IU falls short in second half

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Indiana stayed shot for shot with Kentucky for all of the first half of Saturday’s game and most of the second. However, the Wildcats held the Hoosiers without a field goal for 9 minutes and 8 seconds and Kentucky outscored Indiana 25-5 in the final 9:42 to run away with an 81-62 victory.

Junior guard DeAndre Liggins led Kentucky with 19 points and nine rebounds. Freshman point guard Brandon Knight had 18 points, four assists and six rebounds, knocking down all 10 ofhis free throws. Senior forward Josh Harrellson posted a double-double with 14 points and 12 rebounds, and freshman forward Terrence Jones managed 10 points and eight rebounds.

The Wildcats won the rebounding battle 45-33 and scored 21 second-chance points to the Hoosiers four. They also took advantage of a gross free throw disparity, hitting 31 of 44 foul shots while Indiana was 12-for-16.The Wildcats won despite shooting 36.1 percent from the field.

Indiana sophomore forward Christian Watford had 19 points and nine rebounds for Indiana while sophomore guard Jordan Hulls and freshman guard Victor Oladipo had 10 points each.


  1. At what point do they start taking away scholarships from that bait and tackle shop? Nobody ever seems to go there for more than 2 years, tops. The APRs have got to be brutal. It’s not like it’s hard to stay eligible there. It’s Kentucky, for God’s sake. Absolutely true, I know a Kentucky grad, mining engineering, who cannot read above a 3rd grade level. It’s very sad.

  2. Chet – Take away scholarships? I seem to remember that IU has been on probation recently. Oh, those 3rd graders beat your Rhodes Scholars…….again. It isn’t even funny anymore.

  3. …and IU fans were horrified. We readily accepted our punishment for Indiana’s first ever violation. It should never have happened at a place like Indiana and we will strive to see it never happens again. At Kaintuck it’s business as usual. The list of NCAA violations at Kentucky reads like a John Gotti probable cause warrant. It’s pretty sad that you are happy to win a few basketball games but could care less about education at the state’s largest university. Then again, your team plays in an arena named after a vile little man best known for his overt racism.

  4. It looks like IU can compete with good teams, IU just needs to learn how to win. With 9 minutes remaining in tonight’s game M. Creek fires up two long jumpers with no one near the basket for rebounding. If he hits either of these …great! But it seems to me the odds favor forcing UK to play defense putting more pressure on UK. If IU goes inside or drives to the hoop UK maybe fouls changing the character of the game and who they have on the floor. Yet, Creek fires up two long jumpers that I think are ill timed. At that point in time the shots should have been taken by Hulls from outside, Olidipo or Watford. I don’t have so much a problem with Creek taking the shots but when and where he shot them.

  5. That’s an accurate assessment. It’s easy to forget that we are, for the most part, freshmen and sophomores. They played like that over the last ten minutes. But for thirty minutes they hung tight with a highly ranked team with a bunch of one-and-done players. I wanted the win and I certainly wanted it to be closer but I damn sure wouldn’t sell my soul for a few extra wins like Kentucky has done for the last 60 years. Give me a good program with good kids and the occasional rebuilding year over a win-at-any-cost-sell-your-soul-cheat-your-ass-off program any time.

  6. creek’s shooting technique leaves a lot to be desired. he releases the ball from chin level. probably the same way he has shot since 6th grade. he’ll never play pro ball with that release. it will end up in the 5th rown behind him more often than not. i believe he had one shoved down his throat tonight.

  7. I’m as hard on people with bad shooting techniques as anybody, but he’ll never play pro ball? Two words: Sean. Marion.

    Honestly, a lot of professional shooters’ shooting techniques would cause strokes in a lot of puritan high school coaches. Creek will be in the League, regardless of whether or not he changes his shot.

  8. marion plays above the rim. creek isn’t a great athlete. no way he plays in the nba. i’d bet a lot of money on that. the bigger question is why crean doesn’t just fix his shot? the iu player with the best (and probably only) chance of playing in the league is oladipo.

  9. And when you say “probably only” you are putting quite a stretch on that. Which also explains Chet’s statement that their players only go for two years, the reason is that they are good enough to turn pro and IU’s players are not so we have to endure them for four years.

  10. went to Juco with Marion…he got that crazy release stuffed down his throat a few times and had to learn to play above the rim. As far as Creek and his shot, it has never been an issue before…he took a couple bad ones last night back to back and now people are on his form. I know from major knee surgery 10 years ago that my shot changed completely and I use more of my upper body than legs now. Creek is going through the same thing and we forget he is not 100% yet. He has never had good form but watch a game from last year and now this year. Lastly, you don’t just change a 20-21 year olds shot!

