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Indiana guard Jordan Hulls reacts to a foul call during Monday’s loss to Penn State. Chris Howell | Herald-Times



Indiana reverted back to old, bad habits against Penn State, Dustin wrote. The only way this thing is going to get turned around is by playing the kind of selfless, team basketball that only Jeremiah Rivers has experienced, I wrote.

There’s a lack of confidence in the team’s play that is the team’s biggest problem right now, Inside the Hall’s Zachary Osterman wrote. Things have gone from bad to worse, Inside the Hall’s Ryan Corazza wrote in The Minute After.

The Hoosiers gave up way too many open shots, the IDS’ Ryan Winn wrote. This team will struggle to win any Big Ten games, the IDS’ Nathan Hart wrote.

It was not a lack of energy, the Star’s Terry Hutchens wrote. Jeff Brooks and Talor Battle were too much for a team pretty much without Christian Watford, the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette’s LaMond Pope wrote. The Hoosiers turned soft when toughness was needed, the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel’s Pete DiPrimio wrote.

The Big Ten Network is very much attaching themselves to Gus Johnson, creating a highlight package of his top calls from Monday. Included, of course, are the highlights.


The injury-plagued career of Sasha Chaplin added another chapter Monday, when Indiana announced the 6-foot-4 center would miss the rest of the season with an injury, Jeremy wrote.

Chaplin has played in 30 games during the course of three seasons at Indiana. She is the Hoosiers’ biggest post presence and leaves them with a huge hole in the middle throughout Big Ten play.


Ohio State, Wisconsin and Minnesota lead my Big Ten power poll, in that order.

In front of Greg Oden, Ohio State wrapped up the nonconference schedule with a 100-40 win against UT-Martin, the Columbus Dispatch’s Bob Baptist wrote.

Michigan will use its experience against Oakland’s Keith Benson to defend Purdue’s JaJuan Johnson today, AnnArbor.com’s Michael Rothstein wrote. A fast start is necessary for Purdue, which avoids the Big Ten’s elite to begin conference play, the Lafayette Journal & Courier’s Jeff Washburn wrote.

Minnesota goes into Wisconsin knowing that winning in hostile territory is key to Big Ten success, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Myron P. Medcalf wrote. Wisconsin is trying to revert recent history — three-straight losses to Minnesota, Madison.com’s Rob Schultz wrote.


A NHL locker room is a man’s world. During my three seasons covering the Carolina Hurricanes, I remember one player telling a group of us the Hallowen story of another teammate wearing a sex toy on his nose in order to simulate a third teammate’s long nose. This counted as high comedy. Brian Burke, former minor-leaguer turned NHL GM, was one of the boys, and still is.

But his son was also the first man connected to hockey to come out of the closet, and then died in a car accident. Since his death, Burke has taken on the uneasy task of ambassador for gay rights, GQ’s Mary Rogan writes.

As he tells this terrible story, Burke is sitting in the expansive backyard of his Toronto home, which overlooks one of the city’s most beautiful ravines, maneuvering his cell phone on the patio table to show which way Brendan’s car was facing when it crossed the center line. His voice is a low moan as he chokes out the words and lurches his way through the details. At his feet, on the weathered deck, are wet blotches from the tears he can’t slap away fast enough. “Brendan died alone in the snow,” he sobs. “And it haunts me that the last ten seconds of his life were filled with terror.”

It’s a touching story, about father and son and the things fathers do for their sons.


Rolling Stones’ “Slipping Away.”


  1. The Stones appeared in Assembly Hall back in the 70’s, maybe 75 or so. At the 3:01 mark of the video sorta looks like them at the Hall. Kinda hard to tell.

  2. Not the Hall. Look at the pattern on the wall behind them. Also look at the positioning and how low the balcony is. Also, the seating on the side is too close to the floor, Assembly Hall’s is higher.

  3. I saw the Stones in the Hall back in the mid 70’s. Can’t remember what year though.

    Another subject: IU basketball has gone to ?&^%! I am so dissappointed in them. They looked like they were improving, but their defense is horrible. Elston doesn’t look like he has a clue on defense, but he does help on offense. I am not so sure we will win any Big Ten games. I thought we should have won last night and we would have learned something from the Vegas games, but evidently not!

  4. It was July 26th, 1975. Mick Jagger and the Stones, including new guitarist Ron Wood and keyboardist Billy Preston, brought the “Tour of the America’s” to Assembly Hall. The set was a huge fold out lotus flower with a giant inflatable phallus and a cable suspended from the ceiling that allowed Jagger to swing out over the crowd. The opening act was the band “The Crusaders” and I paid $8 for my ticket. I was offered $80 as I approached Assembly Hall, but Rock and Roll won. I saw the greatest concert in Assembly Hall history. There is a poster out there somewhere of the band playing at the Hall that clearly shows the curves of the Halls main deck. There are also various items at the bands feet that fans had thrown on stage. If anyone has it please let me know how I can get a copy.

    Wish I had an answer for our team. I just want them to keep trying hard and not get down on themselves. The next stretch of games are going to be tough and the wins will be hard to come by. If we can build some character and have a consistent identity we will start to overcome some of our other faults. I do hate seeing people putting down our players and coaches and saying they are giving up on the Hoosiers, but honestly we would be better off without fans like that anyway.

  5. I’m not sure who puckers their lips more…? Is it Mick Jagger or Tom Crean when he’s putting his arm around Verdell and pulling him in close for his nightly forgiveness another crap game?

    Please let Hulls run this team, Mr. Coach Crean. At least(as evidenced in the above photo) he imitates effort pretty well. And doesn’t he wear number one on his jersey? If a kid wears one, he should be THE ONE.

    I said I know it’s only pick ‘n roll but I like it!

  6. Was it $8, I thought I paid $5. Maybe you had better seats. Man, the concerts we had in the ’70s. I remember thinking Led Zepplin was outrageous because the tickets were $11. They played for 3 hours with no opening act. The Who played at AH on Thanksgiving weekend in ’75. My first concert at IU was the Beach Boys with the Eagles as warm up and some band called Kansas, who couldn’t even get their name on the tickets, was the warm up for the warm up.
    Amazing I can still hear.

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