco holds out his left hand as if it stings. Or it might be disgust.


Not sure how much Hoosier Morning there will be the rest of this week. I’ll be on a plan at 6:50 tomorrow morning headed to Vegas, and then there is the matter of the time difference the rest of the week. I’ll try, but can’t make any promises. But, if this is it: Merry Christmas to everyone, and here is Elvis’ “Viva Las Vegas.”


  1. Solid start to the week, like the comment from Taylor regarding his conversation with Wilson. One would think that this might entice 3/4 star recruits to attend the Southern most school in the B10.

    Enjoy Vegas, hope that the competition upgrade shows us more about our ability to compete within the B10 conference.

  2. Quote from Taylor:
    “Coach Wilson calls me a lot and he is trying to get his coaching staff together,” Taylor said. “He is an exciting guy and seems like a great coach. My [former] teammate that is already down there, Darius Johnson, said Coach Wilson has said he is not going to redshirt any freshmen unless they do not come in and take care of business. That is one great thing I am looking at.

    “I feel that I still owe Indiana a visit, so I am going to go down there, see what’s going on and meet the coaching staff. If I feel that is still the place for me to be, I’m going to stay there. If not, I’m going to change my decision and move on.”

    Guess we’ll get an early look at how good of a recruiter Wilson is going to be. I think it’s going to be tough landing him now that Michigan is involved, but if coach can pull this one off it would be huge.

  3. When Mich fires it’s coach after a humbling bowl game defeat, Indiana will look pretty good.

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