  11. Creek is a good athlete, but not a super athlete. In fact, the knock on him coming out of HS was his lack of athletism. But he’s still considered by those who do this for a living as one of the top candidates in B10 for the NBA.
    As soon as he recovers fully from his injury, he will show why the experts expect him to do so well.

  12. I like Chet’s style.
    And dear ol’ Scott, calling IU ugly? Please, the campus is gorgeous. And correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t your current coach the only coach to ever have 2 NCAA Final Four appearances vacated?
    I’ve always found the UK fanbase to be delusional and sadly uneducated. Your post (and anticipated replies) are confirmation of those traits. Remember, at Kentucky, if you ain’t cheating then you ain’t trying.

  13. Marion hoists up a lot of threes too. Or at least he used to. To be completely honest I haven’t heard a thing about him in a couple of years, and I’m one of the ten people left in the state who follow the NBA.

    But even if I were to give you that Marion played/s solely above the rim (and I’m not), I can give you another example: My favorite player ever to lace them up and pick up a ball, Reggie Miller. Stevie Wonder could tell you that Reggie’s shot was fundamentally unsound, but he could also tell you that it went in an awful lot.

    There are a lot of things that can keep a player from the League; shot technique is rarely one of them.

  14. I have a brother-in-law like Scott. To this day, he claims it was a disgruntled Lexington, KY postal worker who attached $5000 of his own money to a video mailed from a UK assistant coach to a recruit resulting in one of their many, many probations. He was just repeating the official UK position as it was presented to the NCAA. Kentucky was totally a victim of a local postal worker who just happened to have $5000 in cash in his pocket when a video from an assistant coach coincidently passed through his hands on the way to a recruit. They’ve never owned up to that one either. The NCAA didn’t buy it.
    In each decade since the 1940’s, UK has been involved in at least one scandal of major proportions, and until the 1970’s were a major force against the integration of blacks in basketball. Adolph Rupp was as vile a little racist despot as any southern governor. Google him. He was a pig. He made Bobby Knight look like Princess Di.
    Think about this. When you watch the History Channel and there is any SEC university on the screen are the programmers showing some great educational/medical/ technical breakthrough or is because they have done something shameful in front of the world? Kentucky, Ole Miss, Alabama, Mississippi State, Arkansas, and on and on. Nice track record, guys.
    The Hoosier state once had problems with the Klan but ended up sending the Grand Dragon to prison. Indiana had a black Mr. Basketball and an integrated state tournament 20 years before Kentucky was gracious enough to allow a black player on their state university’s team.
    IU is a great Big Ten university. Kentucky is just another SEC bait and tackle shop.
    This clown wonders why UK is a punchline. Probation in 2 years. Count on it.

  15. you can have poor shooting technique and play in the nba. you are missing the point, joey. miller had a high release point and quick release. hell, even bird didn’t have “classis” shooting form. you can’t shoot from CHIN level if shooting is your forte. creek has gotten away with it because he hasn’t played against top-level athletic teams. without being able to dribble and pass better, he’ll never play in the nba. that’s fine for us as he’ll be an excellent hoosier.

    and jpat, you couldn’t be more wrong. i’ve taught hundreds of players to shoot properly. give me 3 weeks with him. have him shoot over a broom or tennis racquet. if he backslides, pull him out of practice and make him shoot against a wall by himself for 15-20 minutes. they learn real fast like that. not during the season, though.

    crean promises to develop players as part of his recruiting pitch, right? well, teach proper shot mechanics. it’s not hard. it’s a disservice to creek and the team not to.

  16. Wait. Didn’t Creek have 31 last year… against Kentucky, which had 5 players drafted in the first round of the NBA. I’d say he “got away with it” against a pretty decent team.

  17. Okay, guys, you can take the focus off of Kentucky now. I don’t think criticizing another program does anything to help IU’s program move forward, personally.

  18. I commend Creek for having the determination to be back competing in less than one year. The kid goes out on the court and plays his guts out for IU knowing at any instant a hard cut or drive to the basket and his kneecap could fracture again. Do you think he doesn’t already have his own doubts to ever get back to the player he once was? Instead of commending him his fortitude and fearlessness, some would rather take jabs at his future in the NBA game instead of admiring the heart he exudes this present day?

  19. All I have to say is ‘Boom Baby!!!!’ Chet delivers some more haymakers!!!!! Keep at it Chet, we’ll jump in if the necessity ever presents itself. You’re single-handedly KO’ing those meatheads at this point, however. Great job man!

    Okay I will say that Crean’s building the program for the long haul, stocking it with players who will play with a special pride for their state team, rather than a bunch of mercenary one-and-doners who don’t give a flip about Kentucky or anything to do with it except their mercenary coach’s ability to produce high draft picks. Over time, Crean’s approach will supersede World Wide Wes’s, er, I mean, Calipari’s.

    I’m done with this subject.

  20. I don’t know why anyone would show up to a KY game anymore… The state used to have programs in Louiville and KY, but now it’s just stepping stones for players who don’t give a rip about becoming winners in b-ball and life and headed by coaches who lack moral restraint in their lives. The last several years haven’t been pretty at IU, but at least we have dealt with the blip on our otherwise solid reputation.

  21. “Boom Baby”??? I have to admit that this Chet fella is right on target. His comment that he would be happy with a good program with good kids with the occational rebuilding year just somes up the pathetic state of Indiana basketball today. I’m from Ky and am a big blue fan and wish Indiana was at least relevant enough to look forward to the game. This was once one of the biggest games of the year. But now it’s just a blip on the schedule before we play L-ville. Sad stuff Chet, enjoy the NIT run.

  22. coachV, I coached for many years as well and I have read you and respect that you have coached. To say I am completely wrong is not only disrespectful..it is wrong because in the end it is a matter of opinion. It is hard to change a junior high or high school kids shot and you are talking about changing a kids shot halfway through his college career. Take Rivers for example. If his high school coach, daddy, Georetown coaches and IU coaches could not get him to shoot well…who could? All kids are different, some van be coached to change a shot…most cannot! Hulls is pretty accurate and shoots a snap release from his shoulder. It is all relative in the end. Also, read my post about Creek’s present injury.

  23. Rupp, Hall, Sutton, Pitino and now Criminalipari are instrumental so the immorally corrupt beat goes on. Even weighing the 44 to 16 foul shots becomes suspect. Makes one wonder if the zebras all drove off in new Jags. Tub looks crystal in comparison. For decades now very time I watch PukE play I marvel at how many on staff actually possess keys to the Fort Knox Depository vault.

  24. jordan,

    creek did light up ku last year but that is only one game. i think roth dropped 29 on ohio st. and no one thinks he’ll end up in the nba.


    true, jordan has that ridiculous shoulder release but he has other skills that creek does not posess. namely, good ball handling and passinng. even a developing mid-range game. jordan’s shot reminds me of john stockton. in fact, his development is at a similar stage as stockton’s was in santa clara during his sophmore year. now that i think of it, i’d say jordan has a better shot at the nba than creek.

  25. one thing i forgot jpat. you asked who could fix rivers’ shot? i could. his elbow is too far under the ball, as in 90 degreees. too much. and you said as a coach, most kids cannot be coached to change their shot. ridiculous. like when people say you have to get your players to buy into your program. really? i’m not sellin’, i’m tellin’. do it my way or there’s the door. you must not be much of a coach.

  26. coachv, surprised you are so disrepectful. I won’t go that route. I was a good coach, the one coach that will bench the best player on the squad because of poor attitude even if it means losing. Rivers did not shoot with that elbow under the ball until the end of last season and it is only his free throws that he shoots like that. If you think you can change these kids shots…you should be at the D1 or NBA level right now. How can you change a shot that Doc Rivers, G town and IU can’t??? I’m not sellin, I’m tellin now!

    I can tell from your posts today you are not sold on Crean. Also, I have noticed in the past that if one person so much as questions you…you get pretty rude on here. We can keep away from that, can’t we?

  27. coachv, who are you Dick Baumgartner? You think your a better shooting coach than Doc Rivers??? Mo’s shot is fine and so are his chances at the NBA.

    What I don’t understand is why you think Hulls has a better shot at the NBA than Creek. I mean sure, Creek’s athleticism isn’t fantastic but Jordy’s is a lot worse by far.

    As for another NBA prospect on this team, what about Watford??? He could play the 3 at the next level. His perimeter skills are improving and he looks a little more fluid guarding the perimeter.

    Also, I think your comments are rude, quit attacking people on here.

  28. oooo. you hurt my feeling. i’ve been called rude before. i prefer brutally honest. it’s not my fault i’m smarter and know more about basketball than anyone on here.

    who’s dick bumgardener?

  29. coachv, you put the icing on the cake for me with that arrogant comment. I don’t have to say a thing. Nothing you say from here on out will be taken serious by anyone who read this mess. With the last post, you lost all credibility on here.

    hoosierfan2, thanks for the words!

  30. Who is Dick Baumgartner? …and you are smarter and know more about BB than anyone on this blog…you just shot down your own ego…

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